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Vedic astrology differs from western astrology in many ways. There are 2 styles of Vedic chart wheels, the North Indian and South Indian style, and both of these styles are different from the traditional western style round wheel. Planetary strengths are calculated using a complex formula, and there are 16 "divisional charts" or "vargas" that are used. The planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are not included. All of these basics of Vedic astrology are included in Kepler.
Vedic Wheels and Shad Bala (planetary Strengths): Both North Indian and South Indian style wheel, as well as the western bhava wheel, can be selected. A detailed breakdown of planetary strength calculations is available if you wish to see this detailed analysis.

Dasas and Bhuktis: You may include antaradasas if you wish to have a detailed list of planetary periods. Interpretations of dasas and bhuktis (but not antaradasas) can also be produced.

Gochara: In Vedic astrology a set of rules, known is gochara, is used to determine the influences of transiting planets on the natal charts. The gochara system is presented in an easy-to-read graphic format.

Western Style
South Indian Style
North Indian Style
Shad Bala according to dugal
Shad Bala planetary strength

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