Described below are additonal facts about Kepler's Advanced Features

Calculations In alphabetical order:
Angular Distance Table
Arabic Parts Listing
Arc Transform Chart
Aspects and/or Midpoints Between Charts


   4 Major Asteroids and Chiron can be put in Wheel. 
   1000 other asteroid positions are in a list.
   An option to buy 22,000 more asteroids
Art Wheels

   Maps of any geographic area of the world with lines drawn through them which indicate areas of astrological sensitivity.
   AstroMaps with or without orbs

   AstroMaps with blue-shaded orbs
   AstroMaps calculated in longitude or in mundo
   Asteroids, midpoints, and minor aspects can be
      included if desired
   Flexible and easy to use
   Zoom in and zoom out feature
   Select any city and put it in the middle of the map

        Options that can be included:
             4 Major Asteroids
             Major Aspects
             Minor Aspects
   Treasure Maps (a Unique and Exciting Feature):
            Love and Romance Map
            Vocation and Career Map
            Friendship and Family Map
            Imagination and Inspiration Map
            Excitement and Instability Map

            Sri Yukteswar
            BV Raman
            JN Bhasin
            Customized value.

            Asc Midpoint
            MC Midpoint
            Derived Asc
Draconic Chart
Eclipses indicated in transit-to-natal printouts
Eclipse Maps:
   Date and time, as well as eclipse path, is
   Ability to display more than one eclipse path on
      a map

Listing of planet positions for the time period desired.
Select tropical/sidereal, asteroids, transneptunian, etc.
Financial Astrology:
   Graph financial data, such as stocks or commodities. Import financial data purchased from data providers. Automatically pick out and save in a file high and low days. Produce a golf price forecast and a silver price forecast. Use Kepler research tools to create forecasts for other comodities. Designed specifically for index and comodity forecasts (stock forecast are not available yet)
Fixed Stars

Graphic Ephemeris
   Natal, transiting, secondary progressed, and/or
      solar arc positions can be combined together
   Color coded lines help identify which charts are
      involved in an aspect
   Customize by selecting planets, line thickness,
      and other options
   Use Longitude, Declination, and Latitude positions
Harmonic charts, listings, or harmonic aspects,
  and harmonic patterns

Heliocentric wheel and other calculations
Horizon Chart
House System Comparison
Kepler Workhop
Lunar Return
Midpoint Trees and Midpoint Sorts
Midpoint trees between 2 charts

Moon's Node:
Mean Node & True Node
Natal Chart

Parallax corrected moon

Parallels of Declination: Listed in wheel 
        printouts, printed in transit-to-natal listings
Parans: A list of the latitudes where parans occur, with major cities also listed.
Planet Return
Precessed Solar, Lunar, and Planetary Returns
Primary Directions:
Lis of dates when primary directed planets cross angular cusps
Profile Category Scores
     Progressed Chart & Listings

     Solar arc directions

     Direct or converse
     Progress-to-Natal aspects
     Progressed-to-Progressed aspects
     Progressed and transiting midpoint structures
   Methods for day-for-year progressed houses: 
       Solar Arc MC with corresponding Asc at the 
                    geographic latitude
       Naibod Arc in Right Ascension
       Mean Solar Motion
       Time of the progressed chart
Rectification Assistance: You can enter the date when a person got married, was in an accident, or experienced other major events, and obtain a total score based on how many transiting and progressed aspects occurred that match the events. Then you can adjust the birth time and compare scores. You can, of course, change the astrological weighting for each transiting or progressed aspect. For the astrologer who is serious about chart rectification, this feature is a big help
Relocated aspects to Asc and MC

Relocated Charts
   Aspects between 2 charts
   Astrological signatures. Discover them, create 

                    them, and test them!
   "Assumption-less research": Kepler finds most 
                    frequent astrological factors for you.
    Complex and sophisticated astrological 
    Compare frequency that occurs in the chart
          being studied to the frequency that occurs
          during any time period when researching
          aspects, midpoints, or harmonics

    Determine most common factors
    Harmonic patterns
    Multiple factors
    Other astrological factors:
          planetary speed, elements, fixed stars, etc.

    Planets in houses
    Planets in signs
Right Ascension: 
   Positions listed in wheel printouts, or 
   Produce a wheel with right ascension positions
Sabian Symbols
Solar Return
Text Ephemeris

Tobey Secondary
Time Line Forecast:
Easy-to-read graphic
  presentation. Combine many methods and select
  them quickly.

Time Line Profile:
Forecast accident proneness, athletic performance, etc. with a customizable,           sophisticated weighting scheme
Time Line Forecast
     Easy to read graphic presentation
Tobey Secondary Chart

     Tansiting planet-to-natal-midpoint 
     Transiting midpoint-to-natal-planet
Vedic Astrology: Chart Wheels in either north Indian or South Indian style, Dasas and Bhuktis, Shad Bala, nakshatras, Vargas, and Gochara
90 degree Dial:

    Clearly marked and accurate placement in 
                    dial ruler.

House Systems: In Alphabetical Order:
Campanus, Equal, Koch, Meridian, Morinus, Porphyry, Regiomantanus, Sun-on-Ascendant, Topocentric, Placidus, Zero Arie

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