Sample Printout

The Relocation Information Report provides an analysis of each town that is a little more detailed (about 1/2 page to 1 page per location) than the Cities and Towns Report. Astrologer Art Poppe, who wrote this report, uses similar techniques as those used by Gina Ronco in the Cities and Towns Report.

Languages available: English

Relocation Information Report for
Mother Teresa
August 27, 1910
1:25 PM
 Skopje, Yugoslavia
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

            Your Relocation Information Report is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below: 

Sun            3 Vir   20              Saturn        6 Tau 32 
Moon        2 Gem 10              Uranus     21 Cap 46 
Mercury    0 Lib   16               Neptune  20 Can  39 
Venus      10 Leo 04               Pluto        27 Gem 45 
Mars       13 Vir  37                Asc.         12 Sag   22 
Jupiter     14 Lib  00                MC           2  Lib   46 

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed 
GMT: 12:25:00   Time Zone: -1 hours East 
Lat. and Long. of birth: 41 N 59    21 E 26 

Aspects and orbs: 
Conjunction  : 5 Deg 00 Min 
Opposition   : 5 Deg 00 Min 
Square         : 3 Deg 00 Min 
Trine            : 3 Deg 00 Min 
Sextile          : 1 Deg 30 Min 
Midpoints     : 2 Deg 30 Min 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Your Company Name
18 Maple Avenue
 Nice Place, California 98765
 Phone: 123-456-7890

The analysis of each city begins on the following page. 

             After the name of the city, the latitude and longitude of the city is given. For the benefit of astrologers, the "relocated Ascendant and Midheaven" are also given. You can ignore all of this information; what is really important, of course, is the analysis of the city. 

            Here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of this report: Whenever you plan a vacation, are going to visit friends, on a business trip, or planning on a place to relocate to, you can refer to the analysis given in this report. Remember also to use all of the information available to you when analyzing a given place. For example, if you hate cold weather, you probably will not enjoy moving to a city near the Arctic Circle! However, you will find that if the astrological influences are positive, there will be some nice experiences to help you through the long winters. In addition to weather, carefully consider the culture, the kind of people, and other issues that may be important to you (crime rate, quality of schools, natural environment, etc). Most places offer a rich variety of possibilities. For example, two people (whom I will call Jack and Jill) may be very similar but Jack may find that he loves Chicago and lots of opportunities come his way, and Jill may have just the opposite experience. The astrological influences for Jack and Jill are probably very different. Also, keep in mind that a good attitude and skillful use of the energies available to you enable you to transform the most difficult challenges into a creative solution rather than become a frustrating and limiting situation. It is up to you to find creative solutions to the challenges that you face. 

            Note that an accurate birth time is required for this report to be accurate. Also, you may wonder if an astrological influence will still be in effect if you are 15 miles or 30 miles from any given city. The answer is yes. The influences described in this report extend in across a region that varies from about 100 miles to 350 miles. It is safe to say that the influence will extend 50 miles (sometimes more) from the city. An astrologer can help you pinpoint areas of strongest influence as well as analyze additional factors at work in a given location. 

            Finally, you may be asking yourself, "I wonder if this report really works?". We are convinced that it does. The astrological techniques used in this report have been used by hundreds of astrologers on thousands of people and there is very strong evidence that the techniques to do work. Still, astrology is extremely controversial and the techniques used here have not been proven scientifically so we cannot guarantee that the methods do work. 

1: SKOPJE, YUGOSLAVIA        41N59  21E26   12 SA 22   2 LI 46 

MC Trine Moon    (Orb:0 Deg 36 Min) 

            In this location your success will come from working with the public and supporting their needs. You can easily excel in areas of sales, real estate, politics or acting. Your relationship with people in authority over you will be very auspicious because you are more than willing to fulfill what they ask of you. This is also a very favorable place for marriage possibilities and a very warm and fulfilling home life as well because it offers the security and stability that you seek. You will also be more compassionate, caring, sympathetic and supportive of people around you, and they will respond the same way. 

            Because of the mothering qualities that increase here, you can easily become responsible for people that have lost their way and need shelter. Relationships with women in general will increase and be very favorable, and you may enjoy a very special popularity as well as some publicity about you in some way. There is a special balance between your career and home life that is very endearing and congenial for you. You may have some very special insights into knowing the correct steps to take in any situation. 

MC Conj Mercury    (Orb:2 Deg 31 Min) 

            In this location you will go out of your way to impress others with your mental powers, and will enjoy any opportunity to communicate in every way possible. Your writing abilities are heightened here and you can find that you have a real talent for lecturing, public speaking, teaching, advertising and promotions. This is an excellent location to go back to school, attend school for the first time or engage in any kind of research because you will have a real desire for knowledge, and the satisfaction that comes from it. Here you will use the powers of your intellect to further your career and can have people take notice of your sense of humor and your charming manners. 

            There is a danger of restlessness which will cause a never ending quest for excitement and continual need for "input" here. You can have an interest in many different fields but never really master one causing many jobs and changes in jobs once you get bored, which will be very often. Have no fear as this is an excellent location to find work or form a new business should you choose to do so. Just be sure to start a business in communications that allows changes or new data to be received daily. 

            You will never be bored for long here, because you will always be on the go, needing constant variety in work and social contacts as well. There will also be a need to keep current on all of the latest information available on any subject that interests you. You can easily find notoriety in the newspapers or discussed in the public in some way, both favorably and unfavorably and find that you do your best work when you are left alone. There will be an increase in short trips here, and decisions can be made with ease. Asc Square Mars    (Orb:1 Deg 15 Min) 

            In this area you can be too much of a good thing, while forcing your will on others. This can be a somewhat dangerous position for you, as there can be violence of some sort around you. There will be a strong need to do things your own way, with a need to do them by yourself without interference from others. Harmony and cooperation with others will be impossible to integrate and fights and disputes will arise due to a very short temper. Anyone who prevents you from being the head honcho will feel the wrath of your anger and frustration. You will quickly gain the reputation as the town bully with your aggressive personality and experience a real short and impatient attitude towards others. People will view you as someone who always has a chip on their shoulder, and will find numerous people willing to knock it off, or attempt to, but then again, in this area this kind of attention will satisfy your need to conquer others. 

            True love will not run smooth, regular or on time while you are here, because neither party will be willing to give and take. It will be very intense however, resembling "push and shove" instead. 

            Mechanical breakdowns and failures will be noted in this area, and occur with a greater frequency than at other places. If you are a very laid back kind of person and need to come out of your shell, then this area can be helpful, but if you are already to much of a good thing, pass through this area quickly. Accidents occurring here will be due to your impatient and reckless ways, tinged with an equal modicum of anger. 

Asc=Saturn/Neptune    (Orb:1 Deg 13 Min) 

            You may feel like you are entirely alone in the world here, and you may be correct. Your may feel limited, bound and restrained in your activities, and there may be a trivial illness to deal with from time to time. There can be some confusion for you here as well, trying to decide what is reality and what is fantasy. Here is a wonderful place for some self discipline, while denying the physical sides of life to do some very important work "internally". You can bring your dreams into reality in this location. 

            If you have been ill and looking for a place to recuperate in solitude, this can be the place to do just that. You may notice some strange changes in mood that you will have to contend with, as well as some very special or disrupting psychic experiences. Any spiritual aspirations will work out quite well here. You can also find success in doing some sort of research and in the process can uncover some startling information or acts of fraud. 

Asc Trine Venus    (Orb:2 Deg 19 Min) 

            Here is the location you should be in if you want to be popular, enjoy artistic and cultural interests, love the social scene or enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful objects and people. In this place you can fall in love with everything, including the ideal of love which is not to be confused with committed relationships, but several romantic relationships. If you are looking for a place to work, then consider someplace else, as this is an area for PLAY! You will be extremely warm and generous to others and will go out of your way to give or attend a party. There is a negative side to all of this fun, and this comes in the form of weight gain through overindulgences of food, and overindulgences in alcohol as well. It won't be difficult to make friends or gain help and support from others because people will just take an instant liking to your happy and cheerful mannerisms. 

2: CALCUTTA, INDIA           22N32  88E22   3 PI 12   11 SA 03 

Asc Opposition Sun    (Orb:0 Deg 08 Min) 

            While you are in this location your interests in relationships will be very strong. Social life will be very important and you will be more willing to go along with the crowd rather than come across as an individual personality. 

            There can be ego conflicts with others that can become overbearing and not easy to rectify while you are here. The ego is in need of gratification and it will be imperative that people notice you. Conversations with others must be carefully scrutinized, because people will let you know just how big your ego is, and what you can do with it. 

            Physical injuries to the back or heart can occur here because of the excess strain that you put on them. 

            Marriages, personal relationships and business partnerships are highlighted in this area. There will be a sense of completion when you are with others and they will see you as very active and energetic. Your fulfillment with others will strongly depend on who you choose as a partner because you will depend on them as much as they depend on you. Support will be needed from others through recognition and appreciation for your efforts. Marriages and cooperative partnerships are favored, providing your choices are carefully made, you will tend to find people that are more giving here however, so it should work out quite well. 

            Any careers that involve interactions with people, promotions or activities that occur in close proximity to others will do well in this area. 

MC Trine Venus    (Orb:0 Deg 59 Min) 

            While in this location you have the natural abilities to be very charming to others, displaying tact and diplomacy and perhaps take the lead for others to follow. While you are here you will want to spend as much time with others as possible, and the idea of being alone even part of the time will be very unappealing. 

            You will find that you can acquire things of beauty to surround yourself with quite easily, and find the domestic scene highly pleasurable as you use any and all excuses to throw a party or celebrate any event, no matter how trivial. You will go out of your way to cooperate and promote harmony, and people will see you as a real supporter for their efforts, bringing good feelings to you in the process. 

            In this location you will find that you can handle money matters more effectively and in matters of the heart and marriage you will be blessed with happy times. The only negative side to matters of the heart is that you may have too many objects of desire to choose from. 

            Your creative and artistic talents will surely come alive in this area, and you will have a stronger drive and appreciation for music as well. Expect your popularity to soar while you are here, even if it is just for a visit or vacation. There will be a strong need for friendship from people around you, and an added need for harmony in your life. 

            Cooperation wins the day in family matters and professional endeavors in this location. Social activities in regard to professional and family are highly favorable, and if you can combine the two, so much the better. This is a favorable place to make a purchase or two on art or luxury items. People in authority will be more than willing to see things your way, granting favors to you much more easily than in other locations. 

Asc Square Moon    (Orb:1 Deg 02 Min) 

             In this location you are apt to be a bit more emotional and moody than in other areas, and your relationships with others will fluctuate to some degree. There can also be a dependency on others for support and nurturing as well. You can easily react strongly to the remarks of others and be considered hypersensitive and overly emotional. You may find that you will make frequent changes in jobs while you are here, with a restlessness that causes you to move frequently as well. 

            You will be easily annoyed and frustrated with other people, and should you live around your parents, the bonds will be difficult to break. Real conflicts can arise within the family structure because you will not understand their needs. Disagreements can be seen with women in particular, being unsympathetic to their plight. You may find that while you are in this location there is always instability in the air, and security will be difficult to find as well. There will be many ups and downs in your life that will make settling down very difficult. On the positive side, you can change old habits that occur here with great effort, and inspire a new attitude towards life. 

Asc=Jupiter/Neptune    (Orb:0 Deg 53 Min) 

            While you are in this location you are apt to take more risks than normal, and there will be a strong draw to mystical, spiritual and humanitarian pursuits. There will be a strong need to do work for the good of all people, putting your needs second. 

            This is also a wonderful place to spend a "fantasy" vacation where you can temporarily escape from the world and her problems, but if you live here full time, you may find it difficult to separate reality from fiction. You may be interested in seeing or perform a miracle or two here, and perhaps you will get your wish because there is a greater understanding about the universe and occult subjects. There will be a greater generosity shown to people who have less than you or somehow disadvantaged and work with people with alcohol and drug problems, or with their rehabilitation. 

            Your intuitive and psychic abilities will be awakened in this location and you can use them for some very positive and fulfilling work. 

MC Square Mars    (Orb:2 Deg 34 Min) 

            While you are around this location you will find that more confrontations will occur with others and the home front will be void of harmony. Your over aggressive nature and combatative attitude will fall in disfavor with people in authority over you. You can be very impulsive, compulsive and rash in behavior and can experience accidents in and around the home. 

            While you are here you will need an increase of "your own space" so that you can do your own thing, and explore the world around you. Should the need come up, you will be only too willing to rough it to brings some adventure into your life. There can be an overbearing and harsh manner around the domestic front in this location and you may feel you have to rule others with a fist of iron, often refusing to compromise the slightest. 

            This is an excellent place for home repairs or doing physical work, because you need to replace the old, with the new. There will also be a constant need to better yourself in all areas here. There can also be arguments over what belongs to whom, and family matters will be somewhat explosive to say the least. Remember that if you experience more accidents than usual here, the universe may be trying to tell you to lighten up, or you'll get hurt if you don't. 

Asc=Mercury/Venus    (Orb:1 Deg 58 Min) 

            This is a wonderful place to spend time with others, because they will appreciate you as much as you enjoy being with them. This is a very harmonious and content place for you where social conditions and lighthearted conversations are favored. 

            You can be somewhat shrewd in your written or verbal expression and will enjoy learning something new from any situation. Since you enjoy the written word so much, you can easily become a writer or poet in this location, or write a screen play. 

            You will be much more charming here and can teach others in the art as well. Another side of this auspicious location would be a business selling or demonstrating beauty aids. There can also be an increase in nervousness here as well especially when you are trying to express your true feelings for another person. 

On the negative side you may notice that you have a real sensitivity to certain types of foods.