Kepler can be used by people with any level
of Astrology experience... from novice to professional....these film clips will show you how!
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Kepler7 Astrology Software
Why buy Kepler7 from us?
The Kepler program
has many unique features and uses.

David Cochrane the author and mastermind behind the Kepler program has given us some insights into what it can do and how it can be used.

The following lists some of the questions and answers addressed:

  • Forecast Info
  • What is Astrology
  • Astro Clock
  • Astro Maps
  • Avalon advanced
  • How easy is starting out
  • Kepler Collage
  • Kepler history
  • Live MIni Readings
  • Make money
  • Profile scores
  • Relationship chart
  • Report Options
  • Support Services

This page will shortly offer this series of insightful short films.

Kepler opens the door on countless adventures...
that are written in the stars.

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