PERSONAL SECURITY Specialized Report Sample Printout

This report by Lorna Houston offers readers a chance to analyze the environment around them based on their birth information and promotes awareness of crime and possible solutions for avoiding it. Lorna gives attention to breaking the pattern of karmic situations in which people find themselves victimized. This unique report is well written and is one of a kind.

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Safety Promotion Report for:
Mother Teresa
August 27, 1910
1:25 PM
Skopje, Yugoslavia

Introduction, Safety Promotion Report: 

The purpose of this report is to provide you with information which you can use to help protect yourself (or your child) from crime, based on your astrological chart. 

The most important thing to remember always is that it is YOU -YOUR consciousness and YOUR willpower which are your best protection against crime. The value of this report is to provide you with information which will help YOU, as an empowered, responsible, and creative individual to make the most effective decisions for yourself. This report is a resource for you to use; it is supportive of your own ability to make your own, best choices. 

In fact, crimes occur only when individuals are out of touch with their inner strengths. If they are not in tune with themselves, they may not realize that they are not protecting themselves. They may be in a state of mind where they have lost sight of the knowledge that they CAN control their own destiny. 

However, by being aware of the specific pitfalls to which you might be susceptible as an individual, you can concentrate your energies on protecting yourself in those areas first. Then you will have increased your level of safety and freed yourself to work on unfolding your inner potential in other ways. 

By transforming your fear of crime into an experience of your own empowerment, you will be confronting some of your deepest fears and healing them on a permanent, deep, karmic level. The benefits, therefore, will go far beyond crime prevention in allowing you to advance along the spiritual path. 

When persons are trapped in the cycle of karma, they can mistakenly believe that they must endure hurt or punishment. They create the hurt and punishment by thinking these negative thoughts. They attract negativity from other people, even to the extreme of attracting victimhood by crime. The answer is to become aware of what thoughts you are thinking on the unconscious level and to replace these thoughts with positive ones. Then, you will attract security, happiness, and self-confidence into your life. 

Your natal astrological chart reveals where you may be thinking negative thoughts. It also suggests what you can do, given your unique personality, to divert these same energies into positive outlets. The essence of this report, then, is to show you what these energies are and how to work with them positively. In addition, this report elaborates on your many positive talents and strengths, which are additional resources which you can use both to protect yourself from crime and to go beyond that in healing yourself and the planet. 

In the entire range of features in your chart, there are likely to be some energies which could lead to a vulnerability to crime more than others if they are not handled wisely. Any such aspects, which indicate a particular need for conscious work on your part in order to minimize any risk of crime, are indicated by a # at the beginning of the first paragraph of the interpretation. Do not worry if you have some #'s. They do not mean that any crime will necessarily happen to you; they just mean that, if you want to do some conscious work to make sure that you are protecting yourself, then these are the most important places to start. In fact, the ones marked # are usually the ones where you can develop the strongest POSITIVE abilities, if you go to the conscious effort of ensuring that these same energies are directed positively rather than negatively. 

In addition, you may have some special gifts indicated in your chart. These are special abilities which you were already born with and to which you already have easy access. These are special talents which you can use to deal with the ones marked # in your own chart and which you can also use to go beyond that to solve the crime problem in your community and in society as a whole. Your outstanding talents in this regard are marked with a ! at the beginning of the first paragraph of the interpretation. You will find that you feel more fulfilled and that your energy flows better if you use any such talents for the positive purposes for which they were intended. Any marked ! would be your starting point if you decide to go beyond protecting yourself from crime to helping others. 

The author of this report has been working with sidereal (Fagan-Bradley) calculations and Equal Houses and has based this report on the knowledge thus gained. The author suggests the addition of heliocentric calculations, particularly for Venus and Mars, if wishing to determine the possibility of sexual assaults. Other factors to be considered for serious crimes are aspect configurations, especially T-squares and the kite pattern. 

Please note that no claim is made or implied that this report will guarantee that you will be safe from crime, because what really counts is how you use the knowledge gained from the report. Also, you may have had past karma prior to reading the report which would take special work to neutralize, in order for all risk of crime to be removed. 

Note: This Report is a serious report, rather than being on the level of entertainment. It addresses the serious problem of crime and how to overcome it.  If you have ever been a victim of a crime, or know someone who has, or if you live in an area where crime is an issue, it is designed to help you.  If you are fortunate enough not to have been touched by crime, it will give you insight into the problem and show you how you can, if you choose, from your fortunate position, improve the world for others, by putting your higher compassion to good use. 
Chapter 1: The Ascendant

Ascendant, Introduction: 

The Ascendant indicates how we present ourselves to the world. Even if we are a certain way inside, we may not realize that we are projecting a different impression outwardly. By knowing how we first appear to others, we can be safer and better able to defend ourselves and avoid situations with which we do not identify. 

If we project positively, this comes back to us. If we project negatively, this comes back to us too. 

The Ascendant is also important as a focal point for other energy in the chart and for the energy which comes back to us. 

Here is how the Ascendant works in your own chart: 

Sagittarius Rising: 

As you like to travel to distant places, make sure that you learn something about what criminal activity to avoid in each place before you go there. 

Your thoughts are on a very high plane, especially if you foster spiritual awareness, so you are able to transcend the problem of crime by being far above the realm where it exists. You are very easily able to use positive affirmations to dispel negative possibilities. Also, as you are generous and spread goodwill to many people, it would be very rare for anyone to be unkind to you. Even if they were, the many others whom you have assisted would readily be willing to come to your aid. 

You are likely to choose a positive living environment, away from most crime and your work will also likely be in some "lofty" place, where crime will be rare. 

You need to learn the lesson that the real truth lies within and not halfway around the world. Closer to home with your own spiritual thoughts, you will be safer from unknown criminal elements. 

You seek honesty and, therefore, avoid anyone who is dishonest or deceptive. 

You would be excellent at teaching others to have faith and to overcome the problem of crime through positive thoughts and divine inspiration. 
Chapter 2: The Sun

Sun, Introduction: 

The Sun rules the expression of basic energy potential and creative drive to grow and develop as an individual. It rules the dynamic expression of the will. 

If the energy of the Sun is blocked or distorted, the negative manifestations which may occur are crimes resulting from the compulsion or will to do something; crimes as part of a lifestyle; crimes involving the life of someone; crimes resulting from a weak ego or the ability to be influenced; and crimes resulting from a threatened ego or from too much egotism. 

To protect yourself from crimes involving the energy of the Sun, you need to affirm the strength of your own willpower. If you do this, whatever happens, you will still be fully aware at the deeper levels of your personality that you are a valuable, creative individual, in control of your own destiny. Affirm, too, that your inner will comes into manifestation from the infinite source, so that your ego will be guided by the spiritual direction. In that way, you will not be attached to your ego, but will see it as a connection to something even greater. Your ego is the means of bringing the inspiration of this greater power into your daily life. 

Here is how the energy of the Sun works in your own chart: 

Sun in Virgo: 

If you have worked on preventative health care, as you likely have, you will be able to transfer many of the same principles to crime prevention. For example, if you eat a good diet and exercise regularly, you will also know that prevention is the best way to deal with crime. You are likely to read up on the subject by collecting all the police pamphlets, committing the suggestions to memory, and putting them into practice. 

Your residence is not likely to look like a target for thieves, because it will be modest (so as not to look lavish) but neat (so as not to look careless). 

If you do witness a crime, you will likely, with your good memory for details, be able to give a coherent description, complete with the licence plate number of the suspect's car. 

You believe that it is important to do the right and proper thing and to be honest, so you will be a good influence on those around you, to keep them from any involvement in crime. 

You are good with figures and an accurate bookkeeper so no one can put one over on you when it comes to fraud. 

As you lead a quiet lifestyle, you will not likely get drunk or go to places where rowdy activity occurs. Make sure that the predictability of your routine does not make you vulnerable prey to the less scrupulous. For example, if you come home from work at the same time every night, you might want to take such precautions as a self-defense course and a security system for your home, as an observer would know when you will not be at home. 

Sun in the 9th House 

You are likely to become a prominent lecturer or religious leader - 
 someone who could inspire others to have faith and optimism and not to descend into the realm of crime. You would also inspire your audience or congregation to believe that crime can be overcome by positive thinking. 

As you are likely to travel to faraway lands, for either recreation or to expand your search for truth, make sure that you know ahead of time what precautions are necessary in your destinations to avoid becoming a victim of crime. 

You could become a leading publisher of anti-crime articles or books about how to overcome crime by positive thinking. 

Sun Square Moon: 

You need to make an effort to create harmony in your relationships with members of the opposite sex, but, if you keep working at it, you can have unusually meaningful relationships. There may have been some disruption in your childhood, such as the loss of a parent or conflict between your parents. You highly value a good relationship but you need first to learn how to achieve it, in view of your own past experiences. Learn that imposing your own ego on the household may cause tensions and that harmony is best achieved through mutual cooperation. Feel secure in your own ego and emotions and deal constructively with any factor which may be preventing this. 

You will overcome any vulnerability to crime once you learn to harmonize your willpower with your immediate emotional responses. However, you have the strong willpower to do that. Visualize harmony within yourself and with others, which you are also good at, and you will be successful in creating happiness and security for yourself. 

Sun Trine Saturn: 

(!) You find it easy to use your willpower and self-discipline to achieve your goals. You have energy and drive to develop as an individual and you are able to go through the necessary practical steps required. You are not likely to appear to criminals to be an easy target because you are self-confident and organized. 

You would do well in a position of leadership or authority in a police or military operation, because you would inspire others with your willingness to do your share of the actual work and still to stay on top of it with a positive attitude and flare for inspiring others to follow your lead. 

Sun Sextile Pluto: 

(!) You are extremely self-expressive. In fact, if you assert your own ego and willpower, you are likely to have a far-reaching effect, for better or for worse. However, likely it will be for the better, because you will tend to tune in to the strong universal will which is the proper guide for your strong energies. You are receptive to this guidance because you have fortunate experiences when you use your powerful energy in the higher, spiritual way. 

You would be able to use your strong capabilities to be a role-model for those who are less able to channel their intense, forceful energy in the positive direction. You are meant to do something very important like this, not just to take for granted that things seem to come easily to you. Things will only be easy as long as you keep up the good work. Therefore, prepare yourself to be a good role-model by first mastering your own energies. You might do this through the martial arts, in which you would likely excel. Kundalini Yoga might also be useful. 

You protect yourself from crime by channelling your energy upwards to the higher plane, far above the unaware state in which force and ego are misused. 

If this is a child's chart, start the child at a young age in some type of programme to develop his or her full potential, such as the martial arts or yoga. 
Chapter 3: The Moon

Moon, Introduction: 

The Moon, in its usual meaning, rules immediate emotional responses, attitudes instilled from family or childhood, your likely reaction to external influences and the actions of others, home life, your relationships with your mother and with women in general, and your manner of responding to the public at large. 

If the energy of the Moon is blocked or distorted, its negative manifestations can occur. That would include crimes involving the role of mother, wife, or live-in girlfriend; emotionally-based crimes; crimes resulting from a disrupted childhood; crimes involving sentimental items; and crimes resulting from immediate feelings or fears. In fact, quite often it is the transitting Moon which triggers a natal planet when a crime occurs. (Mars is the other frequent trigger). 

To protect yourself from crimes associated with Moon energy, work at cultivating domestic peace or else move into a more nurturing home environment; work through any childhood traumas you may have had; be in tune with your emotions; protect any sentimental items you may possess; and learn to think logically, rather than get caught up in the emotions of others. As long as you nurture yourself and act as if you value your home, you will dispel the kind of energy which would work against your home security. 

Here is how the energy of the Moon works in your own chart: 

Moon in Gemini: 

As you may be likely to take short trips, make sure that you are familiar ahead of time with the crime precautions needed in the places you will be visiting. Also, make sure that a responsible relative or neighbour is put in charge of watching your house while you are away. 

You are concerned about crime prevention in your neighbourhood and would be a good organizer of a Neighbourhood Watch program. You like to talk and share information with others and this would be a good way of putting this ability to use. 

If you were ever in a situation of crisis or crime, you would have rational control over your emotions and you would act quickly and intelligently to deal with situation. 

As you have a flair for writing, you would likely be good at writing articles about crime prevention in the local newspaper. 

Moon in the 6th House 

You are an exacting employee and would be able to reduce crime in the business where you work by keeping precise accounting records, so that it would be known immediately if anything were missing. 

You are likely to be a nurturing caregiver to others, particularly in the area of their health, but also in the area of safety. If you were looking after a senior citizen in his or her own home, you would be very careful about making sure that s/he is safe from any risk of crime. 

You tend to be psychic and receptive in your daily work, so that you would be perceptive of any risk of crime and be able to avoid it. If you are caring for children, you would know if they are being honest and ensure that they do things in the right way. 

Moon Trine Mercury: 

You find it easy to express emotions in words. For this reason, you would be good at speaking out on behalf of victims of crime, in order to educate others to be more nurturing. 

You would also be a good teacher of young children, instructing them and nurturing them so that they would become good citizens, free from crime. You understand the value of motherhood towards crime prevention. 

Moon Sextile Venus: 

(!) You are a very loving friend and could do a great deal as a friend to make sure that someone feels loved and nurtured rather than making the decision to turn to crime. 

Because you are sociable, you are likely to be with others rather than alone and this gives you protection from crime. Of course, make sure that you are assertive enough with your friends that they cannot lead you into any unsafe situations. 
Chapter 4: Mercury

Mercury, Introduction: 

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Gemini pertains to the communication of thoughts and information, whereas Virgo has to do with the organization and analysis of facts. Both are mental signs and are usually above the lower realm in which crimes tend to occur. 

If the energy of Mercury is blocked or distorted, there are some negative manifestations of its energy which can take place. One of the Gemini ones is smooth talking. Another is clouded thinking. Crimes involving secret communications or interference with communication would also have a Mercury component. As for Virgo, Virgo has to do with analysis and logic and can, therefore, indicate the pushing of rules. Virgo is related to small details and can be a factor in petty theft. The work connotation of Virgo can come out in crimes in the workplace. White-collar crimes can have a Mercury component. 

To protect yourself from crimes in which Mercury energy is a factor, develop your mind so that you will be able to outsmart the offender. Use your mental ability, so that you will not be unconsciously leaving it up to the less scrupulous to remind you of the potential of mental faculties. Have your information organized and communicate it well, to leave less room for crime to occur. 

Here is how Mercury energy works in your own chart: 

Mercury in Libra: 

You are intellectual and, therefore, not likely to be in contact with the criminal element. You are also a lover of peace, so you avoid situations of conflict. 

You are good at resolving disputes through discussion and you are a natural peace-maker. You are interested in psychology and would be able to work as a marriage counsellor, preventing domestic violence by encouraging verbal communication. 

You would also be effective in the role of a judge as you like to consider both sides equally and fairly. Your verbal ability would be an asset as a lawyer too, as you would present your arguments intelligently and justly. 

You need order and would be likely to create it around you, thereby offsetting the aggression of those who would disrupt society. Because you give others peaceful energy, you are likely to receive it in return. If someone tried to argue with you, you would not try to win the argument just for the sake of winning and, in that way, you would not fuel their aggression. 

Weighing both sides is an asset in many situations but you also need to cultivate the ability to be decisive, in case you are ever in a dangerous situation where you need to act quickly and assertively. Be aware that, in that type of situation, the most peaceful thing to do in the long-run is to defend yourself. 

Mercury in the 9th House 

You are interested in higher education and are, therefore, likely to be sheltered from the criminal element. You like to study other cultures and religions and this activity would usually be safe for you to do. However, if you travel to far away places in your search for truth about other ways of life, you would need to be knowledgeable ahead of time as to any pitfalls or dangers in a particular country. Your previous studies of the country from books you have read would probably give you a good idea of what to expect. However, remember that most books are written by academics and not by those who are necessarily practical about grim realities. Therefore, be cautious if you are going off the beaten path. 

You need, in general, to be wary of big talkers and to look at the true facts. As long as you are sincere and dedicated in your search for truth, you should not encounter any difficulties. 

Mercury Square Pluto: 

It is a challenge for you to communicate in a way which will receive mass acceptance. You can find the right words if you work hard at it and then be very successful, but it does take the effort. Sometimes you say things which you do not mean or which others take the wrong way and then you need to guard against their reaction, which you may find surprisingly powerful. 

For example, it is not worth getting into a feud with relatives or neighbours over a slight argument or misunderstanding. 

You would do well to enrol in a public speaking course or writing course to become more aware of the impact which your words have on others. 

In the workplace, you may feel that others are ganging up on you unless you take steps to create good communication and harmony with them. You can achieve a favourable work environment if you try. 
Chapter 5: Venus

Venus, Introduction: 

Venus rules both Libra and Taurus. It rules social, romantic and artistic expression, social relationships and close friendships. Venus, being the traditional goddess of love, is the opposite polarity to Mars, the god of war. The energy of Venus, when properly used, can offset the aggression of Mars and thereby neutralize the tendency towards many crimes. Venus can make peace and build bridges of understanding. 

However, when the energy of Venus gets distorted or is not allowed its proper expression, it can result in crimes associated with too much passivity or not enough aggression, such as robbery, attacks on females or vulnerable males, sexual assault, and crimes involving girlfriends. What happens in these crimes is that, when there is a build-up of unexpressed Venus energy in the victim, it attracts the opposite polarity to itself. These crimes occur when there is also a build-up of too much Mars energy (or sometimes Pluto or other energy) in the offender. The two polarities meet, often without the prior conscious awareness by either victim or offender that their energy is out of balance. You can avoid crimes associated with your Venus energy by making sure that it has enough legitimate outlets, such as art, loving relationships and good friendships. 

Here is how Venus energy works in your own chart: 

Venus in Leo: 

You are very warm-hearted and kind and would never mean any harm to anyone. Therefore, you are likely to attract kindness from others, not criminal activity. 

You are artistic and would do well to seek an emotional outlet in this field. Your art would be dramatic and would attract attention. You need attention to feel secure, and when you are secure, you are not going to be victimized by anyone else. If you do not get the attention you need, it is then that you might even feel driven to be the victim of something, so that you can get attention. The solution to all this is to realize that you are ultimately the person responsible for giving yourself attention. If you are so kind to others or so caught up in getting their approval that you forget about your own needs, then you go around with needs which must be fulfilled. Take the time for self-expression and for tuning in to whom you are and how you really feel. 

You are kind to children and will be a very positive influence on them, provided that you attend to your own emotional needs first. Make sure that you are secure within yourself and then you will be able to provide genuine security and artistic guidance for children. 

Venus in the 8th House 

You have a strong sex drive and emotions, which you need to keep under control in order to maintain peaceful, harmonious relationships with members of the opposite sex. Avoid getting into situations where one person is trying to get even with the other. 

You are likely to gain financially through inheritances and partnerships. However, avoid any bitter struggles with others over money, as this would be very upsetting to you and possibly dangerous. Make sure that your money is kept safe, as you are likely to be shrewd and careful enough to do. 

Although you may be romantically attracted to members of the criminal element, put your own safety first. 

Venus Square Saturn: 

You need to work hard at your relationships, and if you do, you will likely have one, loving partner over the long-term. In the meantime, do not let any disappointments in relationships get you down, because then you would be more vulnerable to harsh treatment by others, especially those of the opposite sex. Also, do not let past relationship problems interfere with a present relationship or the present person might react negatively, wondering what s/he had done to deserve your harshness. 

Take precautions to be careful of your money and possessions, so that you will not be vulnerable to theft. Remember that some of your possessions are valuable and cannot be replaced, so keep them where they will always be safe, without being stingy or hoarding, as this would block your flow of energy and actually make you more vulnerable, rather than less. 

Venus Sextile Jupiter: 

(!) You are likely to have rich friends and plenty of opportunities to invest money and to profit. Just remember that those who do not want to work for their money, or who do not understand that attracting profit involves earned goodwill, may think that they can get money illegitimately from someone such as yourself. Therefore, without becoming too worried about it, take reasonable precautions to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your money from crime. 
Chapter 6: Mars

Mars, Introduction: 

Usually when we think of a crime we think of an act of aggression such as fighting, stabbing, shooting, beating, blows, bludgeoning, or arson. These crimes are all ruled by Mars. 

In general, the metaphysical way to avoid being a victim of any of these crimes is to make sure that you are channelling the aggressive side of your personality constructively. That is because if you turn this energy inwards, rather than outwards into some activity, you will be using it against yourself. If you turn aggression towards yourself, others may tend to direct THEIR aggressive energies towards you too, because they are seeking an outlet for their own aggression. On the other hand, if your own Mars energy is flowing and being used in a healthy way, then others who are in need of guidance will follow your example and channel their aggressive energy constructively too. If you think well of yourself, you will create positive experiences for yourself. If you think negatively of yourself, you will attract negativity. 

Mars in Virgo: 

You would be advised to take precautions against crime in the workplace. Fortunately, you possess good traits for doing this. For example, because you are so precise with figures, no one could get away with theft or fraud. Because you keep everything so neat and organized, if anything were stolen, it would be obvious right away. In addition, your honesty would inspire others to be honest too and your willingness to work hard yourself would make others respect you. 

You might, however, possibly come into some conflict with other employees who are incapable of keeping up with your high standards of perfection and who resent your getting all the praise, even though you earn it. They may think that your idea of virtue is not their idea of virtue; for example, they may see your perfectionism as an imbalance and a threat to health. 

You might also run into some difficulty if you work so hard that your nerves get bad. If you do this, you might not get along with other employees and you might become unreasonable in terms of how much you expect from them. 

Rather than allow your exacting personality to annoy others, you would do well to acquire skill in some specialized field, which would be an outlet for your drive to be precise. Such fields would include the manufacture or repair of small items, statistical work or bookkeeping, the use of small tools, medical specialities such as surgery, or holistic healing with your hands. 

Mars in the 9th House 

You will fight for your convictions. You have faith that having the truth come out is the most important end, even if there are temporary risks involved. However, do not carry this to an extreme, because unless you are being kind to yourself as you go along, the energy which you put out to others will not be your best and could attract unnecessary challenge from others. 

You have a great deal of physical energy and would do well to find an outlet for it in outdoor sports. You like adventure and may like to go on hiking or camping trips. 

You also like to travel to faraway places. You may find that you are better able to assert yourself when you go to a faraway place but be cautious until you understand the culture there. You may also find that you have the energy to do hard physical work in a faraway place and that you feel freer. 

Avoid confrontations with persons of other cultures, in case they try to attack you. 
Chapter 7: Jupiter

Jupiter, Introduction: 

In the positive sense, Jupiter rules religious and philosophical beliefs, higher education, expansiveness, large-scale generosity, financial and material benefits and earned goodwill. If this type of energy is not flowing or if it gets wrongly diverted, it can turn into crimes involving large amounts of money or reliance on luck, theft of large items, or indulgent behaviour getting out of hand. 

To avoid becoming a victim of a crime associated with Jupiter, employ your optimism, goodwill and positive thinking. Faith can overcome crime on an individual level and also on a large-scale level through one's church, educational teachings, or inspired projects. In order not to become a victim of a large financial scheme, you can employ positive thinking to believe that you deserve to have the money which you have and to remember that you extended goodwill towards others in order to earn it. It is when you do not believe in your own prosperity that you are at risk of losing it. However, if you are in a situation where you know deep down that you have not earned the money you have and that you really have been too self-indulgent to deserve it, then you would be better off voluntarily giving a large amount of your money to charity than to have it taken away from you through a crime. 

Here is how Jupiter energy works in your own chart: 

Jupiter in Libra: 

You are very popular and well-liked because of your generosity and sociability. You treat others in the way you would like to be treated and so they are likely to be kind to you, rather than want to commit any kind of crime against you. Even if there were someone who was jealous of your popularity, you would neutralize them through your kindness. 

With your ability to spread goodwill, you would be good at raising funds or promoting some peaceful project. If there is a crime prevention group in your area, your work on behalf of it would be very effective. 

You are knowledgeable about the law and could teach others about the philosophy of justice and the value of fairness and equality. You are interested in art and culture and would, therefore, associate in circles which are far removed from the mundane, criminal element. 

You are likely to enjoy a happy marriage and to be far beyond any of the domestic disagreements which plague others. You regard marriage as a traditional, spiritual union between two people who are kind partners to one another. 

Jupiter in the 10th House 

You are honest and reliable and have a good reputation. You could tell immediately if someone else were not being honest, so you would be protected from criminals. You are careful about not getting involved with anyone of unsavoury reputation, because it could affect your standing in the community. You see yourself as an authority on moral values and you seek to teach others to have the honesty and high ethical standards which you uphold yourself. 

You are likely to succeed in business or politics in your later life. From your position of authority, you would be able to bring about initiatives which would help in the fight against crime. For example, you might allocate funds to a program which would create employment for those who are willing to help themselves, so that they would not turn to crime. You might also encourage persons to start their own businesses and hire others and give or lend them the financial support which they would need at the beginning. 
Chapter 8: Saturn

Saturn, Introduction: 

In its positive meaning, Saturn rules discipline, order and recognition, but if the demands of the disciplinarian become too harsh or if the pressure to seek recognition is too great, then Saturn can operate in a negative way. 

The types of crimes associated with Saturn are those of a sadistic, cruel or brutal nature. As Saturn governs limitations and rules, it also plays a part in crimes of confinement, drug enforcement, and crimes against authority figures. 

The way to avoid Saturnine crimes is to enhance the positive qualities of Saturn within yourself. That is, accept that there have to be certain rules for society to work; attend to your career responsibilities, and carry out your duties as an authority fairly. Do not wear yourself down with too many rules; do not become a work addict; and do not be authoritarian. In short, take the responsibility for your own conduct and your own karma, so that others will not be inclined to fill that gap for you. 

Here is how Saturn energy works in your own chart: 

Saturn in Taurus: 

You are likely to work very hard and to accumulate considerable wealth over a long period of time. You would be wise to protect what you have earned with the same patience and endurance as it took to acquire it. In other words, make sure that your property is well protected by a good security system; it is worth the investment. Do not be ostentatious about your wealth, because if others know that you have something, they may be more inclined to steal it. Therefore, have your home looking neat and respectable and do not have it stand out in any way from other houses on the street; in that way, it will not be a likely target for thieves. A fence or hedge surrounding the property might also serve as a deterrent. 

You like hard work but be sure to balance that with relaxation, so that you will not be driving yourself too hard, because it is if you are overworked that you would be more vulnerable to crime. 

Saturn in the 5th House 

You are very responsible concerning children, whether your own or any others of whom you are in charge. You go to great lengths to teach them about safety and security and to make sure that they learn to respect the police. You believe in discipline, rather than a permissive approach, in order to teach children to obey the law and not to turn to crime. Your children, therefore, are likely to grow up to be responsible citizens. 

You are honest and loyal and a trustworthy employee or employer. You may be given the responsibility of handling large investments because you are known to be prudent, cautious and capable. You ensure that laws are obeyed and that rules and expectations are followed. 
Chapter 9: Uranus

Uranus, Introduction: 

On the positive side, Uranus rules freedom, individuality, original ideas, the link with the Universal Mind, friends and group purpose. However, if Uranian energy is blocked or distorted, its negative manifestations may result. These can include rebellion, crimes involving more than one victim or offender, crimes assisted by a friend or group, unexpected or unusual crimes, and crimes involving several of something, such as several shots or wounds. 

In order to avoid becoming the victim of a crime influenced by Uranus, you need to make sure that your needs related to Uranian energy are being expressed. For example, if you need the freedom to be an individual and authorities are imposing too many rules on you, you may attract rebellious behaviour from others who actually think they are providing you with what you need; they will regard their actions as part of a "cause". Therefore, you need to get yourself out of the situation where the rules are being imposed, for your own good. You may also need to seek out a group of friends who share your ideals, so that you will be less vulnerable. It may be that you need to see a universal purpose in the work which you are doing, because if you are bored with your activity, then you will unconsciously attract negative, sudden events, as a distraction. 

Here is how Uranus energy works in your own chart: 

Uranus in Capricorn: 

You are likely to undertake a very unusual career. You are interested in reforms of government and business. For example, you might get involved in politics to streamline the methods by which crimes are prevented. You would see the value of community policing. You would also be able to help businesses to prevent crime, either by using electronic devices or by undertaking more humane treatment of their employees. You are able to put very idealistic concepts into practice. You would have a vision of how crime could be prevented and then you would work hard to carry it out. 

Uranus in the 2nd House 

You are able to find unique ways of making money, because you know that there will not be a market for that which everyone else is already offering. Your values are unconventional and unless they are a threat to someone else, you will not encounter any opposition. However, you do tend to hold on with tenacity to ideas which may seem totally eccentric or different to others and they may try to scapegoat you for that, because their own perspective is being challenged and this may make them feel insecure. 

You use your money for unusual causes. If others disagree with the goals of the cause, they may see you as one of the instigators and try to stop you in some way. 

Uranus Opposition Neptune: 

You need to find a balance between group causes and time to meditate by yourself. Perhaps you could solve this by joining a group of meditators or a group of people who like to go for quiet walks through parks. If you were to get too caught up in a group activity, you would begin to feel as if there were too many people around and you would want to escape. This could lead to a feeling of escapism or victimization which in turn could make you more vulnerable to crime if it went on too long. On the other hand, if you meditated alone for too long, you would feel too isolated from the group and be more vulnerable to feeling helpless or victimized because of that. Therefore, it is important that you spend some time with others and some time alone, so that all of your needs can be met. 
Chapter 10: Neptune

Neptune, Introduction: 

Neptune, in its positive sense, rules imagination, intuition, the creative faculty and spiritual destiny. If this type of energy is blocked or distorted it can result in negative manifestations such as deception, theft, escape or disappearance. Neptunian energy can be distorted by alcohol or drugs or by unconscious self-deception. 

The way to handle Neptunian energy, so as to avoid the crimes associated with it, is first to acknowledge your creative, emotional, intuitive side. Our society tends to value logic and rational thinking, but there is a whole other realm of potential ruled by the right side of the brain. Exercises which enhance creativity and psychic and spiritual awareness are very helpful here. If you acknowledge this side of your being rather than try to make it "disappear", you will not attract crimes of illusion, such as theft or being kidnapped. 

Remember, too, that it is okay to be sensitive and that sensitive feelings do not need to be denied through alcohol or drugs. These substances, if used to escape from reality, hide rather than bring out your true self. Even if your sensitive feelings are painful or uncomfortable, it is better to acknowledge them and deal with them, so that the repression of them will not weaken you and make you vulnerable. 

Here is how Neptune energy works in your own chart: 

Neptune in Cancer: 

You were born in a generation when people were emotionally sensitive, psychically tuned in, sympathetic and idealistic. It was not a time of crime or violence, although there was a risk of alcohol or drug addiction in some. How these trends influenced you as an individual would depend on the rest of your chart. 

Neptune in the 8th House 

You are intensely psychic, perceptive and deeply emotional and spiritual. If you developed your psychic ability you might be able to use it to prevent people from murdering each other, by sending light over distances. You are courageous enough to face such serious questions as death and your psychic potential is very great. 

In the meantime, you could protect yourself from crime by creating a psychic shield around yourself. You understand on the unconscious level how the principle of self-defence works. 
Chapter 11: Pluto

Pluto, Introduction: 

The kind of aggression associated with Pluto is that of revenge, jealousy, long-standing anger or resentment. While Mars aggression is a quick flare-up which just as quickly dissipates, Pluto aggression is likely to be premeditated, extremely shocking, or very forceful. Pluto is associated with such crimes as homicide, extreme violence, extreme sexual attacks, and gang attach. 

The important thing to understand about Pluto energy is that it CAN be just as positive as it can be negative. If the same intensity of energy were taken from these extreme crimes and directed towards a positive end, the results would be just as extremely beneficial as the criminal alternative would be destructive. Pluto energy, however, is never moderate, so if you have strong Pluto influences in your chart, be sure to maintain conscious control over them, so that the intensely GOOD results will follow. Your Pluto energy gives you a wonderful opportunity to transform yourself and others for the better. It can solve problems for the masses. Use this energy as it was intended, because if you bottle it up inside and the pressure builds up and eats away at you, you can imagine what kind of treatment you might unconsciously attract from others. 

Here is how Pluto energy works in your own chart: 

Pluto in Gemini: 

You were born in a generation when there were revolutionary intellectual and scientific achievements, including mass communications. How Pluto affected you as an individual member of that generation depends on the house and aspects of Pluto in your own natal chart. 

Pluto in the 7th House 

You have the potential to influence intense legal changes. If there is a law which you think should be changed in order to have less crime, study the facts of the situation and then present your case. Gain mass support for your ideas through the media. Make sure, of course, that you are well informed and correct in your ideas first, because your karma can be either intensely good or intensely bad, depending on the type of energy you are giving to others. Especially if your ideas involve life-or-death issues such as the death penalty or abortion, listen to both sides thoroughly first before forming your own conclusions. 

You are able to transform deeply and be transformed by your partner. Make sure, therefore, that you choose as a partner someone who can change you for the better or upon whom you know you can have a favourable influence. Make sure also that your partner is someone who can deal creatively with intensity, so that he or she will not feel overwhelmed by you and react in any desperate negative way.