Horacio Valsecia's analysis of the solar return chart is very thorough, analyzing both the solar return chart and its relationship to the natal chart to determine trends for the coming year.

Languages available: English, Spanish, French, German

Solar Return Astrological Report for:
Mother Teresa
August 27, 1910
1:25 PM
Skopje, Yugoslavia
 Solar Return calculated for:
 August 26, 1996
 7:24:07 AM
 Skopje, Yugoslavia
***** INTRODUCTION *****

     The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart. That happens once every year around your birthday, but at a different time. This chart is calculated for the time of the Sun's return this year and marks the principal events for the year from birthday to birthday. This report also gives the location of your Solar Return; from it can be determined that some places are more favorable than others. With the aid of more than one report you could analyze the changes that are produced in the Solar Return Reports, choosing from different locations where you would want to spend the day. 

     This report essentially is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the general external conditions of the year; opportunities and problems that could occur in different areas. For the benefit of students of astrology, the influence of the Ascendant and Midheaven of the return are described as well as that of the Sun and Moon. 

     The second part analyzes the twelve astrological houses, marking specifically in what area of your life the various astral influences will be manifested, emphasizing your probable responses and inner changes. This section analyzes the position of the solar houses on the natal houses, the planetary conjunctions, and the location of the planets in the houses. You will be given a description of the most important matters derived from the placement of the planets in the houses, which are outlined in the text for each of them. 

     In some cases you will find contradictions; a planet may be beneficial in a certain area, while others may indicate the opposite. This means that you could have two types of situations during the year. For example: a lover's quarrel and a following reconciliation. To get the most out of this report, it will be necessary to use your own logic and intuition, fitting the descriptions outlined here to your own particular case. 

     The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this year's prospects and to learn from them using your free will. 
*** Astrological Data of Birth ***

      The birth chart is a map of the positions of the planets at the time and place of birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions and other technical information is listed below: 

Sun           3  Vir   20                                    Neptune   20  Can 39 
Moon       2  Gem 10                                    Pluto        27  Gem 45 
Mercury   0   Lib   16                                   Asc.         12  Sag   22 
Venus     10  Leo  04                                    MC           2  Lib    46 
Mars      13  Vir    37                                    2nd cusp  16 Cap   37 
Jupiter    14  Lib    00                                    3rd cusp  26 Aqu   24 
Saturn      6  Tau   32                                    5th cusp    1  Tau    03 
Uranus    21 Cap  46                                    6th cusp  23  Tau    12 

Tropical  Placidus   Standard Time observed 
August 27, 1910   1:25 PM 
GMT: 12:25:00   Time Zone: 1 hours East 
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 41 N 59    21 E 26 

Astrological Data of Solar Return: 

Sun        3 Vir 20                                          Neptune   25 Cap 25 
Moon      28 Cap 53                                     Pluto      0 Sag 24 
Mercury    0 Lib 04                                      Asc.      13 Lib 32 
Venus     17 Can 41                                      MC        15 Can 56 
Mars      20 Can 46                                      2nd cusp  10 Sco 26 
Jupiter    7 Cap 56                                       3rd cusp  11 Sag 38 
Saturn     6 Ari 13                                        5th cusp  19 Aqu 31 
Uranus     1 Aqu 25                                      6th cusp  19 Pis 01 

August 26, 1996   GMT: 07:24:07 
Skopje, Yugoslavia 41 N 59    21 E 26 

Aspects and orbs: 
Conjunction       :  7 Deg. 00 Min 
Opposition        :  6 Deg. 00 Min 
Square              :  6 Deg. 00 Min 
Trine                 :  6 Deg. 00 Min 
Sextile               :  4 Deg. 00 Min 
Semisextile         :  2 Deg. 00 Min 
Semisquare        :  2 Deg. 00 Min 
Sesquiquadrate  :  2 Deg. 00 Min 
Quincunx           :  3 Deg. 00 Min 
***** FIRST PART *****
Chapter 1:
General characteristics of the year. The external conditions.

Solar Return Ascendant Libra : 

     Your social life will flourish this year. Your attitude will be more open and agreeable, bringing new people into your life and also strengthening old friendships. You will prefer to be with others rather than alone. You will meet people who will play an important part in your future. There is a possibility to begin a significant professional or commercial relationship that could lead to a deep romantic tie later on. If you are single, you may establish a relationship that could turn into marriage in the future. If you already have a relationship, you will share many activities with your partner and will develop many side-by-side projects. If you have plans for marriage, now would be a good time to tie the knot. If you already are married, you will enjoy a year of matrimonial happiness. In any case, this year should bring you the affection you yearn for. 

     Your artistic inspirations and a need for harmony in your environment will be emphasized. Most of the time you will be diplomatic, soft and agreeable. If by nature you have a strong and aggressive temperament, you will calm down during this period. But if you are a more passive person, you will have to fight against passivity and also the tendency to ease and comfort. A propensity toward this exists in either case together with a tendency to avoid making major decisions. 

     You could be plagued by doubt and more than once will be confronted with the difficult task of chosing between two or more options. The reason for your doubt probably will be caused by paying too much attention to the suggestions of people around you. Your search for balance and justice won't allow you to take decisions you have to make lightly. 

     This influence also brings issues related to documents, justice and paper work in general. In case you have some legal or bureaucratic problems, you will find a swift solution. A litigation of a judgement or demand initiated now could probably be solved with comparative ease. 

     Others will comment that you are more beautiful and attractive. This stems from your desire to improve your personal look. You may wish to change your hair style and buy a new wardrobe. There is a tendency to refine your personality and to take better care of your physical body. 

     In respect to your health, Libra rules the kidneys and it would be wise to drink a lot of fluids to eliminate the toxins in the system. This influence inclines to become lazy as far as physical exercise is concerned, which could lead to circulation problems. Besides that, you may develop a sweet tooth during this time. 

     In spite of your desire for balance and peacefulness, you will be inclined to meet impulsive and authoritative people now, who will force you to fight. It could be someone in your family or an associate, if you have one, who will become very dominant and demanding, creating conflicts and fights. People of Aries will have a notable influence on you this year, but don't allow them to dominate you! 

Solar Return MC Cancer: 

     Your professional activity will be strongly connected with the public. You will turn very sensitive and will be concerned about your social position. You will be more aware of your behavior and will concentrate on blending in with the crowd. You could establish very important personal contacts without even looking for them. Your activity will attract the public's attention and you could receive some favor from others. Your tranquillity could be disrupted, however, since you want to get along well with everybody and won't always be able to achieve it. 

     Activities that have to do with teaching and caring for patients will be very favorable this year. If you are already connected with medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, politics or teaching, it will be to your benefit during this period. You also can expect some fluctuations in your income. 

     Your sensitivity and the desire to get in touch with your inner feelings will increase. Listen to them and understand what they are saying to you. Have confidence in your intuition! 

     Your mother or other women could have a strong influence on you now. You could feel certain family pressure that at times may encourage you, but other times could be a burden to you. 

     This influence inclines you to put your own house in order. Stability and tranquillity will reign during this year. If you have some problems, they will be solved now thanks to a mature and serious attitude on your part and on the part of the rest of your family. Exercising your own authority is the key to achieve the order you long for. If you live alone, you could feel uncomfortable with your solitude and will look for a companion. 
Chapter 2: Astrological influence of your personality.

Sun in 11th house: 

     This solar influence increases your social life and your circle of friends who will have a powerful influence on you. Existing friendships also will be strengthened and these will be of great support to you during this year. 

     You will feel a desire to join groups and participate in collective activities with people who have the same interests. There is a tendency to depend on friends for the realization of your plans. On one hand, you would find the necessary support, but on the other hand, the risk of the opposite also exists. If the indications described in the following paragraphs are beneficial, you will be surrounded by positive people, but in the opposite case, you could experience deceptions and frustrations or loss of time participating in groups that never accomplish anything. 

     You will develop new goals and objectives during this year and also could turn more idealistic. Your humane sense will increases together with more understanding of people around you. During the first half of the year your activities probably will be more mental, while during the second half you will determine and activate many of your goals. 

     A special friend's offer of support and dedication may be instrumental in the achievement of your goals. 

Sun square Pluto: 

     You will be confronted with people or powerful situations that will put to test all of your strength. Some of these situations will be inner conflicts and you will have to fight your own habits or negative memories that are deeply ingrained inside you. This is a year of transformation and profound changes in your personality. Don't lose your balance and don't react aggressively or with violence to situations of tension. If you undertake some type of therapy or consultation with a professional, you will manage these energies more positively. 

     The principal conflicts are brought on by people who exercise authority over you. You will fight for power in order to determine who dominates who. You could be confronted with someone tyrannical or it may be you who will turn dominant and inflexible with others. This could cause ruptures in relationships and total changes in your social circle. Paradoxically, this influence also could bring ruptures or flaws in machines or elements of your ownership, and could be the cause of fights over the repairs. 

     On the more negative side, this astrological aspect could bring situations of physical or accidental violence. Control your speed and don't expose yourself to people or to places that represent danger to your physical body. 

Sun trine Jupiter: 

     This will be a very favorable and happy year. You will feel a current of positive energy that will help you to resolve each one of your problems with a touch of luck. As a matter of fact, this luck will be generated by your great enthusiasm, optimism and kindness. You will be very willing to work and eager for action in general, and continually show a smile. Your life enters a period of general expansion and growth that is portrayed particularly in the house that is occupied by the Sun this year (described in the previous paragraph) and in that occupied by Jupiter (described later on). Your social life will increase and bring you in contact with more influential and powerful people. 

     If you have a litigation or legal process, it will be solved very favorably for you. Your sense of justice will increase together with the desire to acquire more knowledge. You will want new experiences and will begin to plan journeys that probably will be carried out during all of this year. 

     This will be a year to harvest all that was cultivated in previous years. 

Sun semisquare Venus: 

     You may encounter some romantic problems from the past that haven't been resolved yet. Moderate your impulses and develop a positive attitude toward your partner as well as your social life in general. The irritations and displeasures that others produce could be the reflection of your inner uneasiness. This aspect generates a tendency toward comfort and life of pleasures, occasioning disruptions of your routine or loss of money. Try to control yourself and search for a creative solution for your inner dissatisfaction. 

Sun quincunx Saturn: 

     Your level of energy could vary during this year and you could have moments of depression or general fatigue. You probably will have the desire to isolate yourself from your other half and will feel the effect of obstacles that appear. You should maintain a positive attitude and face this type of events perseveringly, otherwise you will fall into frustration. 

     It is important for you to develop your sense of responsibility and that you examine your life more objectively. The obstacles that you will encounter are due to your own negligence and disorder. During this time you will find some oppositions or lack of support, especially from those who occupy a position of authority or represent a paternal figure in your life. 

Sun quincunx Uranus: 

     You will be very nervous and impatient during this year. You will get tired of your daily routine which could cause you to make quick and erroneous decisions. Moderate your impulses and act intelligently. Your spirit will need more freedom of action and you may become short and abrupt with people who interfere. You should try to direct your energies consciously, because reacting explosively will only complicate matters. 

     You also could be prone to accidents involving speed or electricity. Drive carefully. It will be very difficult to remain calm and tranquil during this year. 
Chapter 3: The emotional world.

Solar Return Moon in Capricorn : 

     Your emotional world will be more reserved, silent and intimate. You won't demonstrate your feelings during this time and probably will turn more mental and analytic toward your feelings. If by nature you are an affectionate person, moderation in your approach to others will be apparent. If you are not very demonstrative, you will give the appearance of emotional indifference. Try not to let this happen and work on demonstrating more openly what you feel. Sometimes your external message won't be as clear to others as it will seem to you. 
     This influence generates a strong desire for solitude and retirement from the social world, which in a reasonable measure could be beneficial for you, but on the other hand will not be. You could have moments of melancholy, sadness and certain depression. You should learn to discard your negative thoughts or eliminate that which in your panorama seems like a dark and difficult future. On the positive side, this influence will allow you to analyze with clarity your own reality and to make concrete decisions, without feeding false expectations for the future. You will turn very realistic and logical, which could lead to being disappointed or to cool your ambitions. If you don't let this occur, you will have a year of much success because you will know how to direct your energies with precision. If you are devoted to politics, it would be a very favorable year. Because of your honest and constant work you could have a rise in your professional position. 
     The relationship with your mother and with other women could turn distant to a degree. Once more, try to show your affections more openly. Listen to and accept the suggestions of others, especially if they refer to your need of dedication and expansion. You could be too busy or concerned about your material world. 
     Don't neglect your nutritional diet; help the process of your digestion by eating foods that are not very processed, seasoned, fried or with a lot of grease. 

Solar Return Moon in 4th house: 

     You could have a change of residence during this year, or you may undertake some other changes and reformations in your present home. Your attention will be on family matters and the relationship with your mother, or other women who exercise some authority on you. You could become dependent and it will be difficult to cut your family ties. On one hand you will receive support and approval of your ideas, but it also is possible that you will encounter demands or limitations to your own freedom. 
     The changes or reformations will be promoted by your emotional motivation and won't be logical or transparent. The majority of the changes probably will come about in the final months of this solar year. 

Moon conjunction Uranus: 

     You will turn very impulsive, impatient and restless during this year. You will search for a break in your routine and will oppose everything that limits your freedom. Your emotions will be very unpredictable, fickle and changing. It will be very difficult for you to remain still in one place for any length of time. Your spirit wants changes, movement and new things. If by nature you are a nervous person, you should search for ways to relieve your anxiety, otherwise you could suffer nervous exhaustion. If you are a calm person, you will surprise others with the expression of your new ideas and your changing emotions. 
     On the romantic side, you will search for unusual relationships or those with special characteristics. You will be very attracted by all the forbidden or by that which seemed absurd to you before. This could produce scandal in your family and you will receive hard criticism, but this astrological aspect also gives you strength to confront them. It seems that these oppositions make you want to continue doing even more what you feel like doing. 
     One of the key words for this period is "freedom". You won't support anybody and nothing can brake your impulses, and because of that you will respond in a violent and uncontrolled manner. 
     Due to the increased tension this year, your digestive system could suffer. It is advisable that you maintains a light diet that facilitates the digestive process; avoid meat, fatty and fried food, and keep physically active. 

Moon conjunction Neptune: 

     You will turn hypersensitive and your emotional world will easily assimilate the energy of others. You could absorb that energy like a sponge, which sometimes won't be so favorable, because you could be loaded with problems and irrelevant tensions. Don't associate with negative or pessimistic people. 
     On the other hand, your imagery will increase vastly. You will spend more time in your own world and forget about your problems. This influence could produce an escapist attitude, if you are not a rational person. There also is a possibility to acquire bad habits; avoid smoking, taking alcohol or drugs. Your emotional world will be full of imagery and idealization, which could lead to deceptions upon facing reality. The pain you feel through this will cause you to want to escape and start a bad habit. Try to think more realistically and don't idealize the people you associate with too much. Under this influence you probably will be disillusioned by your friends or you may encounter a situation of deceit or emotional betrayal. You easily could end up being the victim, although it won't be as bad as it will seem you. 
     Your ideas and your emotions will be difficult to express with words. During this time you will develop your creative and artistic inclinations more easily, especially in the field of music and poetry. Moon trine Mercury: 

     Your feelings and your rational mind will be balanced; your thinking will be influenced by your emotions, but at the same time will have the ability to stay logical. Your mind will be very receptive and alert. For this reason any type of study and also the learning of languages would be very favorable. You also will listen to the problems of others with sensibility and sympathy and are willing to offer them very valuable help. 
     Your intellectual capacity also will manifest in the literary field where your production could be notable. If you are not devoted to professional writing, you will at least keep your correspondence up to date. Communication in general will be favored and you will speak about your feeling very fluently. This influence increases your romantic inclinations and would be a good time to tell your spouse and other loved ones in your family how you feel about them. 
     This astrological aspect is extremely favorable for business relationships. You could sign very lucrative contracts or gain benefit from some type of investment or commerce. It also could indicate frequent trips. 
     On the other hand, you could receive some information about the past of your family or about topics concerning your family. Communication with your mother or with women in general will be very positive. 

Moon sextile Pluto: 

     Your emotions will be very intense, but at the same time very stimulating and renovating. The way you feel everything will be more profound and powerful than usual, which will lead you to search for relationships that are not superficial, but allow you to express your more intimate emotions. During this time childhood memories or traumas will emerge that will let you see with much more clarity the motive of your current reactions. You will discover your true self which will give you more trust, clarity and capability to confront your life in general. 
     It is important that you don't repress your emotions this year, but express them freely. It also will be important that you control obsessive and stubborn behavior. Romance and your sex-life could become very enriched. You probably will be on solid ground with your spouse, but also will be inclined to develop a dominant attitude, sometimes falling into manipulation. 
     You could experience some changes in your home or family life that will be very beneficial. The relationship with your mother, or other women in your life, will be very profound, intense and spirited. 
     This will be a year of renovation and emotional liberation. Encounters with your past and your own history will allow you to get to know yourself better, and if you don't resist these new feelings, you will have a very positive year. 
***** SECOND PART *****

         HOUSE 1:  Personality.  Principal interest of the year. 

Asc on 10th natal house: 

     You will center all your attention toward advancement of your career. You will direct your energies to achieve growth and expansion of your professional possibilities. Success will fundamentally depend on your effort and personal initiative. 
     During this year, you will voice your dreams explicitly and will develop prospective objectives to produce changes in your future direction with aims for improvements. Remember that success or failure of your enterprises will depend almost exclusively on your own will. 

Solar Return Asc Conjunct natal Jupiter: 

     Your desire to enjoy life and to expand your current sphere will surface. You will enjoy each event and will show a positive attitude toward your problems. You will feel an inner need to expand and grow, especially on the personal level. Your capacity to give and receive, your kindness and your degree of philanthropy will be tested. 

     On the more negative side, you could show great indifference to the most serious problems; it will be difficult for you to concentrate on details, and you could become more disorderly. 

        HOUSE 2:  Economical situation. 

Solar Return 2nd house on 11th natal house: 

     Your economical gain will depend in great measure on your social relationships and friendships. You will have a year of realizations and monetary growth thanks to the collaboration and influence of your improved friendships. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it. During this year you will develop new yearnings and economical projects for your future. 

Pluto in 2nd house of Solar Return: 

     This year will bring profound changes in your economy. Possibilities for new means of income will appear that will overcome your expectations, but at the same time presupposes radical changes in your way of living. 

     A transformation in your system of security will be produced and you will lend more attention to people and to situations that are related to your material world. Your idea of courage probably will be different and you will have to find a more profound meaning to your daily activity. 

     These changes also could produce loss or setbacks that will force you to explore new strategies for your future. Those adverse situations are out of your control and will respond to general economical conditions. 

         HOUSE 3:  The concrete mind.  Studies and short journeys. 

Solar Return 3rd house Conjunct natal 1st cusp: 

     This will be a year of great mental activity. You could become interested in studying, writing or intellectual production. It will be a year of success in exams and other tests where it is necessary to apply your intelligence. Your mind will produce many new ideas that will be of great benefit to you. 
     You also could undertake many short trips during this period. The relationship with your brothers, sisters, other relatives and neighbors will be closer and positive. 

Jupiter in 3rd house of Solar Return: 

     Communication in your immediate surroundings will increase. This will improve the relationship with your brothers and sisters, other relations and neighbors. It will be a year of pleasure and of sharing pleasant moments with them. You probably will receive good news on behalf of your relatives, who will experience a period of luck and expansion. 

     Your mind also will expand and you could become interested in studying or to take courses that give you more information on subjects you are interested in. Your desire to learn also will induce you to take some short trips that, besides learning through them, also will be very amusing and will allow you to enjoy each place you visit. 

     On the other hand, you will receive good news verbally as well as written, that could bring new opportunities for your general progress. This will be a very favorable time for agreements, contracts or commitments made with others. If you are devoted to writing, you will have a very fruitful year. 

         HOUSE 4:  The home. 

Solar Return 4th house Conjunct natal 2nd cusp: 

     You will receive economical aid from your family, especially from your parents. You will be successful in business related to real estate, agriculture, mining and leases. You probably will have the greatest economical improvement in the last months of this solar year. 

Solar Return 4th house Conjunct natal Uranus: 

     You will feel trapped and burdened with your domestic routine and will want to make changes during this period. Your more rebellious and disagreeable side will surface, causing you to become very disobedient to any order or imposed law in your family. On the other hand, you will lean toward changes in your home, moving furniture around and if that isn't enough, you will lean toward changing your housing. Your reactions will be electric, nervous and impatient toward everything that is expected of you. 

Uranus in 4th house of Solar Return: 

     This influence inclines to sudden changes of your home or unusual events happening within your home. You won't follow the same domestic routine as before, but on the contrary, will concentrate on producing changes in your routine, and they will be accidental and sudden. You probably will feel that your freedom is limited or restricted by your family and this will generate tension and arguments with your relatives, especially with your parents. You won't be willing to submit to any type of authority and your rebelliousness will be very notable. If you consider the pressure unbearable, you may bring about a total separation from your family and change your residence to a distant place. 

     This astrological influence could bring danger of explosions, landslides or problems with the electricity in your own home. Take the necessary precaution to avoid these type of problems. 

Neptune in 4th house of Solar Return: 

     The climate in your home will become confused and you could have problems that are difficult to resolve. The uncertainty in your home could arise because of frauds, betrayals or envy. There also is danger of robberies; it would be advisable to increase your security. Select the people who visit your home carefully and also become aware of the current problems with your relatives. If you continue to be kindhearted at random or you ignore to resolve any questions, you will have more complications in the future. 

     It is possible that your family will demand certain types of sacrifices from you that you won't be willing to comply with, and if you do, they will become a heavy load. This influence mainly will affect the relationship with your parents and most of these problems will be apparent toward the end of this solar year. 

Solar Return Neptune Conjunct natal Uranus: 

     The confused, mysterious or unsettled situations around you will arouse your creativity and rebelliousness. You will draw your own conclusion and that which you perceive in your environment will aid you in developing your ideas. Your more liberal and non-prejudicial conduct could become the cause for talk and you may be the center of envy, gossip and malicious comments. It also is probable that some of this conduct arouses fear or insecurity in people that you have known for quite a while. 

        HOUSE 5:  Romance & amusement. Relationship with children. 

Solar Return 5th house on 2nd natal house: 

     You could be lucky in games of chance or in speculative business, where a certain risk exists. All in all, you will enjoy the money you earn this year and won't count your expenses, especially if you are in love. Be moderate and don't let your affections disturb your financial balance. 

        HOUSE 6:  Health and illness.  Employment. 

Solar Return 6th house on 3rd natal house: 

     You should look after your health during short journeys that you may take during this year. There is a propensity to catch colds, flus or other contagious illnesses. The illness will come from nervous exhaustion. You should balance your mental work with some physical activity. It is recommended to improve your nutrition, consuming more foods that contain the Vitamin B Complex. This influence could bring concerns for illness of brothers, sisters or other close relatives. 
     On the other hand, you may take several work related short journeys and will have much success if you are devoted to some commercial activity or literature. 

Saturn in 6th house of Solar Return: 

     You will be loaded with work, responsibilities and limitations this year. You probably won't be very pleased with that or with your bosses. You won't have any incentive to continue working for low wages, and if you do, you will be dissatisfied and bored by the routine. This will be more so if you work for others. If you are independent, you will suffer because of lack of organization and because of the quantity of responsibilities that you take on. If you decide to change your job during this year, keep quiet and don't argue until you have found another sure position. 

     Your health could be weakened. You should get the necessary rest and eat appropriately so that your level of energy doesn't diminish. Your body probably will need minerals, and especially calcium. You also should take care of your skin and your bone structure. During this year you will suffer the aftermath of acquired wrong habits. You should become aware of them and implement new conducts that will be more beneficial for your health. 

        HOUSE 7:  Associations.  Marriage and partnerships. 

Solar Return 7th house on 4th natal house: 

     You could begin an association with a family or an older person. You will receive much support from family members and will find peace in your home. If problems do exist, it would influence the stability of your home a lot this year. This influence also could bring real estate mortgages during this period. 

        HOUSE 8:  Dangers, inheritances and mysteries. 

Solar Return 8th house on 5th natal house: 

     If you will be able to manage your finances well, you will succeed in expanding your capital thanks to your right hunches in investments, general luck and your creativity. 
     On the physical side, this influence could bring disorders and some ailments soon after excessive consumption of foods or amusements. 

Solar Return 8th house Conjunct natal Saturn: 

     You will try to find logical, realistic and rational explanations for the extraordinary or paranormal events of your life. During this year you will change and your position toward responsibilities and liabilities of the material world will be transformed. On the other hand, you should look after your habits of life, because there is a tendency during this time to acquire chronic bad habits that are difficult to cure. Become aware of them and use your will power in order to avoid serious problems in the future. You also should look after your bone structure, especially the joints, your teeth and your skin. 

        HOUSE 9:  Religion and spirituality.  Long journeys. 

Solar Return 9th house Conjunct natal 7th cusp: 

     You will search for contact with philosophic, religious or scientific people, with whom you will exchange your knowledge and enlarge your wisdom. You will feel a certain familiarity with people around you. 
     If you are married or have a stable relationship, this influence could bring a separation soon after you have taken a long journey with your partner. 

        HOUSE 10:  The profession, success and status. 

Solar Return MC Conjunct natal 8th cusp: 

     Your social situation could improve thanks to goods received through inheritance, donations or gifts, but you should not neglect your finances, because it is possible that you may have to fight certain debts during this year. 
     This astrological influence will cause a regeneration and big changes in your professional activity. You could begin new enterprises that you have longed for in the past in collaboration with some people, or you could receive a loan. 
     On the other hand, the death of some well-known person could alter the concentration on your work. 

Solar Return MC Conjunct natal Neptune: 

     You will feel certain confusion and doubts regarding your profession and your future goals. You could develop some anguish or fears that won't allow you to move with total freedom. You should control your fantasies and ideals in regard to your aims to avoid deceptions in the future. There is a possibility to suffer deceits, lies or envy from people you work with. Avoid putting yourself in the position of the victim and analyze your errors so that you don't repeat them again later on. 

Venus in 10th house of Solar Return: 

     Your professional situation will be very favorable and you will be able to rely on the support of your superiors. This will be due to your expression of sympathy and sociability. Your social circle will increase and you will have influential relationships that will help you in your professional evolution. You will reach fame, prestige and social position. 

     You will add a creative and artistic touch to your daily activity, which allows you to enjoy it more. If your profession is related to artistic specifications, you will have a very favorable year for growth. 

     Love also will be much related to your profession. If you are involved with someone, he/she will bolster you and support you with your projects. If you don't have anyone, you could fall in love with someone connected to your work. On the negative side, this position takes a public view of your romantic life and could expose you to criticism, gossip or scandal. 

Solar Return Venus Conjunct natal Neptune: 

     The love of a person will incline you to become more imaginative, idealistic and romantic. It is important that you are rational and coherent, otherwise you would be prone to suffer deceptions. If you have had bad romantic experiences in the past, they could generate fears that will hamper your romanticism during this year, generating escapist attitudes and fleeing from any commitment. 

Mars in 10th house of Solar Return: 

     You will become much more ambitious and combatant than at other times in your life. It is necessary to know how to direct your energies to reach your goals, because there is a tendency to be impatient, to act aggressively and to abandon your objectives before completion. If you work independently, you will have a very beneficial year because you will conquer the obstructions in your path. But if you work with other people, conflicts and fights will arise because of your dominant temperament. Your spirit will require more freedom and independence and you could suffer due to limitations in your labor world. This will be a year of conflict with authority figures. If you don't reach a peaceful agreement with your superiors you are apt to lose your employment. 

     This influence inclines to take chances and risks. Your trust in yourself will increase and your energy to work will seem inexhaustible. During this year you will want to acquire leadership and will feel prepared for it. You will undertake new enterprises and follow your own initiatives, but you will have to act with moderation and perseverance. 

Solar Return Mars Conjunct natal Neptune: 

     You may become fearful in situations of aggressiveness or tension. Your sensibility will cause you to escape for moments and to avoid nervous people. On the other hand, some people probably will become angry with you because of your escapist attitudes toward problems or your bad habits. 

        HOUSE 11:  Friendships and social life. 

Solar Return llth house on 8th natal house: 

     You will realize many of your projects and yearnings and will rely on the money or on goods of other people. There is a possibility of receiving an inheritance, legacy, or gifts that will help to improve your material situation. On the other hand, this influence could bring the loss or withdrawal of a friend. 

        HOUSE 12:  Limitations, enmities and hidden things. 

Solar Return 12th house on 9th natal house: 

     There is the possibility of kiting infractions against the law, consciously or unconsciously, during this year. Your philosophic attitude and fatalism will increase due to your broad taste of life. You will be inclined to arguments and disagreements with others because of your higher or spiritual ideas. There also is the  possibility of participating in secret sects. 
     This influence doesn't favor the realization of long journeys and could bring problems or illness in foreign countries. 

Solar Return 12th house Conjunct natal Mars: 

     The problems of your life will arouse your aggressive and explosive side. At times you will repress your anger, but on other occasions you will explode and will have moments of strong tension and fights. You will be willing to defend yourself against enemies, but also to attack. You won't tolerate your current limitations and will look for ways to break all the attachments you have. It will be important to control your tendency toward violence and to avoid getting involved in situations of risk. 

Mercury in 12th house of Solar Return: 

     You will become more quiet and secretive and will want to keep your life on a more intimate basis. You privately question your ideas and will keep your opinions to yourself. You could have problems communicating with people because your are bashful or may distrust others. You could get the feeling that what is said will be used against you. 

     On the mundane side, there could be danger of deceit, swindles or robberies. The defiant actions of others will have more power and effect on you now. Don't neglect your business and use good judgment in signing contracts or agreements. 

     On the other hand, your intuitive power will develop more and it would be a good year to start meditation exercises, pray and connect deep with your spiritual belief. 

Solar Return Mercury Conjunct natal Mercury: 

     Your intellectual capacity will increase during this year. You probably will associate with people who have the same interests and stimulate you to continue studying or to participate in intellectual groups. It will be easy for you to learn and also to relate your know-how during this period. It will be important that you don't spend your entire energy on speaking about your projects without consideration of others.