SENIOR Specialized Report Sample Printout

Most astrological reports assume that the reader is an adult, and is concerned with issues of career, marriage, romance, family, and inner development. The Senior Report addresses the issues that people face in later years. Author Robbi Dyer has written interpretations for planet and house combinations and created a database of almost 2,000 interpretations so that the interpretations sero in on specific details of people's life. Robbi describes how you can maximize your potential in your later years to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. About 10 pages in length. Currently available in English only.

Currently available in English only

Senior Report for

Michael J. Fox
June 9, 1961
12:15 AM
Edmonton, Canada

Introduction to Senior Report:

On the following page begins the interpretation of your birth chart. This interpretation focuses on issues and concerns that people have in their later years. We tend to respond to astrological influences a bit different as we get older. With time we gain wisdom, moderation, and constancy that helps us handle astrological influences differently from the way we did as teenagers and young adults. This report takes this into account. Also, although many of our basic concerns are the same throughout our entire lives, there are also concerns and situations that we are more likely to encounter in different stages in life. This report focuses on the issues that are most likely to interest you. Hopefully, this astrological analysis will help encourage you to pursue the activities and interests that will help you follow a path that will be most the most fulfilling and meaningful one for you.

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the
planets at the time of birth and other technical information is
given below:

Sun     18 Gem 12               Neptune   8 Sco 58
Moon     1 Tau 27               Pluto     5 Vir 40
Mercury  9 Can 21               Asc.     18 Aqu 37
Venus    2 Tau 58               MC       14 Sag 03
Mars    18 Leo 37               2nd cusp 22 Ari 21
Jupiter  6 Aqu 49               3rd cusp 24 Tau 15
Saturn  29 Cap 07               5th cusp  0 Can 40
Uranus  22 Leo 23               6th cusp 18 Can 54

Tropical  Placidus   Standard Time observed
GMT: 07:15:00   Time Zone: 7 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 53 N 33   , 113 W 28  

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  5 Deg 00 Min
Square     :  5 Deg 00 Min
Trine      :  5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min
Quincunx   :  3 Deg 00 Min

Ascendant in Aquarius:

Your sign bears the newest energies and vibrations to uplift and evolve planet earth to its next level of growth and development. You are ruled by the planet Uranus, and in many astrology circles, it is also believed you are co-ruled by Saturn. As a child, you were probably considered special in some way because you had your own way of doing things and developed your own unique philosophy of life. If the norm is to approach a particular challenge in one way, you will find another way, or perhaps several other ways to arrive at the same solution. Your mind is quick, open and finely attuned to the higher levels of consciousness and perception. You are truly a unique individual and proud to admit to this. Others may see you as having genius potential, during your young adult years. In fact, many Aquarians are known for their genius and/or high IQ. Old time astrology used to teach, in essence, that Aquarians dislike individuals but love humanity. What they usually meant was that Aquarius views life in the broadest sense... they look at humanity as a whole and see the needs of the whole and the general progression and direction of the whole. In terms of the individual, Aquarians have more difficulty relating to the fact that change comes, one person at a time. Aquarians, on the other hand, at least those who are enlightened, rather believe that in uplifting the planetary consciousness, humanity will follow, thus the individual will follow.

Aquarians tend to fall in love with partners who are independent and who think for themselves. They can marry at any age in life, but are probably more comfortable marrying a little older than does the norm. Your sign looks forward to retirement and the personal freedom it will bring. You are nearly always thought to have a personal agenda, but in the most positive sense. You anticipate with great joy, your leisure years so that you can take on some of the projects that your working years did not allow time for.

You may write, lecture, organize, volunteer or go back to school. You have endless talents and could develop an entrepreneurial project for yourself and your life partner. You work well in a partnership as long as you are head of the creative side. You need plenty of room to grow and to expand and you need an understanding and patient partner who understands this. In life, you learn by middle age to give and take and to be flexible with your expectations. You learn the value to giving others as much freedom and license as you expect for yourself.

Sun in Gemini and in 4th house:

You are a family oriented individual and enjoy conversing with your loved ones as well as providing an environment for learning and discussion. Your home environment is likely to include a lot of books, possibly a library. You could even enjoy collecting old books, artwork, sculpture and other conversational pieces with which to decorate your home. Landscaping around your front, back and side yards will be creative and quite colorful. Taking an interest in the environment, modern conveniences for your home and recycling projects could well interest you during your mid to later years. Trips to visit loved ones and relatives or to attend family events will make for enjoyment in your life at this stage. You may take some evening classes for fun or take up a foreign language. You could easily take an active interest in the education of your grandchildren as well. Life will constantly present new adventures and new things to learn.

Sun Opposition MC:

You are likely to find it difficult to keep up with your domestic and professional responsibilities. In youth, as you endeavor to build a solid career, your family may suffer. Likewise, when you turn your attentions toward your domestic scene, your career could suffer. The easiest solution might be to consider self-employment or work that can be done in the home. With maturity, you will become adept at balancing you daily duties and life will become more fulfilling.

Sun Trine Asc.:

If you have been careful and prudent in your lifestyle choices, you should be able to experience vitality, energy and strength in your mid to later years. You will probably be a proponent of exercise and good eating habits.

Others will be drawn to your sunny personality.

Sun Sextile Mars:

You are mentally organized and highly creative. Don't hold back. When you have a good idea, find an appropriate outlet. You would benefit from higher education and could attend college in later years.

Moon in Taurus and in 2nd house:

The Moon is the reflection of the soul, in a manner of speaking. The Moon is the seat of the emotions and is one of the main reasons the earth school was that humankind could learn all of the lessons the emotions have to teach. The Moon is a barometer, of sorts, and measures what we have assimilated in spiritualized lunar energies. It also measures what our "target" areas are...that is, what areas in life we need to process through via our feelings and emotional expression. Any negative behaviors that are based in the emotions, that we brought with us into this lifetime will be given ample time and due course, to be processed and elevated into a higher expression.

The Taurus Moon is well placed in the second house. You have a natural head for business and finance and will do well when given responsibilities in these areas. Your first thought for yourself and loved ones will be to build security and a firm financial foundation for living. It probably won't be until your middle years, that you will feel more relaxed about how well you have prepared for you family's future, and it is then you will begin to be less frugal and enjoy life more. For you, the process of collecting possessions and property is a natural life process. You tend to choose goods of value and that will have a practical, long-term use for your home and family. In your middle to later years of life, you will purchase more lavish items for comfort and enjoyment.

Moon Conjunct Venus:

You have gentle ways and a generally happy outlook on life. As you become older, however, you will keep your gracious exterior, but become more assertive and decisive. Surround yourself in beauty.

Moon Square Saturn:

There is probably much about your childhood and young adulthood that you would like to have changed. Instead of dwelling on the past, learn your lessons and move forward. Life is like a school of higher learning and you can enroll in any class, at any time.

Moon Trine Pluto:

The psychology behind emotions, habits, behaviors and feelings will be of interest to you. Your desire to know yourself and others on a deep level, could cause you to study such subjects as sociology, psychology, meditation, creative visualization, yoga, eastern philosophy or the occult. Your intuitive urges are accurate and you will act on gut level instincts with self-confidence.

Moon Trine Node T.:

You are on top of current trends and fads. You are not afraid to try something new and this will, with the coming of age, keep your attitude youthful and progressive. Young people will be drawn to you and you could find yourself in the position of counselor or advisor to many.

Moon Sextile South Node:

You tend to be emotionally conservative and somewhat of a traditionalist. With the progression of life and experience, however, you may be forced to take a long, hard look at past lessons, learned.

Mercury in Cancer and in 5th house:

From Mercury, you learn how to communicate with the world around you. You discover your mental aptitude and find ways to utilize your abilities in logic and reasoning. Mercury teaches you about life through some travel, personal studies and the use of perception. With Mercury in the fifth house, you will find it easier than most, to express your feelings and thoughts to your lover. You are also one who likes to give and receive little gifts and expressions of love from your romantic partner. Recreational activities and outdoor fun provides a good way for you to exercise and take in fresh air. You enjoy short travels and will especially enjoy being around large bodies of water. Gambling and speculation interest you, but are not a priority.

Mercury Trine Neptune:

Throughout most of your life, you are likely to experience some form of telepathy, psychic impressions or intuitive flashes. Your mental skills are sharp, and when combined with your inner guidance, will give you an advantage in making important decisions. As you mature, you will learn how to control these talents, putting them to even better use.

Mercury Sextile Pluto:

You are capable of great insight and would make an excellent researcher or detective. Mysteries intrigue you and you might find it stimulating, as well as prosperous, to try your hand at writing later.

Mercury Quincunx Jupiter:

You can become so involved in life and it's processes that you neglect yourself and the nurturing of your inner spiritual nature. Learn to prioritize your daily activities and include time for yourself as well as for your family and loved ones.

Venus in Taurus and in 2nd house:

The sign and placement of Venus will give you insight into your feelings and emotional leaning. Venus helps you to discover your attitudes about music, art, culture, theatre and all forms of creativity and beauty. Venus links you to love, romance and altruism. You are a natural at money management and will have a tidy savings account built by the time you reach middle age. Family security will always come first. The keyword to your style of furniture and furnishings will be comfort. You are a creature comforts person and rely on your tactile feelings to help decided what you like and don't like.

Venus Square Jupiter:

Your raw, earth nature makes you a "no nonsense" kind of individual. In business and romantic relationships, however, you would do well to learn diplomacy, tact and the social graces. Lasting successes come with age. Maturity helps you to control spending urges and buying patterns.

Venus Square Saturn:

You may find that you "preempt" your family and romantic life, in favor of your career or social responsibilities. In youth, this could cause you problems at home and in marriage. As you mature, you will develop better skills at prioritizing your commitments. Don't forget to nurture yourself.

Venus Trine Pluto:

You have a special affinity to the world of finance, speculation and business. You may, with the passage of time, show an interest in international affairs, as well. Your gifts of intuition and inspiration, help you to be more successful in the world of business, high finance and partnership investments.

Venus Trine Node T.:

In this lifetime, you are to strive to attain life's little luxuries. You have earned increment from a past life that allows you to experience comfort and security. The key to your success in these endeavors, however, is the pursuit itself. If you don't ask it of the universe, you won't receive it. As you mature, you will be better able to operate the Law of Manifestation.

Venus Sextile South Node:

While you appreciate, on a mental level, the various customs, fads and social trends that continually change and broaden in life, you tend to be more conservative and traditional in your own expressions.

Mars in Leo and in 6th house:

The energies of Leo often involve the ego. In early life, the focus is more on the self. But as the journey of self-discovery reaches middle age, Mars in Leo turns outward, finding ways to improve the family, community and society at-large. Your leadership qualities surface more and more with the coming of maturity. Many with this placement get involved in corporate business or become owners of their own business. You are likely to want to keep yourself busy even after retirement.

Mars Conjunct Uranus:

You show great initiative in your later years, especially where business and finance are concerned. A few speculative ventures could bring a fortunate windfall. Join support groups and organizations.

Mars Opposition Asc.:

It is likely that you have a competitive knack where business, partnership, financial or speculative matters are concerned. You may occasionally enjoy a good spirited debate or a "brain-teaser". In youth, you will probably lack patience and tolerance when dealing with others, particularly, women and loved ones. With age, grace and experience, however, you would actually do quite well in public relations, arbitration, mediation and negotiations. As you approach mid-life, you will have more self-confidence and will be able to control your emotions and focus in a constructive way. Women will seem less threatening and you will better choose your battles in life. An important relationship in mid to later life, may lead you into politics, charity work or a humanitarian project. Professional matters will take on more importance and you may find that you have luck with real estate.

Mars Trine MC:

You are particularly happy when in a career or profession that allows you plenty of room for movement and advancement. You need freedom for physical mobility as well as freedom of personal expression. It probably won't be until mid-life, that you fully appreciate your family elders and their unique experiences in life. You will also want more family quality-time as you age.

Jupiter in Aquarius and in 12th house:

Jupiter's sign and house placements give you hope and optimism in life. Jupiter shows you the potential for your greatest rewards and benefits, and gives you a chance to speak your own truth to the world.

With Aquarius on the twelfth house of your horoscope wheel, you have probably completed the cycle of the most recent Astrological Age. In this life, you are here to share what you know about the Aquarian Age, as well as to become a student of the various subtle nuances of the Age of Aquarius. You will also have brought back many gifts, talents and Occult knowledge. You may even find you have some kind of healing ability, but may not find time to develop this until after middle age. Jupiter allows you to work with larger groups, corporations and institutions. Aquarius often encourages large movements, or joins humanitarian-based movements. You would also work well with service organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, institutions of confinements and social groups. Sociology, Psychology or some aspect of Law Enforcement or Corrections could be of interest to you. Jupiter in Aquarius promises to expand your knowledge of the Universe and it's affect on the human condition.

Jupiter Square Neptune:

In youth, due to your family upbringing, you are likely to start life with a full head of steam, but with highly unrealistic expectations. Time, failure and re-educating yourself to real possibilities, will bring positive results to many mid-life projects.

Jupiter Quincunx Pluto:

This aspect often throws challenges your way that force you to live up to what it is you say you believe. It makes you put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. Early childhood and social conditioning will surely cause you to make lifestyle adjustments and compromises as you gain in age and maturity. Look for what is real. Listen to your inner guidance.

Saturn in Capricorn and in 12th house:

Your greatest lessons in life will involve Saturn's sign and house placements. Saturn as teacher often finds the subconscious mind and working behind-the-scenes to be interesting and challenging. You would make a great hospital, nursing home or institutional administrator, for example. You feel strongly for those confined, handicapped or less fortunate. Some of your volunteer or charity work could be beneficial to these types. You are probably deeply religious or have a deep sense of spiritual purpose, but you do not easily share your feelings with others, choosing to keep these private.

Saturn Quincunx Node T.:

It isn't that you are afraid to accept new things into your life, it's that you sometimes fear they will be fleeting or unsubstantial. Hence, it is hard for you to let go or to throw anything away. With age, you may come to the realization that nothing of this earth is permanent. Once in a while, it will be refreshing to clean out your closets, drawers and garage. Occasionally treat yourself to something new. Let go of guilt.

Uranus in Leo and in 7th house:

Uranus is the planet of the higher mind, the super consciousness, and represents the attunement we can make with the divinity that exists within us all. Uranus, it has been said, never takes anything away from us without giving back something far better. False beliefs fall. Truth replaces the falsehood.

You and your spouse are most likely to put a lot of effort and importance into your professional lives. You could own your own business or find yourselves in careers that involve the world of business and partnerships. You tend to be a romantic at heart and have a good memory for holidays and special occasions. Whether you have children or not, young people could play an important role in your life, especially as you reach middle age and later.

Uranus Opposition Asc.:

Relationships, with this placement, often, represent a challenge and, at times, you will feel as though people are constantly trying to define you and your purpose. Especially in your early years, you are likely to be prone to confrontations, continually battling to keep a sense of self. Others may even see you as being territorial. In marriage or other close personal relationships, you may uncover a hidden agenda. As you gain in life experience and maturity, you will soon discover the value in defining your own ego and it's obvious boundaries. When you begin to see yourself as having a greater purpose in the Universe, you will rise above the control issues of the ego and begin to gain a newfound and lasting freedom. As you change, so will the quality of your relationships, your direction and your successes.

Neptune in Scorpio and in 8th house:

Neptune governs your basic beliefs on a spiritual level. Your inner world, subconscious expressions, psychic intuition and creative visualizations all come under rulership of Neptune. Your role in the upliftment of the planet is divulged in the lessons Neptune instills. Neptune keeps your secrets and reveals your fears. Neptune helps you uncover your hidden beliefs; especially those that hold you back spiritually, and keep you from living a fulfilling and joy-filled life. The sign Scorpio is actually quite comfortable in the eighth house of mysteries, death, taxes, joint financial affairs, good of the dead, wills, inheritances and matters involving life, death and the afterlife. Neptune in this house adds a high degree of spirituality and intuition to the affairs governing this placement. You are likely to get answers to your questions, almost immediately, when you ask them sincerely and from the heart. If you brought any fears or doubts with you, from past lives, then this is the lifetime you are likely to get your answers or confirmations. Many roadblocks will be taken down in your middle to later years, as will any beliefs you have that have held you back heretofore.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

Advancement will be forward moving, but slow, if you choose a materialistic approach to life and living. If you grasp, early in life, the spiritual significance of life, you will progress faster.

Pluto in Virgo and in 7th house:

The sign in which Pluto is placed is a generational influence. The house placement tells how it will affect you. Pluto in Virgo brings attention and transformation to health issues, health care and employment. Your generation may not be as anxious to marry, choosing career first and marriage in middle age to later life. You are astute in corporate and personal business and especially in mid life, are adept in negotiation, cooperation and compromise.

Pluto Conjunct Node T.:

You are capable of great emotional honesty. In youth, however, romantic partners may feel victimized or uncomfortable because of this. Later on, you'll learn to be gracious, kind and loving in your honesty.

Pluto opposition South Node:

This aspect has a tremendous affect on your psyche, in general. Especially during your early years, you will need to be careful about the company you keep and the kinds of family values you develop. If there were negative influences, and you had access to a mentor or positive parent/guardian influence, you will be able to overcome any negativity of this aspect's potential. You are likely to be older than your years due to the experiences and events life throws your way. If you succumb to depression, disappointment or disillusionment, then your life is not likely to turn out the way you want. If, however, you are able to rise above life's travails, then you would make an excellent leader, humanitarian and mentor, especially in your mid to later years. If you are reading this report as a young person, take heed. Channel your energies positively. Become the master of your own destiny. Seek the higher, loftier ideas of life. Get a formal education and educate yourself, spiritually. Practice the highest ethics and teach others by your very example. Look at the house placement of your South Node, to see the area in your life this influence rules.

Jupiter is Retrograde:

Jupiter represents expansion, the true quality of expression, and authoritative judgment. Jupiter allows you to see beyond what is deemed "real" in our earthly existence. It is a visionary planet that let's the human soul branch out far beyond it's limited scope. This is a planet of hope, faith and inspiration. Jupiter envelopes cosmic law, universal principles and spiritual destiny. It gives flight to the soul and then reconnects it to the body, so that practical applications can be made in the present lifetime. The key to Jupiter's influence over your life as you begin to mature, is that you are better able to apply Jupiter's learned knowledge to your affairs in a way that sets you free and expands your awareness of what is possible for you to attain at any given moment. A retrograde Jupiter tells of a soul who was either held back and fairly limited in his past life, or who held others back, disallowing for their growth and evolvement. In this life, a retrograde Jupiter makes you work for what you want. You still have the qualities of belief, foresight and faith, but nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter. If you were born into riches and prosperity, you will be forced to learn the lessons of value and integrity. If you don't, you could lose everything and have to start over, perhaps more than once. Jupiter's influence is often attached to the word "Karma" and will show us what it is that we must grow beyond, where we must expand our consciousness. Jupiter retrograde teaches us the value of utilizing our talents and abilities to their fullest. We learn to survive, to overcome and to give unselfishly, when called upon to be of service to humanity. We learn to give to ourselves as well.

Saturn is Retrograde:

A retrograde Saturn represents things in your life that have been neglected, denied or postponed. Often, these latter point to past lives, but too, they can apply to your childhood and early adulthood. As you grow older and more mature, you begin to get a different perspective on your duties and responsibilities. Many with Saturn retrograde are the proverbial "workaholics" and will need to incorporate some quiet time and time for recreation and relaxation into their lives. Sometimes, this configuration foretells of a child or teen who is neglected by his or her parents, or guardian. As a child, you may have only "felt" neglected, which somehow stifled your emotions or made it difficult for you to express yourself on an emotional level. Later in life. If not checked and set on the right track, you could find it difficult to be emotionally honest in your most important relationships. In order not to become crystallized in your thinking or habits, you will need to be open minded in life. You will need to investigate, research and try out new avenues of expression and philosophic thought. Oddly, Saturn retrograde individuals have the potential to be great teachers, because they have experienced so much of life at it's many and diverse levels. While you may not actually enter the teaching profession per se, notice how often you are thrown into situations as advisor, counselor or teacher to others, throughout your life. Shoulder your responsibilities in your mature years, and you will find that your rewards and gratification will reach beyond expectation. Neglect your duties and the opposite will be true. Do not avoid your feelings. Examine and analyze them. Become comfortable with your emotions and you will find less limitations where your relationships and experiences are concerned.

Neptune is Retrograde:

Neptune is a reflection of the spiritual side of your nature. It tells us about your spiritual development up to this lifetime, and hints at the direction you are likely to go at this life's close. It bespeaks your generational Karma with others born during your time period and helps to show the developmental direction being taken by this planetary evolution cycle. Neptune shows us how you express yourself on a subconscious level through your dreams, intuition and psychic flashes. Neptune can be, like Jupiter, quite inspirational, but the guidance comes from within the depths of your own higher self. With a retrograde Neptune, you are probably more sensitive to your environment, stress and outside pressures than those with a direct Neptune. You more easily "pick up" on the subtle outworking of energy and vibration taking place all around you. With Neptune retrograde, it is possible that in a past life you had to deal with the results of alcoholism, drug addiction or any of the other shadier sides of human existence. Take care in this lifetime, lest there be any residuals. Some people with Neptune retrograde are sensitive to medications, alcohol and smoking in this life. This can actually be, however, a blessing in disguise. In the early part of life, especially, you will also want to avoid negative psychicism. Keep a realistic perspective on your dreams, hopes, wishes and goals. Don't become so spiritual that you are of no earthly good. Seek balance in all areas of your life. If you can be practical in all of your daily affairs, if you can avoid obsessive or possessive behaviors, if you can stay grounded to the reality of existence and if you can utilize your intuitive perceptions, then you will do well by this Neptune placement.