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Within the Kepler program is a software module that we call Kepler WorkShop.

Kepler WorkShop can produce the following printouts: the Graphic Ephemeris, Text Epehemeris, Eclispe maps, and the following Vedic calculations: Charts and Vargas, Gochara, and Dasas & Bhuktis.

Graphic Ephemeris

Graphic Ephemeris: A graphic ephemeris is a visual presentation of transits and/or progressions in relationship to a natal chart. The graphic ephemeris was popularized by Reinhold Ebertin and other astrologers who use the system of astrology known as cosmobiology.

Eclipse Map

Eclipse Map: An eclipse map is a map that shows the path of the shadow on the earth that is created during a solar eclipse.

During a solar eclipse, the Moon crosses the path of the Sun. When a solid object (the Moon in this case) is placed in front of a source of light (the Sun in this case) of course a shadow is created. When a solar eclipse occurs, a shadow appears on the earth, and as the Moon moves across the surface of the earth the shadow moves across the surface of the earth. The shadow is fairly narrow, so a path can be drawn on a map showing what this path is. The eclipse maps in Kepler show the path of the solar eclipse.

Text Ephemeris: The text ephemeris is a listing of planet positions each day. This listing is similar to the listing found in ephemeris books. See sample below.

A few of the powerful features of Kepler Workshop are: combining natal, secondary progressed, solar arc directions, and transits in a graphic ephemeris, customizing line width and colors in the graphic ephemeris, putting more than one eclipse path on a map, and producing a text ephemeris in tropical or sidereal, and including transneptunian planets and/or major asteroids.

Text Ephemeris

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