Avalon College
What can I do after completing Avalon College?

Currently Avalon College covers basic, intermediate, and some advanced topics in astrology very thoroughly. We will continue to expand and improve Avalon College in future versions of the Kepler program. You will find that if you study all of the material in Avalon College and pass all of the tests, you will have a good foundation in astrology, and you will be able to gain insights into people in a way that you were unable to do before starting your studies in astrology. Any tool can be used responsibly or irresponsibly. It is very important to use your knowledge ethically, professionally, and legally. Here are some tips:

1. Be very careful to keep in mind that people have free will and the ability to channel the most difficult astrological energies successfully. Encourage any person that you counsel to meet their obstacles and problems and goals. You can help give them the confidence, clarity, and support they need to follow the path that is best for them. You do not need to gloss over or avoid problem areas, but do not give the person the feeling that there is little they can do improve the situation. This is almost never true, and is destructive for the person.

2. If you advance in your skills to the point where you start receiving money for doing chart readings, make sure that you are operating legally! Make sure that your local zoning laws and regulations for operating businesses are met. Contact your local city hall if you begin to operate a business to make sure that you meet all regulations and requirements. Keep track of any income you make and be sure to file appropriate tax forms for this income. If required, be sure to charge sales tax or other taxes required in your local area. All of this advice also applies to running a chart service where you charge money for producing printouts even if you do not give personal readings.

3. Do not overstep the limits of your knowledge. Refer people to appropriate professionals for further service. If you are not a licensed psychologist, it is best to leave psychological therapy to the professionals, for examples. Generally there are services for people with various problems. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous has helped many alcoholics.

4. Do not give medical advice! You can give a few practical bits of advice that are not very technical. For example, if a person's astrology chart and behavior indicate that they are nervous and high-strung and you also notice a proclivity towards certain relaxing activities such as gardening, you could suggest these as a very practical matter for dealing with the psychological stress. However, do not give advice on vitamins, herbs, or other health-related therapies, unless you are a licensed health professional who can legally give this advice.

5. If you plan to consult people, then consider getting a college degree in clinical psychology so that you have the skills and credentials to consult people.

6. In most countries throughout the world there is not a legal accreditation process available for becoming a professional astrologer. In most professions, whether it be psychology, nursing, architecture, or almost any other profession, there are schools that are accredited and able to grant degrees. Because astrology is still a "fringe" study not embraced by academia, no such nationally recognized accreditation procedure exists. However, there are several organizations that give a certification of competence even though this certification does not grant any specific legal privileges. These certifications do allow you to put various initials after your name and some day may be required for one to professionally practice astrology. After you complete your course at Avalon College, you will find that you are able to pass many of these certification tests.

If you begin to become involved professionally in astrology, then we also recommend becoming involved with other professional astrologers, and receiving a certification as an astrologer that is widely recognized and supported by competent and ethical astrologers. ISAR (The International Society for Astrological Research) is involved in monitoring and supporting wothwhile certification programs, and you may wish to contact them. Their web site is www.isarastrology.com. In the near future ISAR will begin approving schools of astrology, and Avalon College will be applying for ISAR approval.

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