MEDICINE WHEEL Specialized Report Sample Printout

A traditional Native American astrology program by Randall Cole Roffe, for natal charts; based on the Kvniakati Tsulawi Medicine Wheel tradition of the Southern Shawnee and Cherokee, with some references to the traditions of other North American tribes.

Dr. Roffe is a direct descendant of the Chickamaugan Tsulawi Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Southern Shawnee Kvniakati practitioners. He is not a member of any currently Federally recognized tribal entity.

Currently available in English only

Birth Chart Interpretation for
Mother Teresa
August 27, 1910
1:25 PM
Skopje, Yugoslavia

            From an esoteric point of view your birth chart is a portrait of your soul's intention for this lifetime, the lessons to be learned, qualities to develop, problems to be resolved, service to be rendered.  From that perspective, the choices one makes in one's daily life have reverberations that may last beyond even this lifetime.  

            This report is written to help you clarify your lessons and goals, illuminate your struggles, and encourage you to move in the direction of your true purposes.  

The best to you on your journey...  
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sun                3    Vir    20                                Pluto            27    Gem    45  
Moon            2    Gem  10                                N. Node      23    Tau     08  
Mercury        0    Lib     16                                Asc.            12    Sag     22  
Venus          10    Leo    04                                MC              2     Lib     46  
Mars           13    Vir      37                                2nd cusp    16    Cap    37  
Jupiter         14    Lib     00                                3rd cusp      26    Aqu    24  
Saturn           6    Tau     32                                5th cusp        1    Tau     03  
Uranus        21    Cap    46                                6th cusp        23   Tau    12  
Neptune      20    Can    39  

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed  
GMT: 12:25:00   Time Zone: -1 hours East  
Lat. and Long. of birth: 41 N 59    21 E 26  

Aspects and orbs:  
Conjunction          :  5 Deg 00 Min                             Trine                    :  4 Deg 00 Min  
Opposition           :  5 Deg 00 Min                             Sextile                  :  3 Deg 00 Min  
Square                 :  4 Deg 00 Min                             Quincunx              :  3 Deg 00 Min  
Conjunct Asc       :  3 Deg 00 Min  Above,  5 Deg 00 Min Below  
Chapter 1: The Moon

            The placement of the Moon in your birth chart is very significant from a karmic perspective, as it indicates the accumulated karmic tendencies, both positive and negative, that you carry from your past incarnated experiences on earth.  

            While the Sun reveals your intended purposes and lessons for this present life cycle, the MOON represents what you have already done and developed, hence, what is instinctive and natural to you, and what you tend to do over and over again. Your childhood is also reflected in the Moon's placement, as it is through those childhood circumstances that any unresolved past-life issues are re-stimulated.  Your subconscious predisposition is indicated by the Moon's position.  It is the psychic imprint of the past.  The nodes of the Moon describe behavior patterns from the past, as well as delineating a direction out of outworn or overdone behaviors and habits.  

Moon in Gemini:  

            You instinctively respond to stress by using your wit and your intellect.  Humor, rationalization, and wielding the power of the written or spoken word are your forte.  Oftentimes, however, your "good idea" or rational solution overlooks the emotional factors in a situation.  And your jokes or refusal to take matters seriously, while defusing the stress somewhat, can easily become a denial and a defense against feeling the less pleasant aspects of life.  

            At your most mischievous, you use your verbal and intellectual cleverness to play with people's heads, you also like to play with words or ideas, and entertain various possibilities or options at the same time.  Essentially curious and open to whatever new experience presents itself, you are not eager to be pinned down to anyone.  There is a streak of "Peter-Panism" in you, a distinct disinclination to grow up, to commit yourself to someone or something and stay with it, and a desire to fly away (at least emotionally) when a situation gets to heavy.  There is, as well, a certain casualness or breeziness with which you flirt with life (as, perhaps, other people's feelings).  This does not negate the fact that you may have a deeper side, simply that you have an ingrained tendency to intellectualize or emotionally detach yourself, and to see people (including yourself) as if they were characters in a story, without fully immersing yourself in the emotional experience.  

            In your incarnational past you most likely moved around a great deal, and you developed a capacity for adapting yourself to new people and circumstances.  This presents itself in this life as an underlying physical restlessness, a need for variety, and a tendency to get fidgety if you stay put for too long.  You require a great deal of mental stimulation, and may be addicted to television, reading, talking or keeping busy.  And while you may very much desire home and roots, you do not find it easy to establish them for yourself.  Subconsciously you expect to be on the move and at a deep level you are more comfortable being mobile than being firmly anchored.  You may also be wary of committing yourself to another person "forever", because in your deep subconscious memory, you have little experience of stability and permanence.  

            One gift you bring with you into this lifetime is your ability to make conscious that which is subliminal and emotionally felt, to put words or bring conscious awareness to your own and others inner lives.  This may take the form of writing (lyrics, stories, articles with a personal slant), or perhaps simply talking about your own or another's feelings.  

            You have an avid interest in psychology, and could be a perceptive counselor or simply an incurable people-watcher!  

North Node in Taurus:  

            In your incarnational past, you tended toward intensity, passionate extremes, and radical solutions to your problems. Your growth direction now is to become more grounded in the physical world, and committed to a work or a lifestyle that enables you to be more stable, reliable, and trustworthy.  

North Node in 5th house:  

            You may find your past tendencies are particularly active whenever you are involved in a group, club, organization, or in community with others.  That is where you tend to behave in the old way.  Your growth direction is activated when you are involved in personal self expression or your individual creative projects.  

Moon conjunct Venus  

            Regardless of any traumas you may have experienced in the past, you were also surrounded with a lot of love and affection which has engendered in you a very kind, devoted, loving nature and a sweet disposition.  Your relationships with the women in your life are apt to be a source of much happiness and blessings, also, because at a deep level you understand and appreciate them, having (most likely) been female often in your incarnational past.  

            You have a rather peace-loving, comfort-seeking nature which may resist strenuous effort or discipline.  You like to be pampered and may look for a "sugar daddy" or "sugar mama" to ease your way.  Self-indulgence in sweets, or pleasures is apt to be a habit, too.  
Chapter 2: The Sun

            The Sun in your birth chart represents the primary creative thrust for this lifetime, those qualities you are to develop (or further develop) and express, and your current life focus.  This may be in harmony with your instincts and your emotional habits, or along completely different lines.  The Sun represents your conscious identity in this lifetime.  

Sun in Virgo:  

            In this lifetime you are at a point in your soul development that requires you to do the work of refining and purifying your own nature.  Like the ancient alchemists whose goal was to take bare materials and turn them into gold.  Your own process of self-transformation involves taking what is crude or disordered in yourself and refining it.  It is a cycle of separating the wheat from the chaff, requiring acute discrimination, rigorous self-analysis and self-criticism.  

            This impulse to perfect, to create order, and to focus on the flaws in order to improve and correct is the basis of much of your behavior.  When you project it out into the world, it manifests as extreme fastidiousness, meticulous attention to detail, the ability to do very fine and exacting work, precision of thought and expression, and sometimes a peculiar fussiness. You can be the critic, the razor-sharp analyst, the master craftsman with a reputation for the greatest finesse and polish. You quietly observe, dissect, and measure everything against your own inner standard of perfection. Everything must be tested and go through the refiner's fire in order to prove its efficacy, Rarely do you swallow anything whole.  Everything must be examined and judged, the acceptable parts ingested and the unacceptable rejected. This is true on many levels, including the physical.   You are apt to be extremely discriminating about your diet, concerned with proper nutrition and the avoidance of pollutants and impurities in your food or environment, and so on. Your physical body itself may be very sensitive to what you take in - more so than other people are. On an intellectual level, you are similarly discriminating, perhaps to the point of frank skepticism.  Because of your underlying need to create order, you like to categorize and put things in neat little boxes, and you may deny, avoid, invalidate, or refuse to take seriously something that does not fit in to your scheme.  Even in investigating the spiritual or mystical, you seek a system, an order.  Ambiguity, multiplicity, chaos or disarray of any kind may vex you considerably.  You can also be very critical and demanding of other people, in a nagging, petty way.  This is if you are projecting your need to refine and perfect onto the outside world.  However, that is really a misuse of what is essentially an inner process, getting rid of the dross and refining your own character.  

            Turned inward, this purification process is likely to manifest, first of all, as high personal standards of conduct and often much guilt and anxiety if you fail to do so.  You will need to develop some humor and compassion for yourself, and a more merciful, and tolerant attitude toward your own foibles and humanness and to offset your innate propensity toward strict justice and judgment.  Excessive self-doubt and self-criticism, an obsessive concern with self-improvement, extreme humility based on unrealistic perfectionism, fear of making mistakes or of being wrong and an overly cautious attitude toward life can be common pitfalls on your path. You can overcome these patterns by finding an avenue of service to others to put your energies into, or a particular craft that you can continue to develop and perfect. The soul or character development that results from self-givingand self-discipline is an important part of what you are here to do.  

            Part of this ongoing inner process of purification can be achieved through devoted service to others, and through doing a good job for its own sake, rather than for the personal glory. Very often, you may be the invisible man or woman, in the supportive, assistant role, the power behind the throne, the worker bee rather than the queen.  You may be quite comfortable being anonymous, for it is the quality of your work that really concerns you.  You are happiest when you are being useful and productive, fulfilling a necessary function, being helpful in a tangible, concrete way.  

Sun Square Moon:  

            In this lifetime, to fulfill yourself as an individual, you need to develop and express yourself along very different lines than you have in the past.  Thus, in many instances, your conscious purposes and inclinations are rather at odds with the deeper subconscious belief, patterns and the familiar ways of being which are carry-overs from your incarnational past. Comparing the interpretation of your Moon sign and aspects in Chapter One and the interpretation of your Sun sign and aspects in Chapter 2, you will notice definite opposing or conflicting tendencies or inconsistencies.  You will need to say yes to both of these sides of yourself, even though they may seem to pull you in different directions, for denying either side will keep you locked in conflict with yourself, or see-sawing between extremes. However, it is also important for you to bring to light those emotionally-based habits, prejudices and "needs" which you hold on to and which may be interfering with your current needs and requirements for growth.  
Chapter 3: Rising Sign

            The point that was on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth is called the ASCENDANT, or rising sign.  While the Sun describes your conscious direction and current life focus, and the moon your subconscious predisposition and past, the Ascendant indicates a way of being that transcends and embraces past, present, and future.  It describes the way you engage and merge with the outer world and how you bring through into life the energies depicted by the sun, the moon, and the rest of your birth chart.  Everything is filtered through the ascendant from an esoteric point of view.  It indicates your soul's function and thus a key part of your destiny.  

Sagittarius Rising:  

            Faith, belief and the ability to foresee and envision the future or "what could be" are essential elements of your soul function.  You may well be ahead of your time or at the fore front of coming trends and movements in the collective.  You are a seeker, one who searches for the overview, the larger pattern, or a broad, over-arching philosophy of life - an also a teacher who conveys that vision or broadcasts it in some way.  Your ruling planet is Jupiter.  

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Libra:  

            Your Jupiter in Libra suggests that your tole is to promote your ideals of harmony, peacemaking, cooperation, true friendship and understanding between people.  You may do this formally (through, say interpersonal mediation or international good will programs) or simply in your one-to-one interactions as you go through your daily life.  
Chapter 4: Saturn, Your Achilles Heel

            Karmically considered, the placement of Saturn in your birth chart indicates where your energetic blockages, weaknesses and fears lie, and the areas of your life where the most concentrated effort and discipline will be required to master and overcome them.  Yet it also points to the aspects of life which can become your greatest strength if you are willing to face your fears and difficulties honestly, and work with them patiently.  

Saturn in Taurus  

            Security and material well-being is apt to be inordinately important to you, and many of your struggles in life revolve around this.  Regardless of what you actually possess, it may never seem like "enough" for you to feel secure.  You have an underlying fear of poverty, lack, or that "it could all be taken away from me at anytime".  Thus, you may become very territorial, frugal or acquisitive, not out of selfishness so much as out of fear.  You yearn for lasting security, something you can count on at all times, and you will work hard to achieve that in some area of your life.  When allowed to dominate your life choices, however, this deep need for security and a firm foundation in your life can inhibit you from taking any risks. Since change and unpredictability are in the very nature of life, the kind of insurance you seek really is not available! When does stability become stifling?  When does a secure fortress become a self-imposed prison?  Even if you are open and reasonable in many respects, there is at least one area of your life in which you are likely to be mindlessly stubborn, inflexible and unable to "flow".  

            In this lifetime you are defining your values.  Since there is really nothing in this world that cannot be taken away, lost or destroyed, one of your most crucial lessons may be to "store up your treasure in heaven, where moths do not corrupt...".  

            On the other side of the coin you may have a basic mistrust of your body and of physical life in general.  Placing too much or too little value on the body and the material side of life is indicated.  

Saturn in 5th house:  

            A deep sense of being unloved and a fear of going unnoticed and unappreciated for your creative efforts is apt to effect you in a number of ways.  You may work very hard at being the best in some sport or art, or at producing the best possible product, spurred on by a sense of personal inadequacy ("I'm #2, so I try harder").  Yet you tend to labor over (even suffer over) your creative projects and offspring, rather than enjoying them.  Or, you may simply believe that you are "not special" or "not creative", and thus experience a block whenever you attempt to express your unique self.  The whole arena of self-expression, in the sense of pouring out your energy into the world and receiving a response, is difficult or frustrating for you.  The basic lesson for you to learn here is how to let go of control, whether of your own creative impulses or of the desire to control others' responses to you.  Developing self-approval and self-love will enable you to untie the knots you are apt to be tangled up in this area of your life.  

Saturn is Retrograde:  

            All of the above is complicated by the fact that you carry a rather heavy burden of self-doubt, mistrust or guilt over having let yourself and others down in your past, when you struggled (and failed) with these same issues.  You now have the opportunity to correct your course, make amends and resolve a difficult karmic tangle, or a difficult state of mind.  

Saturn Square Venus:  

            In this lifetime the arena of human relationships and personal love will be full of challenge and lessons for you. Love is hard to find, hard to sustain or just plain hard! Shyness and loneliness, due mostly to an acute sensitivity to the possibility of rejection, are apt to plague your younger years. Even when friendship and open affection is offered to you, you are prone to doubt it, push it away in disbelief, or feel unworthy of it. Pure, unadulterated pleasure in any form discomforts you. Subconsciously at least, you believe that there is a price to be paid for any love or pleasure you receive, that you may be punished if you enjoy too much or love too much. There is an inner link between love and loss, love and separation, or love and punishment that inhibits you or makes you wary.  Worst of all, you may feel that you are unlovable or unwanted.  All of this is a karmic carry-over which needs to be handled with great compassion toward yourself.  You may have toughened up and hardened your heart a great deal due to past injury, so that you have acted in cold, unfeeling, ungenerous or unloving ways towards others and yourself.  Perhaps, too, you have put work or other responsibilities ahead of the needs and desires of your heart.  An opening and healing of the heart, first of all, by cherishing yourself, is necessary.  Once you start valuing yourself, your personal relationships will reflect that, and happiness in love in your later years can do much to make up for the earlier difficulties.  

            You must wish to wear or carry rose quartz, rebellitc tourmaline, lavender, jade or chrysoprase.  
Chapter 5: The Hard Aspects

            The following is a description of your MAJOR LIFE CHALLENGES, both in terms of energies you are to learn to develop and express in a positive way, and those which are the result of struggles and unresolved karmic issues that you have come into this life with.  

Mercury Square Pluto:  

            You have a penetrating, incisive mind which cuts through surface appearances to the deeper, underlying heart-of-the-matter. Your perceptions and profound insights border at times on being truly uncanny, for you have the gift of being able to perceive the hidden, content concealed, disguised or suppressed aspects of a person, situation or subject.  On a concrete level, this quality of mind impels you to be the researcher or investigator, searching out the unknown, uncovering a mystery. Even in casual social interaction you automatically perceive others' subconscious intentions and motives.  You are very astute psychologically.  Hence, your presence can be somewhat threatening to those who have secrets or who have much invested in and prefer not to go any deeper than that.  

            This capacity carries with it, however, challenges and pitfalls.  You may find yourself falling into a habit of a mind that is suspicious, paranoid, cynical or preoccupied with the dark underside of life, and this may skew your entire outlook. (You may also use your considerable insight, persuasiveness and mental power to try to manipulate others' thoughts and actions which would inevitably bring negative karmic results.)  Verbally you can be quite cutting and hurtful.  Realize that simply speaking "the truth" without mercy or sensitivity to how your words are received, can do more harm than good.  

            At its worst this aspect would be expressed in a Machiavellian type of mind, utilizing your keen perception to manipulate and dominate others.  

Uranus is Retrograde:  

            All of the above is complicated by the fact that in prior times, you experienced great personal instability as a result of impersonal, collective impulses toward change (during a time of revolution, political upheaval, war, etc.).  You may well have been an agent of these movements, with a lingering inclination toward radical solutions, extremism, flauntingly disregarding social mores.  Or you may have become a reactionary, fearing and resisting all reforms or departures from the "main stream".  It is thus difficult for you to be balanced and fair towards any eccentricities (in others or even in yourself).  A misuse of science or technology, perhaps participating in experiments which were harmful to you or others, is also indicated.  Thus, you may have a deep distrust of or an attraction/repulsion toward science and technological advancement.  

Uranus Opposition Neptune:  

            You and many others born the year you were are inherently open to experiencing unusual states of consciousness and higher inspiration.  However, your grasp of reality may be rather shaky at times.  In your incarnational past you practiced extreme methods that forced open your higher spiritual centers before you were prepared to constructively channel those energies and/or you were involved in extreme idealistic systems of thought that were not particularly well-grounded.  It is important for you to moderate this extremism and to stabilize yourself.  Any mind-altering practice or substance should be utilized with caution. Develop regularity and rhythm in your life, and use your inspirational energies to infuse your ordinary life with imagination.  Too much focus on utopia or spirituality can lead to disorientation.  You easily get too "far-out".  
Chapter 6: Soft Aspects

            The following is a description of your GIFTS and STRENGTHS which can help you as you work with your major life challenges. These are abilities and qualities of heart, mind and soul which are quite natural to you.  You probably take them for granted. Because these represent the lines of least resistance for you, you may rely too much upon them at times; hence, there are some cautions suggested.  Still, these are the areas where good flows into your life and/or where you have considerable inner resources.  

Sun Trine Saturn:  

            Your ability to concentrate on a task or goal for long periods of time are strengths you may take for granted.  Coupled with this is an innate shrewdness, worldly wisdom and ambition which enables you to achieve long range goals.  Though you may (or may not) be idealistic and dreamy at times, you have a firm grasp of reality and of what it takes to operate successfully in practical and material terms.  You want to be a "heavy weight", a person of substance, someone to be taken seriously and so you are willing to do the work, delay gratification and build something solid and enduring in your life.  This capacity for self-discipline and for creating and maintaining stability in your life are gifts you can fall back on when faced with challenges in your life.  Men, and particularly older men, will take an interest in your progress and prove to be a significant aid in achieving your life's aims.  

Moon Trine Mercury:  

            Your ability to communicate in a personal, sympathetic manner, and to sense and take into account others' moods and feelings is one of your gifts.  Because you are interested in others' personal stories and are a good listener, you draw people out and may find yourself the confidante or personal advisor to many. You are also apt to be the sounding board, mediator, or messenger between members of your family.  You have natural counseling abilities and innate psychological insight.  

            You also understand the public temperament and have a sixth sense regarding mass psychology and social trends.  The capacity and desire to educate the public and to personally interact with the public is also evident.  

            You may take your writing abilities, and your knack for learning languages and using words for granted.  However, if you put any effort at all into tapping these skills, you might be surprised at how natural and easy it comes to you.