REVELATION Specialized Report Sample Printout

Through this in-depth report by Gina Ronco gives the reader an esoteric point of view and a look into the soul's intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime based on reverberations from past lifetimes. It is written in hopes that the individual may clarify their lessons and goals and illuminate their struggles. The Karmic Insight report concentrates on the aspects of the Moon (unresolved past-life issues that have been re-stimulated), the Sun (weaknesses, fears) while also interpreting all other hard and soft aspects. This is a very accurate and well-written report and is unique.

Currently available in English only

REVELATION Chart Interpretation for

Michael J. Fox

June 9, 1961
12:15 AM
Edmonton, Canada

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun     18 Gem 12               Pluto     5 Vir 40
Moon     1 Tau 27               N. Node   0 Vir 54
Mercury  9 Can 21               Asc.     18 Aqu 37
Venus    2 Tau 58               MC       14 Sag 03
Mars    18 Leo 37               2nd cusp  3 Ari 32
Jupiter  6 Aqu 49               3rd cusp 16 Tau 33
Saturn  29 Cap 07               5th cusp 29 Gem 32
Uranus  22 Leo 23               6th cusp 19 Can 12
Neptune  8 Sco 58

Tropical  Koch   Standard time observed
GMT: 07:15:00   Time Zone: 7 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 53 N 33    113 W 28  

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction: 10 Degrees
Opposition : 10 Degrees
Square     : 10 Degrees
Trine      : 10 Degrees
Sextile    :  7 Degrees



"I can't help it. I'm an Aries. Of COURSE I have a temper." "The Moon was in Taurus. It triggered my sweet tooth. I HAD to have dessert." "Mars squared my ascendant, so of COURSE I got angry."

We've all made statements like these and, in essence, blamed the planets for our actions and the events in our lives. We look to the stars for guidance, praise them when we do well, and blame them when things don't go the way we'd like. Don't the stars affect our lives? Don't they influence us? The stars do not MAKE us do anything any more than seeing a great pair of shoes in a store window MAKES you run in and buy them, or passing a restaurant when you are hungry MAKES you rush inside and grab a meal. There is a synchronicity to the universe that puts you intuitively in tune with the world around you. Subconsciously, you give and receive messages that guide and direct you to your spoken or unspoken goal, thus creating those events and circumstances that fulfill your desires. You, then, are the Creator of your life. You created being at the restaurant when you were hungry so that you could eat. YOU were the cause, not the restaurant. Similarly, you created being in front of the store window in order to see the shoes. YOU were the Creator, not the shoes.

In the winter, the leaves fall from the trees. At the same time, we put on heavier clothing. The falling leaves do not MAKE us put on heavier clothing; the cold weather does. We and the trees are responding to the same cause---the change of seasons. As part of God's plan, we, and all of nature, are responding to the larger order of things. So, too, in astrology, the planets reflect what is occurring in our personal worlds and the lessons we are learning. They are not the lessons themselves, but the reflections thereof.

REVELATION: THE NEW ASTROLOGY is the implementation of the knowledge that you are the Creator of your life. As such, you are free to interpret each planet in your chart on its highest and best level, thereby being the highest and best manifestation of God you can be. YOU determine the level of functioning of your chart and the degree of happiness and success in your life. When you function on this level, your life takes on a richness of dimension it has not had before. You take the responsibility for creating your life the way you would like it to be. You see the planets as those gifts and talents you have chosen to express in this lifetime. You fulfill your limitless potential because you see what CAN be, rather than what cannot. The chart then becomes a guide, rather than the source of your happiness or unhappiness. It becomes a reflection of your own spiritual evolution. REVELATION: THE NEW ASTROLOGY is designed to assist you in that evolution. It is about love and appreciation of the God within, the acknowledgment of the Truth of who you are and, as a result, the beautiful expression of that Truth.

When you express the Truth of who you are by being your highest and best, you lift those around you and inspire THEM to be THEIR highest and best. They, in turn, inspire others, and so the Light is awakened in one person after another, spreading love, joy and peace across the face of the earth.



The Sun represents your greatest power and creativity in this lifetime. Its house placement indicates that area of life in which you are free to express this power and creativity--that area of life in which your Light shines most brightly.

Sun in 4th house:

The center of your life is your inner home. You create an emotional center of warmth and security for everyone you consider your family. The creative power within you forms the foundation of your life.


The Moon represents your sensitivity and feeling nature. Its house placement indicates that area of life in which you previously sought emotional security and are now more intuitively awakened and responsive.

Moon in 2nd house:

You have an instinct about money. You know what will sell and are open to new projects. By overcoming the desire that money provide your emotional security, you are able to flow with financial currents. You feel secure in this flow and inspire others to do the same.


Mercury rules the conscious mind and communication. Wherever it is placed in the chart is the area of life about which you think and talk the most.

Mercury in 5th house:

You think about having fun and your ideas are creative. You speak to children on a level they can understand---and you speak to the child in each of us, so we have fun when we're with you.


Venus represents the principles of love, beauty, art and sociability. Wherever it is placed in your chart is that area of life where you most easily express love and beauty.

Venus in 2nd house:

You love and appreciate your beautiful possessions and, as your appreciation grows, your possessions increase.


Mars rules passion and energy. Wherever it is placed in your chart is the area of life that comes first to you, the area into which you throw yourself and your energies, the area about which you feel passionately.

Mars in 6th house:

You throw your energies into your work and love being busy. Because you want to be needed, you are happiest when you are involved in a service-oriented project.


Jupiter represents the principles in which you believe, and rules expansion, abundance, truth, generosity and optimism. Its house placement indicates that area of life in which you are blessed, and in which you believe most strongly.

Jupiter in 12th house:

Your faith is enormous. You know that you are blessed and protected, and that things always work out perfectly. Serving and doing God's work quietly and privately fulfills you. As a result, there is a feeling of joy that you bring to any project you undertake. Your greatest happiness comes in those moments of solitude when you can lose yourself in union with God.


Saturn rules responsibility, authority, strength and power. Wherever it falls in your chart is the area of life where you take charge, assume your responsibilities and express your greatest strength.

Saturn in 12th house:

You make the mystical tangible through the practical application of universal laws. You find your strength in solitude, and are the power behind-the-scenes, the glue that silently holds things together.


Uranus rules originality, innovation, and invention. Wherever it falls in your chart is that area of life in which you express your unique individuality.

Uranus in 7th house:

Because you are always yourself with others, you attract this type of person to you. As a result, your relationships are unique. You break free from the limitations of traditional relationships and give others the same freedom you want.


Neptune represents spirituality, faith, and divine inspiration. Its house placement indicates that area of life in which you seek to fulfill your most beautiful dreams, and where you are inspired to selflessly serve.

Neptune in 8th house:

You are deeply inspired to serve others by helping them spiritualize their values (put God first). This helps their finances increase. You can do this without saying a word because you are in tune with the spiritual power of the universe, and intuitively understand manifestation.


Pluto represents total transmutation, the death of the lower nature and subsequent emergence of the reborn God within. Wherever it falls in your chart is that area of life in which you have been transformed, where you are empowered and completely in command.

Pluto in 7th house:

You offer others autonomy and give them the freedom to take charge of their lives. Your personal power and magnetism are so strong that you can re-awaken, resurrect and transform an old relationship.


The South Node, the Dragon's Tail, represents those qualities and abilities previously developed in past lives. The North Node, the Dragon's Head, represents those qualities and abilities to be further developed in this life. Combining both nodes balances their energies and creates a natural flow. Because they are 180 degrees apart, they teach us how to interact successfully with others and, therefore, affect all our relationships. Their house placements indicate those areas of life which can thrive as a result of their blending.

Nodes in 1st/7th houses:

You have the ability to create warm and loving relationships in which both parties get what they want without feeling they are giving anything up.


By seeing the positive manifestation of the planets in the signs, you are able to express your highest and best.

Sun in Gemini:

Your humorous outlook on life and your entertaining ability to paint a picture with words make you a delight to be with.

Moon in Taurus:

You are emotionally steady, loyal, and appreciative of the security of a routine.

Mercury in Cancer:

You remember---and express---not only what happened, but how you felt about what happened. In this way, you convey a feeling, a mood, a tone, rather than just facts.

Venus in Taurus:

Your love nature is deep, passionate and affectionate. You are loyal to the object of your affections.

Mars in Leo:

You are courageous and have great vitality. You do everything with drama and passion.

Jupiter in Aquarius:

You are a generous friend to the world, and optimistic about global peace.

Saturn in Capricorn:

You assume your leadership responsibilities, especially those dealing with power and authority.

Uranus in Leo:

Your creations are innovative because you love to try the unique and unusual.

Neptune in Scorpio:

You are able to lose yourself in the power of the universe and become one with God. You are very psychic and receive constant spiritual insights.

Pluto in Virgo:

Your attitude toward work and health have been transformed. You are free to work at what you choose, and are passionate about serving. You have the ability to heal yourself non-traditionally.


The North and South Nodes teach us the same lessons in the signs as they do in the houses.

Nodes in Virgo/Pisces:

Your desire to serve, and willingness to do whatever task is needed is the oil that keeps the machinery running smoothly and has much to do with the success of the projects you undertake.


Traditional astrology identifies certain aspects between planets as "positive", and others as "negative". Aspects between planets are simply contacts between them. When you are coming from limitlessness, when your chart is functioning on its highest and best level, your attitude is one of loving acceptance because you know that every situation is a reflection of where you are and what your next learning experience is. As a result, every aspect is positive. By accepting planetary aspects as positive learning experiences, they function that way in your life.

Sun - Mars aspects:

Your energy is powerful and gives you the initiative to go for what you want. You act quickly and decisively. You see yourself as a winner and go straight for the goal line.

Sun - Uranus aspects:

You are a unique individual---true to yourself at all times. You are a humanitarian, and believe in the welfare of the whole. You have a natural healing ability that you may apply to yourself and others.

Sun - Asc. aspects:

You are powerful, confident and create your own reality.

Sun - MC aspects:

You are a powerful, confident leader, and interact well with authority figures.

Moon - Venus aspects:

You are a loving person. This draws people to you---they want to be in the presence of your love. You have a charm and beauty that make you desirable. You have an appreciation of harmony, music and beauty.

Moon - Jupiter aspects:

You are positive, optimistic and generous. Your joy is contagious, and brings abundance to you. People love to be with you---you make life fun.

Moon - Saturn aspects:

You are instinctively drawn to positions of authority, and know how to lead. You assume your responsibilities and keep your commitments and promises.

Moon - Uranus aspects:

Your personal magnetism, healing energy and psychic abilities are strong. You are a humanitarian and see what is best for the whole. Your ideas are innovative and ahead of their time.

Moon - Neptune aspects:

You are mystical, inspired, and see beauty everywhere. Your faith is strong and your greatest joy comes from serving God.

Moon - Pluto aspects:

Your psychic and healing energies are very strong. You feel things deeply and are a natural detective. You are powerful and can lift the energies in a room with your presence.

Mercury - Venus aspects:

You are friendly, sociable and charming. You appreciate music, art and beauty, and articulate beautifully.

Mercury - Neptune aspects:

You are mystical, romantic and poetic. You can receive many inspired ideas through dreams or visions. You express yourself in gentle, loving tones.

Mercury - Pluto aspects:

You are psychic and get to the truth of the situation because you hear what people are NOT saying as well as what they ARE saying. Your words influence people strongly because you speak to the subconscious as well as the conscious mind.

Venus - Jupiter aspects:

You are kind, generous and loving. Your faith and love of God are strong. Your happiness and optimism bring many friends and much happiness into your life.

Venus - Saturn aspects:

You are loyal in love, and faithful in friendship. You are practical and disciplined with money. People trust your strong sense of responsibility, and know that you fulfill your commitments.

Venus - Neptune aspects:

You are spiritual, romantic and artistic. You are inspired by love, and happily serve the object of your affection. You fulfill your dream of divine love by serving God in all that you do.

Venus - Pluto aspects:

Your love nature is powerful and intense. You are magnetic and can attract deep, meaningful love relationships. When you give your heart, you give it completely.

Mars - Uranus aspects:

You are courageous, pioneering, and look at life as an adventure. You act quickly and come up with new ways of doing things. You are your own person and ahead of your time. Your healing ability and psychic energies are powerful.

Mars - Neptune aspects:

You are a practical idealist---you put your dreams into action. Your greatest dream is to fulfill your mission: to serve God.

Mars - Asc. aspects:

Your energy is dynamic. You move quickly, directly, and go for what you want NOW.

Mars - MC aspects:

You are ambitious and move quickly toward your career goal. Your enthusiasm can fire others up.

Jupiter - Saturn aspects:

You are practical, judicial, and able to combine God's law with man's law. You are honest and hard-working.

Jupiter - Neptune aspects:

You are kind, generous and compassionate. You are inspired to serve God by serving mankind.

Saturn - Neptune aspects:

You want to serve in a useful manner. You are the dreamer who can put his dreams into practical application for the betterment of mankind.

Uranus - Asc. aspects:

You are innovative, inventive and always true to yourself.

Uranus - MC aspects:

You are innovative in leadership and believe in the good of the whole.

Neptune - Pluto aspects:

You possess a powerful spiritual energy that inspires you to serve mankind. By letting go and letting God, you tap into your highest power.

Neptune - Asc. aspects:

You are gentle, lovely, spiritual and naturally in tune with the God within.

Pluto - MC aspects:

You are a powerful, magnetic leader and can bring about total change.


The ascendant is the most personal point in the chart. The sign on the ascendant gives a powerful description of you. By knowing its most positive qualities, you may use your ascendant on its highest and best level.

Ascendant in Aquarius:

You are a humanitarian and identify with the world. You march to your own drumbeat and, as a result, are ahead of your time. You can identify with old and young, traditional and non-traditional.


The ruler of the sign on the ascendant is the "chart ruler." It is a key planet in the horoscope because the ascendant is the most personal point in the chart. Its sign, house placement and the aspects it makes to other planets explain how you express YOU. (Refer to chapters: Planets in Houses, Planets in Signs and Aspects.)


You are your own person, expressing originality, individuality and universality. You are intuitive, and break through limitations with your own unique approach. You are a combination of the traditional and non-traditional, combining responsibility with invention.


The signs on the house cusps are the principles to be learned; the cusp on which a sign falls tells us the area of life in which that particular principle will manifest. The planetary ruler, or "roving delegate" of that sign, acts as a messenger, bringing the energy from the house it rules to the house in which it is placed. For example, if Aries is on the 3rd cusp and Mars is in the 10th, the ruler of the 3rd is in the 10th. The energy flows from the 3rd to the 10th, linking the two. The same principle applies if Taurus is on the 3rd and Venus is in the 10th, or Cancer is on the 3rd and the Moon is in the 10th.

Ruler of 1st house in 7th:

You identify with partnership and enjoy the one-on-one relationship. Because you have a strong influence on others you can help them find their own identity.

Ruler of 2nd house in 6th:

You put yourself into your work, and can invest both time and money in it. Your work is a top priority and reflects your values.

Ruler of 3rd house in 2nd:

You think in terms of increasing your income and can turn your ideas into money.

Ruler of 4th house in 5th:

Your need for security finds expression in all creative/fun outlets, whether artistic pursuits or social activities. Your nurturing needs are fulfilled through children---of the mind or of the body.

Ruler of 5th house in 5th:

You love to have fun, and enjoy everything you do because you do what you love. You are extremely creative in more than one area and enjoy speculating. As a result, you are willing to take a risk.

Ruler of 6th house in 2nd:

Your work is one of your most valuable possessions. You profit through service projects.

Ruler of 7th house in 4th:

The world is your family and you invite it into your heart and your home. Having a partner gives you great security. Your greatest security comes from being married to the God within. As time goes by, this can increase.

Ruler of 8th house in 2nd:

As you continue to learn that the source of your abundance lies within, your values undergo a total transformation, resulting in a change in the way in which you earn your money. You are open to joint financial transactions, and others may want to pool their resources with yours.

Ruler of 9th house in 7th:

Your principles influence others and help them get clear on their own belief systems. One of the principles by which you live involves treating others as equals.

Ruler of 10th house in 12th:

Your career can involve behind-the-scenes service. The authority figures in your life support you in this. Your power is so hidden that you may not be aware of it.

Ruler of 11th house in 12th:

Your friends support your desire for solitude and privacy. You are a behind-the-scenes friend.

Ruler of 12th house in 12th:

You have a strong need for solitude and privacy, and serve best behind-the-scenes.


When you believe you are intelligent, you act intelligently. When you believe you are loving, you act lovingly and attract love. When you believe you are limitless, you act limitlessly and attract success. Why not accept the truth--that you were born to be happy, to succeed and to live life abundantly? By putting your attention on the most positive manifestation of your chart you create love, joy and peace in your life. It's your life---live it!