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This report by Gina Ronco is a forecast report that not only describes future trends but advises you on how to best handle the astrological influences. For the outer planet transits, which have a longer and more powerful influence, the positive and negative tendencies, and remedies and suggestions for best handling the astrological influences are given. This is an intelligent and sensitive report designed to provide you practical information on how to succeed and move forward in your life.

Languages available: English

The Starlight Solutions Forecast for

Michael J. Fox

June 9, 1961
12:15 AM
Edmonton, Canada

October 30, 2002 - November 13, 2002

Your Astro-Forecast begins on the next page. If the time period for an interpretation is, for example, given as "July 1, 2003 (June 15, 2003 to July 15, 2003)", then it starts in mid-June, reaches greatest intensity around July 1, and ends in mid-July. The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength; we can call this date the "peak date". The influence starts on the beginning date, gradually increases in strength until the peak date is reached, and then it gradually fades out until the ending date is reached.

An influence may last for as little as a week to as long as half a year or so. It is a good idea to look ahead in your Astro-Forecast Report for long-lasting influences, as you otherwise may not realize that it is in effect until you are already several months into the time period of the influence. Some people underline the dates of long-lasting influences with a colored pen to draw attention to them.

You may also notice that the same interpretation shows up periodically during the year; this is not unusual. In some cases the beginning and ending dates of the 2 influences are the same; the only difference between the 2 interpretations is the peak date. This means that this particular influence has two peak dates instead of one. It is even possible for there to be three or more peak dates for the same astrological influence. To eliminate redundant interpretations, you may be informed that the astrological influence also occurred earlier and that you should refer back to the previous occurrence of this interpretation.

You may be wondering what the funny abbreviations after the dates are. For example, you may see "Sat Conj Plu", "Ura Trine Nep", etc. These abbreviations are given for the benefit of astrologers and they show the astrological factor that is in effect.

We hope you enjoy your Astro-Forecast. For the benefit of astrologers, some technical details are given below.

Tropical/Placidus   NATAL CHART
Calculated for time zone 0 hours

Natal positions:
Sun=18GE12 Moon= 1TA27 Merc= 9CN21 Ven= 2TA58 Mars=18LE37
Jup= 6AQ49 Sat=29CP07 Ura=22LE23 Nep= 8SC58 Plu= 5VI40
Asc=18AQ37 MC=14SA03 2nd h=22AR21 3rd h=24TA15 5th h= 0CN40
6th h=18CN54

Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
Conj ( 0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sqr ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Qucnx (150 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Oct 12, 2002         (Sep 8, 2002 to Nov 13, 2002) sat qucnx sat

Delays, obstructions, and hindrances characterize this time period. What appeared to be moving forward may slow considerably or come to a standstill. Extraneous activities and involvements may need to be curtailed so that you can focus on more immediate demands and dealing with the obligations that arise. There may be pressure to clear up old business.

The awareness of time and its limitations weighs in heavily now, perhaps with a concern about physical aging, the changing needs of your body through time, the sense that you have "wasted" more time than you would have wished. And it may not be the right time to proceed with something previously planned.

You're more careful, guarded, and withheld in many areas of your life, and this may be a useful strategy now. Forging ahead despite clear indications that this isn't wise can set you up for some real trouble.

Positive Potentials:

Choosing to slow down or give something up in order to concentrate on essential matters. Difficult responsibilities handled with grace. Deepening, maturing, accepting limitation as a friend using delays or defeats as an opportunity to realign your direction.

Negative Potentials:

Doubt, self-judgment, self-criticism, and negativism that need to be released or worked through.

Remedies and Suggestions:

Slow way down, especially if your body or external circumstances seem to be frustrating your free forward movement. Determine to be constructive and focus on what you CAN do now, rather than what you can not. Humor is very helpful now to prevent yourself from being too weighed down. Take small breaks. Ask for help if you are very stuck, blocked or in pain.

Oct 15, 2002         (Oct 14, 2002 to Nov 16, 2002) Sun 8th H.

Intensifying your emotional, psychic, and energy connection to an intimate partner is the focus now. Also on the agenda are issues of shared values, shared properties or money, and the ways you blend with or withhold from one another on all levels.

In practical terms, you may need to attend to your will, investments, inheritances, insurance, and preparations for personal and/or mutual long-term security and well-being.

Oct 27, 2002         (Oct 26, 2002 to Nov 15, 2002) Merc 8th H.

Focus the light of understanding and honest communication on emotionally-charged topics such as sexuality and intimacy, feelings about the power dynamics in your partnerships, and money you share with significant others. You can have a more objective and fair view of such things now, and could clarify any long-standing issues related to any of this. On a practical level, it is the time to handle joint finances, material assets or property you hold in common with another, and matters pertaining to inheritances, taxes, or commercial interests.

Oct 29, 2002     2 AM(Oct 27, 2002 to Oct 30, 2002)Ven Trine Merc

Pleasantries, humor, and a light touch sweeten your interactions today. You have an extra measure of tact and charm when talking on the phone, writing letters, or meeting people and you tend to veer away from controversial or unpleasant topics. Your mind may be pleasantly lazy. Light romantic comedies, "fun" fiction, and a break from serious striving appeal to you. Social or cultural events are favored.

Oct 29, 2002     7 AM(Oct 28, 2002 to Oct 30, 2002) Sun Sxtil Plu

Unusual creative power is available to you today. An intensity of focus that borders on the extreme allows you to accomplish a great deal now. You also gain deeper insights and awareness about something which helps you understand and work with it better. You may want to get rid of something that's outlived its function because it is easier to part with things now than it might be on another day.

Oct 29, 2002     5 PM(Oct 28, 2002 to Oct 31, 2002) Ven Conj Nep

Love yearnings, especially for an idealized or romantic or spiritual kind of love, are awakened now, perhaps by a film or some other artistic image. You need and respond strongly to beauty, aesthetics, the arts, the ocean, poetry, music. Your tender side comes to the fore, too, and you might be moved to adopt a stray dog, cat, or needy person. You may confuse pity with personal attraction or be especially indulgent with people, also.

Oct 30, 2002     9 AM(Oct 28, 2002 to Oct 31, 2002) Mars Sqr Merc

You are mentally sharp and quick at this time but may be abrupt, impatient, and cutting with your words as well. Aggression or hurry can lead to cuts and scrapes, needless arguments, fender benders, or headaches. Consciously slow your movements and breathing down just a bit and give yourself plenty of time to get where you're going, or work off steam by running or taking a brisk walk.

Oct 30, 2002    10 AM(Oct 29, 2002 to Oct 31, 2002) Sun Sqr Jup

You tend to overreach, overextend, and promise or expect too much, in an overly optimistic assessment of what you can do right now. You see all the possibilities in a positive light, minimizing the potential obstacles. If you commit to anything now, be certain it's something you're truly willing to follow through on. Mutually beneficial contacts are fostered, especially with people at a distance.

Oct 31, 2002    10 AM(Oct 30, 2002 to Nov 1, 2002) Merc Sqr Sat

You tend to see road blocks and obstacles, or come up against skepticism and doubt from within yourself or from others. Listen to the voice of prudence and caution, and do not attempt to press forward. Instead, pull back and see the flaws that can be worked on. Focus on repairs, strengthening weak areas, cleaning up and refining your presentation. Beware of letting negative voices dampen your spirits, however.

Nov 1, 2002      2 PM(Oct 31, 2002 to Nov 2, 2002) Sun Conj Nep

Your imagination and inner yearnings are stimulated and you may find yourself drifting away from the immediate here and now. This isn't the best day to make critical decisions because you may be seeing your options through a subtle haze of hopeful wishing or idealism. Go to see a play or an art exhibit or do something purely for the spiritual reward, some random act of kindness.

Nov 1, 2002      8 PM(Nov 1, 2002 to Nov 2, 2002) Merc Oppos Moon

Gaining objectivity about your past through talking or writing about it, needing to talk on an intimate feeling level, or reconnecting to someone you have a long history with is featured. Personal topics interest you much more than factual or philosophical discussion. If you tend to gossip or spend a lot of time analyzing your own and other people's feelings and motives, you are especially likely to do so now. Phone home!

Nov 1, 2002     11 PM(Oct 31, 2002 to Nov 2, 2002) Sun Trine Merc

A free flow of ideas, lively interactions, and a positive environment for learning and communication is featured. This is a good time to meet people for business or commercial purposes, to make connections via speaking or writing, and to use your mind. Clarity of thought and of expression eases your way now. This is an excellent time to take a test or make an important phone call or meeting.

Nov 2, 2002      6 AM(Oct 31, 2002 to Nov 3, 2002) Ven Sqr Jup

You may find it hard to stay on task today or to do any unpleasant, demanding work. Tendencies toward excess extravagance, self-indulgence or laziness are amplified now. On the plus side, you can enjoy yourself quite a lot, especially around people. You're generous, playful, good-humored - even lucky!

Nov 2, 2002      5 PM(Nov 2, 2002 to Nov 3, 2002) Merc Oppos Ven

Your interactions and conversations are on the light side now, with an emphasis on affection, humor, understanding, and pleasantries. This is not the best time to enter into any important negotiations, however, because although the tone will be friendly, you are inclined to be a bit too conciliatory or be swayed by charm. It is a much better time to go shopping!

Nov 4, 2002      5 AM(Nov 2, 2002 to Nov 5, 2002) Ven Sxtil Plu

Powerful romantic and creative energies are flowing now. A friendship intensifies through deep sharing, or an erotic interlude evolves from a strongly emotional connection. On another level, you may feel compelled to redesign or remake your wardrobe, surroundings, or a creative project you're in the midst of, to make it more pleasing, rich, and beautiful.

Nov 4, 2002      9 AM(Nov 3, 2002 to Nov 5, 2002) Merc Sxtil Plu

You are interested in complexity, depth, the mysterious, the hidden, or the primitive, whether you are looking for the secrets of lost civilizations or probing a thorny psychological problem. What you read, watch, think about or discuss is apt to contain these elements. You can also be quite a convincing speaker but beware of overstating your case. Your words are potent now.

Nov 5, 2002      1 AM(Nov 4, 2002 to Nov 6, 2002) Merc Sqr Jup

Community or world events, long-range trends, or a desire for wider contact with the world occupies your mind right now. You may feel the urge to make travel plans, to attend a cross-cultural event, or simply to move around more. It may be harder for you to sit still for a long period, or engage in tedious or exacting mental work. You could overlook critical details. Break up your day with humorous interludes, a long distance phone call, or by emailing your faraway friends.

Nov 6, 2002      9 AM(Nov 5, 2002 to Nov 7, 2002) Merc Conj Nep

You may notice that your mind is a bit fuzzy at the moment, or that you just can't concentrate on practical matters and immediate tasks. Perhaps you need a mental vacation, like reading a book that captures your imagination, going to see a movie, as simply relaxing your mental focus and enjoying the magic of the birds singing outside your window. Minor miscommunications or misunderstandings can arise now. Certainly it is not the best day to negotiate a business transaction or any other activity that requires sharp, decisive discrimination. You might miss important pieces, so save such activities for another day.

Nov 6, 2002      2 PM(Nov 5, 2002 to Nov 7, 2002) Merc Trine Merc

Today, expect a free flow of ideas, stimulating conversations, and making the right connections at the right time. All intellectual activities are favored now, including writing, speaking, making presentations, getting your ideas across, reading, learning, and conducting business. You enjoy being a messenger, a conduit for information in some manner or form. Casual contacts go well.

Nov 6, 2002      6 PM(Nov 5, 2002 to Nov 8, 2002) Mars Sxtil MC

You take a proactive, assertive, and eager attitude toward challenges and your ambitions. You could impress superiors with your vigor, as you are willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes. Opportunities to advance your standing or achieve a desire come to you now. Green light!

Nov 9, 2002      8 AM(Nov 7, 2002 to Nov 11, 2002) Ven Oppos Ven

Differences in tastes, style, or aesthetic preferences may arise in a close relationship, but you can compromise and satisfy both people with relative ease. In fact your differences may be very stimulating and attractive to you, especially if the connection is a romantic one. Love is definitely in the air! You may also want to enhance or change your wardrobe, furnishings, or surroundings to make them more comfortable and appealing. Probably you'll want to indulge yourself in some way and may avoid getting down to work.

Nov 10, 2002     7 PM(Nov 9, 2002 to Nov 11, 2002) Sun Qucnx Sun

Honoring others' personal style, desires, and objectives which not turning away from your own is a challenge at this time. Significant encounters, while not entirely harmonious, are likely. You can learn from the personal differences and contrasts presented now, and become cleared regarding your own path.

Nov 11, 2002     5 AM(Nov 10, 2002 to Nov 12, 2002) Sun Sqr Mars

A battle of wills or simply the stress of an overly pushy, ambitious, hurried approach can make this an unpleasant time, even if you "win" or achieve what you wanted to. Strong ego drives are activated now, and it would be best to moderate yourself if you don't want to arouse antagonism. Aim for your personal best rather than competing with others. Vigorous sports can be a good expression for strong energies that need to come out, but beware of over-exerting yourself.

Nov 11, 2002     5 AM(Nov 10, 2002 to Nov 12, 2002) Sun Sqr Asc

Expect significant encounters, meeting individuals who are or will be important players, at least for the moment. The focus is on relationship, balance, taking each person's tastes, styles, needs, and personal agendas into account. There may be some friction and adjustments needed. It is your choice whether you want to compromise or go solo, but including the other makes for a fuller picture.

Nov 12, 2002     1 AM(Nov 11, 2002 to Nov 13, 2002)Merc Qucnx Sun

Opening up lines of communication, actively initiating discussions, and conducting business over the telephone, by email or through the written word is the theme of the day. You are clear and factual, and probably more chatty than usual. You may be inundated with phone calls or be running around a lot as well. It may be hard for you to sit still. A busy day!

Nov 12, 2002     7 AM(Nov 11, 2002 to Nov 13, 2002) Merc Sqr Mars

You may be challenged to defend your ideas, plans, or methods at this time. Thinking on your feet and rapid responses will be necessary, and a few hot words may be exchanged. Certainly you can elect to keep a cool head and avoid unnecessary verbal confrontation, but it will take some effort now. Wear soothing, cool colors like blue or lavender, and avoid red!

Nov 12, 2002     7 AM(Nov 11, 2002 to Nov 13, 2002) Merc Sqr Asc

Your curiosity is piqued and you may innocently involve yourself in something that's none of your business. Overhearing conversations or being drawn into gossipy chats purely out of boredom could be a part of this. You need to keep yourself busy, but try not to scatter your energy into too many directions today.

Nov 13, 2002     1 AM(Nov 10, 2002 to Nov 16, 2002)Ven Oppos Moon

You need pampering and tender loving care right now, not because you aren't well but because you simply crave it. Indulging yourself with treats, sweets, shopping, or whatever gives you comfort may be hard to resist. This is a good time to schedule a massage, hairstyling appointment, or a play date with your kids or a very good friend. However, try to avoid being too needy or demanding with them.

Nov 13, 2002     5 AM(Nov 11, 2002 to Nov 14, 2002)Mars Trine Sun

Your positive, outgoing, action-oriented, "yang" energy is stimulated now. You won't want to be contained or sitting still for long periods; vigorous sports, outdoor adventures, and physical expression are indicated instead. You are the favorite for any competitive activity you're engaged in, and you're apt to make whatever you do now a race or contest!

Nov 13, 2002     9 PM(Nov 12, 2002 to Nov 15, 2002)Mars Trine Asc

Your vital energy is flowing strongly and you feel pleasantly ambitious and effective. You can rally others to action because of your own enthusiasm and can-do attitude, but you're equally happy acting independently and on your own behalf. Physical, active work or play is favored.

Nov 13, 2002     9 PM(Nov 12, 2002 to Nov 15, 2002)Mars Sxtil Mars

You are highly motivated, energized, and eager to do and to accomplish now, especially if you can determine your own pace and course. Your efforts tend to succeed because you act with an extra measure of confidence, certainty, and verve. This is an ideal time to take on daunting challenges that you might back away from on other days. Satisfying work and friendly competition is featured.

Dec 5, 2002          (Nov 10, 2002 to Dec 28, 2002) jup sxtil sun

A sense of flow and ease characterizes this time period. Relationships of all kinds flourish now, in part due to greater openness and tolerance on your end. If there are areas of your life that have been difficult, you can begin to resolve them. Ask others to help you, as they are especially willing to do so.

Positive Potentials:

A favorable time for any business transactions, legal matters, and coming to mutually satisfying agreements. A very positive response to any public presentation, social gathering or group effort you undertake. Gifts come from unexpected sources and past generosity is repaid. An opportunity to travel leading to an expanded network of friends and allies, furthering educational or professional aims, and/or material benefits. Community involvement brings good fortune.

Negative Potentials:

Letting opportunities slip by because it's easier to relax and just be.

Remedies and Suggestions:

Circulate, reach out, get back in touch with people you haven't heard from in a while, seek out others you may have been hesitant to contact previously.

If you have given up on a particular dream or avenue, try once more. (Send that manuscript out, make that phone call.) Surprisingly positive results can come your way with a bit of effort on your part.

Dec 12, 2002         (July 18, 2002 to Jan 12, 2003) Nep Sqr Nep

During this period, you can be swept up in yearnings and wishes based on dreams that have gone unfulfilled. If you've been neglecting your need for connection, meaning, or a deeper purpose in your life, this will manifest as a vague but growing sense of lack. You may also begin to realize that the ideals you have been pursuing up until now (whether they be the perfect family, the American Dream, or some personal vision of success, and whether or not you have realized them) don't answer all of your inner longings. It can be tempting to disengage entirely from your current agenda to pursue another path, perhaps a recurring fantasy or childhood dream. Certainly it's a time to sense the movement of your spirit and listen to the inner promptings of your heart.

Positive Potentials:

Realigning your priorities and focusing your attention on your soul's concerns. Spiritual life increases in importance.

Negative Potentials:

Disenchantment, uncertainty, and vague feelings of regret or emptiness. A tendency to avoid, evade, ignore, or medicate away the voice of your spirit.

Remedies and Suggestions:

You may want to begin a dream journal, or a daily writing practice that enables you to hear, see, and reflect upon your place in life. Carefully consider major moves or changes that you want to make, and beware of making or breaking commitments at this time. Most likely you aren't seeing a clear picture. This is a good time to gather information, and to act only if you feel deep certainty. Give up the usual excuse - "I don't have enough time, other things are more important" - and spend time engaged in self-inquiry and honest exploration.

Dec 25, 2002         (Nov 12, 2002 to Jan 22, 2003)Nep Qucnx Merc

Fantasy, idealism or wishful thinking may cloud your thinking and your judgment during this time. This is apt to be very subtle and not obvious to you, except in retrospect. Thus, your main challenge is to be certain that you are being scrupulously honest with yourself as well as with others. Communications of all kinds can easily become muddled. Unless you are completely straight and upfront in all of your dealings, misunderstanding arise.

You may also notice your mental sharpness and ability to focus and to concentrate are "off" somewhat.

Positive Potentials:

This can be a good time for a retreat, sabbatical, or inner reflection. Listen to the whisper of your soul.

Negative Potentials:

Escapist tendencies are more active now. Excessive fantasy which may lead you astray.

Remedies and Suggestions:

As this is not an especially favorable time to make long-term commitments in either your personal life or in business, consider postponing definite decisions until this period is over. Or receive counseling and feedback on your choices from someone with solid expertise in the area concerned.