MEDSCAN Report Sample Printout

MedScan interprets element balances, heavily aspected planets, and other astrological factors, and provides details about your health, including what vitamin and other diffeciencies are likely. Homeopathic and nutritional recommendations are provided. This report is written by well-known medical astrologer Eileen Nauman.

Languages available: English, Spanish, Portuguese, & Russian,


MedScan Interpretation for

Michael J. Fox
June 9, 1961
12:15 AM
Edmonton, Canada

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The medical interpretation of your astrology chart begins on the following page.

If you feel you need a homeopathic remedy, please contact your homeopath first and get mermission to use it. If you do not have a homeopath, call NCII for the one nearest you.

Suggestions for homeopathic remedies may be given. Homeopathic remedies and and information regarding homeopathy may be obtained from these organizations:

National Center for Homeopathy: Call 1-703-548-7790 for information on homeopathic practitioners in USA and Canada, plus brochures on homeopathic information, study groups, etc.

Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy: Call 1-800-624-9659 (USA only) or fax 1-310-516-8579.

Hahnemann Homeopathic Pharmacy sells a "Traveler's Kit" (50 homeopathic remedies at 30C, 2 dram size bottles with case) for coming epidemics based on Dr. Eileen Naumann's book, POISONS THAT HEAL. Phone: 1-510-527-3003.

Light Technology Publishing: To order POISONS THAT HEAL (a homeopathic book about the coming epidemics and homeopathic remedies to survive it by Dr. Eileen Naumann), send $14.95 plus shipping/handling. Phone number: 1-520-282-6523.


The ideas, procedures and suggestions in this software are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained, licensed health professional. All matters regarding our health require medical supervision. Consult your physician before adopting the suggestions in this software, as well as about any condition that may require diagnosis or medical attention. If you are pregnant, do not attempt these techniques without the approval of your physician. The author and software publisher disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of the techniques in this software.

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

MC position is 18 deg. 12 min. of Gemini
position is 1 deg. 27 min. of Taurus
position is 9 deg. 21 min. of Cancer
position is 2 deg. 58 min. of Taurus
position is 18 deg. 37 min. of Leo
position is 6 deg. 49 min. of Aquarius
position is 29 deg. 07 min. of Capricorn
position is 22 deg. 23 min. of Leo
position is 8 deg. 58 min. of Scorpio
position is 5 deg. 40 min. of Virgo
position is 18 deg. 37 min. of Aquarius
position is 14 deg. 03 min. of Sagittarius

Tropical Placidus Standard time observed
GMT: 07:15:00 Time Zone: 7 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 53 N 33 113 W 28

Note: A "Hard Aspect" is a Conjunction, Opposition, Square, or
quincunx with a 10 Degree Orb.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Tendencies

NOTE: You will not be deficient in all the below. Instead, read
each deficiency and see if you have 2 or 3 of the symptoms. If
you do, then there is a possibility that you have a deficiency
in this vitamin or mineral. If you don't have any of the
deficiency symptoms, DON'T take the vitamin or mineral.



cracks and sores at corners of mouth, lips have abnormal shiny redness, scaling or 'sharkskin' appearance to skin around nose and eyes or ears, tongue may be purple or magenta color, swollen, painful and bright, whiteheads on the skin, hair and skin oily, flaking off of skin, pain during intercourse, inflammation and itching of vagina (vaginitis), bright lights hurt eyes, bulbar conjunctivitis, eyes burn, feels as though grit or sand beneath lids, bloodshot eyes, accumulation of mucus at the base of eyelashes, splitting at outer corners of skin around eyes, or hypoglycemia.

TOXICITY SYMPTOMS: none are known.

BEST SOURCE: all are from a synthetic source. Take with meals for best absorption.


bitter taste in mouth, dry throat, eczema of feet and/or legs, headaches at the back of the skull, itchy, dry skin, empty feeling in pit of stomach, muscle weakness, pyorrhea, swollen ankles, swollen ovaries, swollen testicles, general weakness of female organs, low grade infection and/or constriction of urethra (tube neading from neck of bladder), water retention, weakened or flabby muscles, distention of stomach, inability to digest sugar, impaired kidney unction, heart may race suddenly and then slow, may be extremely sensitive emotionally or irritable, mental disorientation, or drain of person's energy reserves.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: none known although potassium injected into the body can be lethal.

BEST SOURCE: apple cider vinegar (raw, unpasteurized, aged in wood) from health food store. 1-2 tablespoons in 4 ozs. of water or vegetable/fruit juice 1/2 hour before meal is best. WARNING: Vinegar is a powerful diuretics. If you are presently on drug diuretics, don't take vinegar also. One or the other. Kelp is also another source of potassium.



hemolytic anemia, degeneration of cardiopulmonary region, formation of blood clots, decreased circulation, strokes, sterility, reproductive disorders in women (miscarriage, resorption of fetus, menopausal ailments or heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle), damage to the kidneys, liver or pancreas, or nephritis of kidneys.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: anyone with any kind of heart ailment or high blood pressure MUST seek doctor's permission to take Vitamin E. A dose may bring on potential heart attack. For others, heart palpitations, shortness of breath or dizziness. To halt: stop taking immediately. Symptoms should disappear in 2-3 weeks.

BEST SOURCE: D-alpha tocopherol acetate or succinate. Take with meal for best absorption.

WARNING: if you are taking synthetic iron supplements, take the Vitamin E 12 hours before or after ingesting the iron pills. These two nutrients in synthetic form will cancel out each other's action if taken too close together.


canker sores in mouth, trench mouth, fissures (ruts) in the tongue, swelling or tenderness of tongue, splotches on the skin, bad breath, gum problems and/or bleeding, continual headaches, skin lesions, diarrhea, forgetfulness and irritability, change in pigmentation of skin, darkening of skin (pregnant women get 'pregnancy cap'), depression, mental dullness, confusion, forgetfulness, disorientation, hallucination, insomnia, nausea, vomiting. Fear and anxiety; as if you're 'going crazy', mental breakdown, or dermatitis. Good for stopping migraine headache if caught early.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: none are known. However, megadoses of this vitamin must be monitored and approved by health practitioner first. Possible liver or digestive damage can occur. Tingling will automatically occur when ingested in any amount and parts of body may turn hot and beet red for about 20 minutes. For some, this can be frightening or even painful. For others, it makes them feel vital. In any event, be aware of this phenomena. It is normal for Niacin to make you 'flush'. Use niacinamide if you want to circumvent this experience.

BEST SOURCE: all are synthetic. Take with meals for best absorption.


infants who are anemic, dysproteinemia, kwashiorkor, sprue, celiac disease, hypoproteinemia, skin sores may erupt, breathing labored or impaired.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: has not been established but is known to be highly toxic; even from a natural source the individual/animal can contract Wilson's Disease. Any copper source must be approved by physician first and then monitored as to dosage. Copper, either in synthetic or natural form, is highly poisonous and can kill. To halt: see a doctor immediately if copper poisoning is suspect or call your poison center for information.

BEST SOURCE: Molasses, a natural source. WARNING: people with hypoglycemia/diabetes cannot take molasses. Homeopathic copper. See homeopathic physician.



hypoglycemia, during pregnancy, edema of hands or legs, morning sickness, depression and uremic toxemia. Swelling of breasts before menstrual cycle, seborrhea, acne with premenstrual cycle, extremities 'go to sleep', cramps or painful nerve disturbances in fingers and hands.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: none are known.

BEST SOURCE: all are synthetic. Take with meals for best absorption.


liver becomes enlarged or inflamed, cirrhosis of the liver, may be hungry fut full after only a few bites, kidneys may hemorrhage, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, kidney stones, gallstones, glaucoma and myasthenia gravis responds to this vitamin.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: none are known.

BEST SOURCE: lecithin (which also contains its helpmate, inositol) in either oil perle or granulated form. Take with meals for best absorption.


loss of hair, abnormalities of eyes, high cholesterol. See: cholin for further symptoms.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: none known.

BEST SOURCE: lecithin in an oil perle or granulated form. Take with meals for best absorption.


dermatitis, hair may fall out, dry skin, lack of appetite or energy, insomnia, depression, dry, scaly, itching type of eczema.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: none are known.

BEST SOURCE: all are synthetic. Take with meals for best absorption.


post-labor for mother--loss of love for her child; wanting nothing to do with the baby, post-partum blues, nipples become tender, swelling of lymph glands, wants to be left alone, crying spells, may be testy and argues easily. For others, crackling or popping of bone joints when person gets up, burning or gripping sensation of arms or legs, eyes may become red and swollen, sterility or impotence, diabetes, stunted bone growth in children. Myasthenia Gravis and Multiple Sclerosis are felt to have low levels of manganese in their body.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: toxic in overdose; muscular uncoordination, loss of appetite, frequent headaches, mental confusion, sleep constantly and then suffer from insomnia, leukopenia (low white blood cell count), or hypochromic anemia. Will create phosphorus and calcium imbalance in body, also. To halt: stop taking and see doctor.

BEST SOURCE: wheat germ


hyper or hypoglycemia, nervousness, irritability, faintness, dizziness, psychotic reactions, depressed growth rate, hardening of the arteries.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: unknown at this time.

BEST SOURCE: chromic sulfate, a synthetic or Brewer's Yeast (if not allergic to yeasts), which is natural but will have little of the mineral in it. Best taken with meals for absorption.


hypoxia (oxygen starvation), heart disease association with atherosclerosis (symptoms such as headaches, tension,shortness of breath, insomnia or chest pains may appear with the ailment), for heart problems to increase oxygen to that muscle.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: none known.

BEST SOURCE: calcium pangamate or sodium pangamate. Both synthetic and should be taken with meals for best absorption.


skin problems, white spots on fingernails or toenails, loss of sense of taste or smell, brittle hair, dandruff, fatigue, dwarfism, delayed sexual growth, lowered resistance to infections, infertility in male or female, sexual interest may lag, underdeveloped gonads, enlarged prostate. Low levels of zinc have been found in those having cystic fibrosis, liver ailments, ulcers, atherosclerosis, epilepsy, heart attacks, mongolism, osteoporosis and alcoholism.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: no known level of toxicity; however it appears large doses can lower the white blood cell count. It will also interfere with fragile balance between copper and iron.

BEST SOURCE: brewer's yeast (if not allergic to yeast) or zinc gluconate or zinc sulfate; both synthetic varieties.



fatigue, depression irritability, dizziness, muscular weakness, stomach distress, constipation, adrenal exhaustion, low blood pressure, develops infections easily, hypoglycemia, insomnia, burning, itching or painful feet, strange itching or burning sensation in gastrointestinal region, balky bowels, constipation, loss of appetite, allergies, asthma, hay fever, hives, or eczema.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS: none known.

BEST SOURCE: all are synthetic sources. Take with meals for best absorption.

Quadruplicity and Triplicity

Earth Sign Emphasis: (Score of 2,4,2,3)

Generally, you rarely get sick; but when you do, it's usually a chronic ailment that will take a long time to reverse and recover from. The reason why you rarely get sick is because you have the strength to control your emotions and bury them deeply within you. However, don't be fooled: old negative emotions consisting of anger, bitterness, hurt, ect., will raise its head in the form of a physical manifestation commonly known as illness. And the more backlog of 'garbage can' emotions there is, the more apt you are to contract a long-term illness. There's a simple remedy to this situation: when your emotions are stung, express them immediately. Don't swallow them and pretend they don't exist. Learn how to communicate your powerful backlog of feelings to the other party in a positive way; not a negative one. There is also something healing about having a lot of living green plants around you or the earth in your hands or beneath your feet.

Your diet may suffer from being quite humdrum; more meat and potatoes than anything else, unfortunately. Try to add whole grains/fresh or lightly steamed vegetables because you need the extra fiber and roughage! You can derive healing energy by simply walking across green grass, or through a park or field. The link between you and Mother Earth is strong and unbroken. For good metal health, a small garden, a few potted plants around the house or office, is suggested. Flowers and green plants are your companions which help you relax. You're not one to go in for a lot of violent exercise or many sports; instead, puttering in a garden or flower bed or a walk is the extent of your type of exercise. Fresh air, sunshine, your plant kingdom and the earth beneath your feet will all benefit you for maximum health.

Fixed Sign Emphasis: (Score of 7,3,2)

By nature, you need to eat meat. You're not vegetarian or fruitarian material. What kind of meat is important. Beef, pork, lamb, mutton and veal should be avoided. Oh, a steak once a month, is fine. However, 'heavy' meat such as these are very high in fat content and therefore, can give you high cholesterol. Not only that, but heavy meat is hard for the stomach to digest completely and that can cause fecal matter to begin to collect by the pound, in your colon, triggering ailments concerned with the colon, heart, eyes and thyroid in later years.

If you insist upon being a vegetarian by philosophy, then adding grains to your diet is an absolute must. You'll run a high chance of contracting pernicious anemia because you're not getting adequate B-12 from natural sources. Of course, a big source of B-12 is through meat. Just be aware of this glitch if you are a vegetarian.

The types of meat that are more palatable for the stomach to digest are: chicken, turkey/fowl of any kind and sea foods. And having meat 3-4 times a week is plenty! You don't need it everyday or health problems will crop up in mid-life; around age 42-49. Be sure to add a lot of fresh or lightly steamed vegetables to your diet and whole grains on a daily basis. By nature, you're not a fruit eater, so be aware of this and try to nibble on a piece of fresh fruit occasionally--it is a big source of Vitamin C; which everyone needs.

Your diet may become very 'meat and potatoes-like' if you aren't careful. You're not one to try many new things when the old foods that you like are always there; be careful. As you grow and mature, your body is going to want different foods at different times--try to be aware of these subtle changes. For instance, in your 20's and 30's, you may have had a very heavy meat diet with lots of carbohydrates. In your 40's, your body changes and slows down--you don't need that high requirement of meat and/or carbohydrates as before. Instead, the body will want 'lighter' foods such as grains, fresh/lightly steamed vegetables and maybe even a few more bits of fresh fruit than before. By the time your in your 50's +, your diet should be shifting to meat 2-3 times a week at the most, low in starches, high in fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains for optimum health.

Your worst enemy for illness is yourself because you tend to hold in pent up hurts, anger, frustration and so on, deep inside yourself. Don't bury and ignore these emotions. Yes, you have powerful control and are able to bury them; but they aren't dead. They're just lying back there simmering and waiting. Waiting to come out and ravage your physical body because you refused to release or express them at an earlier time. As a consequence, you get long-term or chronic ailments in mid- to late-life. Chances are, you were healthy as a horse from childhood on, with a few acute ailments cropping up now and then--but nothing really serious or debilitating. It will all catch up with you mid-life. This is why so many people have heart attacks 42-49 or contract some other disease during that time frame. Don't be one of them. It's easy to short-circuit this potential by getting counseling or therapy to help release this backlog of stored negative emotions. If you have been venting your powerful range of feelings over the years, you have nothing to fear in terms of disease or chronic ailments come mid-late life. The other is to moderate the type of meat you eat and how often you consume it plus the addition of many fresh/steamed vegetables and whole grains to your diet.

Influences of Planetary Aspects

Listed below are the effects of various planetary aspects on the
health of this individual.

Sun Hard Neptune:

Poor vitality, frail health, bodily weakness and prolonged healing times. May have infections, continual colds, flu and swollen lymph glands; particularly throughout childhood. Vitamin A will help strengthen immune system and faltering Thymus gland. Poor usage of calcium, causing teeth and/or bone problems and need for more Vitamin D to correct. Allergies. Sensitivity to foods and drugs in general. Drug reactions. Usually need only half the amount of drugs than the prescribed amount. Will be prone to misdiagnosis all your life. Always seek a second opinion and another sets of tests first. Prone to viral/bacterial/ parasite problems. Must eat properly or diet will allow health to deteriorate even more--plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables with very little (or none) meat.

Sun Hard Neptune, and Neptune in Taurus or Scorpio:

Potentially a weak thyroid function. Possible sexual infections.

Moon Hard Venus:

Potentially eating too many sweets to give one's self emotional satisfaction or affection not gotten elsewhere. Can contribute to a decided weight gain. Lack of B-2 can create hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Digestive upset or diarrhea caused by a niacin deficiency.

Moon Hard Jupiter:

Potential ailments involving the liver, poor digestion due to not enough lecithin being made by that organ to break down fats. For women who experience water retention before and/or during menstrual cycle, a need for B-6. Fluid retention problems for women which peak with full moon each month. Lack of manganese may contribute to 'post partum blues' of new mother.

Moon Hard Neptune:

Potentially extreme sensitivity to any drugs taken. Very low tolerance to alcoholic products. Half doses of any drug should be considered instead of 'normal' dose due to body sensitivity. Possible loss of potassium if diuretics are used. For women, infections of a viral/bacterial/parasite nature and misdiagnosis of reproductive or bladder/urinary area. You may have a Candida fungus problem; be sure to get tested by a doctor for this as Candida creates many unrelated ailments such as swelling of feet/hands/abdomen, fungus-type infections of the nails, skin or vagina, severe and sudden allergies. There is a test available to see if you have it. If you do, homeopathic remedies can treat. Get a second opinion. B-2 will help vaginitis. Stressed emotions will lower immune system and allergies may crop up. Pantothenic acid will help. Swelling of lymph glands or lumps in them; for women in breast region, particularly. Drinking of coffee may cause cysts or fibroid tumors in breasts of female.

Moon Hard Neptune, and Moon or Neptune in Scorpio:

Potential infections involving reproductive or colon area.

Mercury Hard Jupiter:

Potentially, nervous system complaints which may be helped with B-1 or B-6. Check deficiency symptoms.

Mercury Hard Jupiter and Mars Hard Uranus:

Potential nerve degeneration which may be helped with manganese or Calm's Forte, a homeopthic remedy.

Venus Hard Jupiter

You may require more Vitamin E or niacin than normal. Check symptoms. Sugar related ailments such as hypoglycemia or diabetes from a liver or pancreas origin that may be helped with manganese. Lack of zinc will bring on skin ailments. Consumption of too many sweets or fat-types of food can lead to overweight.

Venus Hard Neptune:

Your acid-alkaline system may turn acidic. Cell salt, Nat. Phos. will help. Misdiagnosed sugar problem; may be hypoglycemia or diabetes. Panothenic acid can help hypoglycemia. Misdiagnosed sugar problem; may be hypoglycemia or diabetes. Skin problems of a bacterial/viral nature- -- hard to diagnose and treat properly. Vitamin E and/or niacin may help. Skin very sensitive to sunlight; protect accordingly. Pregnant women may have pigmentation or 'pregnancy cap'. Panothenic acid will help.

Mars Hard Uranus:

Prone to minor and major accidents if emotions are not 'vented' in a positive fashion. Sudden stress may debilitate the adrenal glands and pantothenic acid can help. Nervous tension can be helped with Calm's Forte, a homeopathic remedy. Spinal cord injury. Sudden muscle debilitation.

Mars Hard Uranus, Mars in Leo:

Heart palpitations or bouts with sudden high or low blood pressure.

Mars Hard Neptune:

Poor vitality and lack of energy in general. Prone to stress more so than most people. That stress may bring on more bouts with colds or flu as result. Vitamin C and A will help. High sensitivity to ANY kind of drug (including alcohol). Dosage should probably be less than normal amount but consult with doctor first. Allergy reactions, including to drugs/alcohol products. Possible iron poisoning or blood poisoning. Blood ailments of a bacterial/viral/parasite origin. Prone to misdiagnosis in general. Always seek second opinion. Weak or exhausted adrenal glands may contribute to tired feeling. Use pantothenic acid to help adrenals. White blood count may go high or low; lymph gland inflammation or tenderness. Spleen dysfunction. Possible metal poisoning which would bring on potential misdiagnosed symptoms. Get heavy metals test to determine. Full body massage or mild exercise will increase lymph gland health. Acid-alkaline metabolism may go out of balance.

Mars Hard Neptune, Neptune in Taurus or Scorpio:

Constipation problems due to lazy bowel. Weak or hypothyroid. Try diet heavy in fiber and roughage to correct.

Mars Hard Neptune, Mars or Neptune in Leo:

Inflammation or infection of the heart muscle.

Jupiter Hard Neptune:

A potential tendency toward poor vitality and health in general. Prone to infections from a bacterial/viral/parasite origin. High sensitivity to all drugs, including alcohol. Allergies may occur. Weak liver function; loss of some enzymes--cholin can help reestablish. Infection involving the liver. Hypoglycemia or other sugar related ailments stemming from liver malfunction. Chromium may help correct. Tumors that may be controlled with Vitamin A and C. Drinking caffeine products for women may induce tumors in breast region. High white blood cell count or over production of white cells. Problems with lymph gland sluggishness; possible lumps therein that may be corrected with diet high in fresh vegetables, fruit and very little meat. The potential to be misdiagnosed repeatedly during life. Be sure to get a second opinion. Massage is an excellent therapy to keep lymph glands healthy. Possible food binging.

Jupiter Hard Pluto:

Possible severe deficiency in one of the following: B-6, chromium, cholin, inositol, zinc, sulfur or manganese. Check deficiency symptoms. Over consumption of food in general; particularly sweets or fat-types of food. Weight gain due to over-eating. Liver problems that may be helped with cholin if an enzyme origin. Tumors. In women, may form due to drinking of too many caffeine products. Vitamin A will help. Possible food binging.

Saturn Hard Uranus:

Potetial need for extra Vitamin C, PABA, Calcium or sulfur during periods of intense and unexpected stress. Check deficiency symptoms. Accident prone--try to 'vent' emotions openly and positive to get out of accident-cycles. Bone, skin and teeth problems that may benefit from extra Vitamin D and/or calcium. Spasms of the lower leg may be helped with calcium.

Saturn Hard Uranus, Uranus in Leo or Aquarius:

Possible cardiovascular stress or stasis may be helped with Vitamin C and E. Eye problems such as cataracts. Glaucoma can be helped with cell salt, Nat. Mur.

General Lifetime Health Pattern

NATAL SATURN, URANUS AND NEPTUNE in your chart at the time you were born will indicate where POTENTIAL health ailments may arise. You will NOT have all of them listed below; usually only one possible ailment from one of the planets; sometimes an ailment from two of the below planets. But never from all three planets. It is necessary to list all the potential areas ruled by that planet and sign because different people can get different ailments from that planet and sign. Remember, good health can be achieved by releasing negative feelings such as anger and frustration, protecting yourself against too much stress and eating properly.

NOTE: Sometimes, people will take on an ailment from the opposite polarity sign instead of their own sign. Read BY OPPOSITE POLARITY and check to see if you have had any of these in the past or are presently experiencing one of them.

If you have not had or presently have any of the below symptoms or ailments this means that the way you are living and eating is healthy for you. There is a small percentage of people who will not have had any of the below listed. Remember, these are potential health problems and if you're living your life correctly for yourself, none of them will appear.

Saturn in Cancer or Capricorn:

Possible loss of appetite due to emotional strain. Potential low levels of acids in stomach, causing poor digestion (bloating, belching or gas). Low hydrochloric acid levels in stomach; poor digestion of protein as a result. Croup as a baby. Anemia brought on by loss of the intrinsic factor in stomach. Vitamin B-12 or iron may be poorly assimilated due to poor stomach secretions. For women, possible tumors or cysts in breast or womb area. BY OPPOSITE POLARITY: gallbladder may be sluggish, releasing too little bile and creating digestion problems 2-3 hours after eating such as burping, belching and gas. Knee problems.

Uranus in Leo or Aquarius:

Possible unexpected palpitations of the heart, angina, high blood pressure. Problems with the back; pinched nerve by a vertebrae thrown out of alignment (can be corrected by chiropractor). Injury to the back or to the heart through an accident or blow to that region of the body. Circulation may be poor and then clear up--usually when stress is minimized. BY OPPOSITE POLARITY: Possible nerve degeneration which may affect muscles, nerves or spinal column. Spasms in the calves (see calcium deficiency symptoms), injuries to lower leg and ankle. Possible cataracts which will require surgery.

Neptune in Taurus or Scorpio:

Possible weak thyroid function will turn sluggish over a long, unsuspecting period of time. Test to find out. Weak voice or voice gives out after little use; hoarseness. IN OPPOSITE POLARITY: Possible weak colon and sluggish peristalsis can add up to constipation which can be helped with a high fiber/roughage diet. Sluggish thyroid condition, weaken heart action, high white blood cells count, anemia, weak female reproductive organs and low sperm count in males. In women, infections involving the reproductive organs. Infections involving the bladder.