LUNAR FORECAST Sample Printout

Horacio Valsecia author of the Solar Return, Child, Adult and Vocational report has developed a helpful guide that is based on a monthly chart calculated for the time when the moon returns to the exact position it was at the time of birth. The Lunar Return happens every 28 days and 13 times a year. These interpretations provide insights into possible events in a descriptive and comprehensive way while giving suggestions on how to deal with the positive as well as negative planetary aspects. The objective of this report is to offer a practical guide that helps analyze the month's perspective.

Languages available: English, Spanish

Lunar Return Report for:
Mother Teresa
May 17, 1996
9:57:17 PM
Skopje, Yugoslavia
            The Lunar Return is a monthly chart calculated for the time when the Moon returns to the exact position it was in your natal chart. This happens every twenty-eight days; there are thirteen Lunar Returns in a year. These charts mark the principal events of the month for which the return was produced. 
            This report outlines possible events for that month and also gives some suggestions on how to deal with the positive as well as negative planetary aspects. 
            In some cases you will find contradictions; a planet may be beneficial in a certain area, while others may indicate the opposite. This means that you could have two types of situations in the same month. For example: a lover's quarrel and a following reconciliation. To get the most out of this report, it will be necessary to use your own logic and intuition, fitting the descriptions outlined here to your own particular case. 
            The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this month's perspectives and to benefit from them using your free will. Note that the accuracy of these calculations depends much on how precisely your hour of birth is known. 

Sun        3 Vir 20                                  Neptune   20 Can 39 
Moon       2 Gem 10                             Pluto     27 Gem 45 
Mercury    0 Lib 16                              Asc.      12 Sag 22 
Venus     10 Leo 04                              MC         2 Lib 46 
Mars      13 Vir 37                                2nd cusp  16 Cap 37 
Jupiter   14 Lib 00                                3rd cusp  26 Aqu 24 S 
aturn     6 Tau 32                                  5th cusp   1 Tau 03 
Uranus    21 Cap 46                             6th cusp  23 Tau 12 

Tropical  Placidus   Standard Time observed 
August 27, 1910   1:25 PM 
GMT: 12:25:00   Time Zone: -1 hours East 
Lat. and Long. of birth: 41 N 59    21 E 26 
Lunar Return for: Skopje, Yugoslavia 41 N 59    21 E 26 

Aspects and orbs: 
Conjunction         :  7 Deg 00 Min            SemiSextile          :  2 Deg 00 Min 
Opposition           :  6 Deg 00 Min           SemiSquare          :  2 Deg 00 Min 
Square                  :  6 Deg 00 Min          SesquiQuadrate     :  2 Deg 00 Min 
Trine                     :  6 Deg 00 Min          Quincunx               :  3 Deg 00 Min 
Sextile                   :  4 Deg 00 Min 

                    LUNAR RETURN: May 17, 1996 at 9:57:17 PM GMT 

            Lunar Return Ascendant Capricorn : 
            You have a need to find safety and emotional protection and may feel burdened by responsibilities and loneliness. Your personal authority, pride and capacity to organize will increase. There is a possibility of professional improvements or to receive a price. 

            Asc in 2nd natal house: 
            You will concentrate your attention on your economical affairs. An increase in income, making purchases or investments is possible. 
            Lunar Return MC Scorpio : 
             A month of intrigue, rivalry, tension and occupational changes. You tend to rely on your intuition to choose your new path. A strong emotional crisis is possible and you need to detach yourself from the past. Your home will be your place of refuge and rest. There is a great need to find safety and protection. 
            MC in 11th natal house: 
            You will receive support from friends and other social relationships for the realization of certain goals. Your popularity will increase and you tend to participate more in community activities. 
            Moon in 4th house: 
            Home improvements are likely now. You may buy new furniture, make repairs, remodel or even move to a new residence. You tend to concentrate more on family problems and have a greater emotional need to find safety and protection in the people that surround you. 

            Moon Conjunct Sun: 
            Your sensibility will increase and your reactions tend to be a bit exaggerated. This month could bring new experiences and you should be able to advance your initiatives and to attain success in your objectives. It is a sentimental month with a need to strengthen your family ties. 
            Moon Opposition Pluto: 
            This influence will last several months in which you will experience a transformation and liberation of your inner world. During this time you will become aware of your repressed emotions of hatred or bitterness that are still deep within yourself and necessary to release to reach greater happiness in the present. 
            Your reactions could become violent or instinctive, or you may develop obsessive behaviors, trying to control or manipulate your loved ones. You may become involved in a passionate relationship or one that is conflicting. There could be times of tension or sexual violence. 
            Moon Trine Uranus: 
            This influence will be in effect for several months and will be very positive and emotionally renewing. You are inclined to surround yourself with new people that help you to escape your daily routine. You have the desire to be more independent and want to express your emotions freely. The changes indicated will be very beneficial and will help you to achieve more personal freedom. 
            Your imagination, creativity, intuition and capacity for invention will be notable. You will conceive very original and novel ideas that will be of much benefit to you. 
            Moon Trine Neptune: 
            This influence will be in effect for several months and will bring you more in touch with your spiritual world. Meditation and prayer would be very beneficial during this time. Your sensibility and degree of perception also will increase and being very intuitive may bring some premonitions that come true. 
            You are likely to have a compassionate and all embracing attitude toward others and your imagination and your pleasures will be more refined. You tend to be more romantic and your relationships will be more idealized or platonic. You are inclined to relate with more spiritually evolved people and find more inner peace. 
            Moon Sextile Saturn: 
            This will be a month of emotional stability. Your self-control will permit you to see things from an objective and realistic point of view, which will allow you to make the right decisions. You will have more patience, perseverance and personal security. Older people are likely to support you. A good month for real estate investments. 

            Lunar Return Asc. conjunct natal Uranus: 
            Your more revolutionary ideas will surface and you may want to change the world that surrounds you. A month of craziness and changes. You tend to show the more rebellious and unconventional side of your personality. There is a tendency to break any relationships or ties that limit your freedom. Your creativity will increase, but also your nervousness. 

            Lunar Return Venus conjunct natal Pluto: 
            Someone's love could profoundly change your life and may help you to release your emotions or strong memories of your past. Love tends to transform your life and your reactions probably won't be very quiet or smooth. You could become jealous, possessive or domineering with the one you love. 
            Sun in 4th house: 
            Your family ties tend to become very important at this time. You may receive much cooperation and support from one of your parents or from both of them. If the relationship with your family is good you won't feel burdened, but exactly the opposite. But if there are some existing problems, it will be the focus of your attention during this month. Putting down roots and settling in one place also could be possible. Making real estate investments or improvements in your home would be favorable now. 
            Mercury in 4th house: 
            This position could bring changes in your domestic area. You may concentrate more on your family, which could increas your communication with them, but also your arguments and disagreements. Beginning some type of work in your own home is also possible. 
            Venus in 5th house: 
            This will be a very appropriate month to amuse yourself. Romantic relationships will be very favorable and you will enjoy the company of the person you love. If you are not involved with anyone, you may meet someone during this time. Your creativity will increase and you may also look for ways to express yourself creatively. 
            Mars in 3rd house: 
            You will be attracted to debates and discussions at this time. There could be confrontations or fights with your brothers and sisters or other relatives that are difficult to reconcile. Be careful on short trips, as accidents or other problems could also be possible. 
            Jupiter in 12th house: 
            You tend to have a degree of astrological protection from your secret enemies. In spite of this, be careful with the legal aspect of your life and don't engage in any type of business that has colors of illegality or deceit. 
            You could find a person who becomes your teacher or spiritual guide during this month. This person won't necessarily be a famous personality, but could be someone you already know, causing your relationship to change. You are likely to be interested in occult or metaphysical studies. 
            Saturn in 2nd house: 
            Try to be very careful with your investments, businesses and expenses during this period. There is a tendency to suffer losses, delays in collections or difficulties in carrying out financial projects. A time of financial insecurity during which you will learn the importance of saving and planning ahead. 
            Uranus in 1st house: 
            You tend to need more freedom and independence during this month. Your behavior is likely to be different and more eccentric; you will be more nervous and bored with your routine. The most pent-up aspects of your personality will be released at this time. 
            Neptune in 1st house: 
            This influence increases your fantasies and illusions, which could bring deceptions or deceits. You could be exposed to gossip, envy or criticism and become entangled in chaotic and confusing situations. Try to be more realistic and as objective as possible. 
            Pluto in 10th house: 
            You are likely to have drastic changes in your profession during this month. Your ambitions will increase considerably and you will want to overcome the limits that currently hinder your progress. There could be tension and arguments in your occupational environment. Your life will take an important turn during this period, changing your goals to new principal objectives of greater range. 
                LUNAR RETURN: June 14, 1996 at 4:27:59 AM GMT 
             Lunar Return Ascendant Cancer : 
            You have a need for protection and intimacy. Your sensibility and your susceptibility will increase, bringing emotional ups and downs. You tend to feel closer to your family and home life. Real estate investments or moving could also be possible. 
            Asc in 7th natal house: 
            Personal relationships and the need for sharing is emphasized. You are likely to associate more with close friends. A favorable month for legal litigations or procedures in general. 
            Lunar Return MC Pisces : 
            A month of imagination and development of your future occupational projects. If you don't keep your fantasies under control, you could have a chaotic month and fear of the future. There is a possibility of deceit, envy or rivalry in your professional arena. Your family could make more demands on you, or criticize you, and you probably won't get much affection from them. 
            MC in 3rd natal house: 
            A business trip or a new job offer is possible. Success in literary projects is also indicated. 
            Moon in 11th house: 
            This is a month of increased social activity. You are apt to make new friends, participate in group activities, visit clubs and organizations, and get together with your old friends more often. 
            You may develop new ideas and projects that will be carried out in the future. Your hopes and wishes for the future will be renewed and you tend to look for people who can help you with your plans. Your desire for harmony in the family will increase and could manifest in all facets of your life. 
            Moon Conjunct Mercury: 
            This is a good time to talk about your emotions. Your imagination and your intellectual interests are increased. Short trips and family encounters are also possible. 
            Moon Conjunct Mars: 
            You tend to be more impatient and impulsive at this time which could lead to fights and arguments. Disagreements in family matters are also possible. There is a tendency to accidents, blows or falls and you should be careful with machines, vehicles or sharp objects. 
            A good time to begin enterprises that require courage, leadership and aggressiveness. 

            Lunar Return Mercury conjunct natal Moon: 
            Comments of others are inclined to affect your sensibility and your emotions. Your mood tends to vary according to the conversations you may have. Being more intuitive, you are likely to sense beyond words what people mean and are able to grasp the real messages of each conversation. 

            Lunar Return Mars conjunct natal Moon: 
            Your feelings could be hurt by aggressions or shortness of others. You may have to deal with trouble makers or very domineering people who will cause your emotional calmness to fluctuate. On the other hand, it is possible that someone will be annoyed with your unstable or soft attitude. 
            Sun in 12th house: 
            There is a tendency to loneliness and withdrawal. A time for inner reflection and retreat from the social life. You may have to deal with karmic debts that show the errors of your past that need to be resolved in the present. During this month it would be advisable to maintain a positive mental attitude in spite of the adversities. Don't leave the things you liberate at random, assume your responsibilities and get involved in some activity that serves others. Meditate and trust your intuition. 
            Mercury in 11th house: 
            Communication with your friends tends to be on a higher level, which will permit you to enhance your knowledge on certain topics or studies. Participation in group discussions will bring mental stimulation as well. Your social circle will increase and you may be able to do some business with people you know at this time. You also could meet or surround yourself with younger people. 
            Venus in 12th house: 
            Your romantic life could become difficult during this month. There is a tendency to forbidden or secret love relationships that could complicate your life, especially if you already are in a serious relationship. You may not see the people you love in the right perspective now and may blame them for dissatisfaction in general. Don't get involved in relationships that don't represent your true ideal. You need to raise your self-esteem and love for yourself. 
            Mars in 11th house: 
There could be confrontations or fights with your friends because of your aggressive or selfish attitude. It would be better to share some sports or physical activity with your friends rather than trying to impose your opinions on them. Problems with groups or clubs are possible. 
            Jupiter in 7th house: 
            You will enjoy your intimate and personal relationships, especially if you are married. This month will be very favorable for living together and for all types of association. If you begin a relationship under this influence, it will be very positive and stimulating. Legal matters will also be favorable as well as contacts with the public in general. 
            Saturn in 10th house: 
            There could be delays or obstacles in the realization of your initiatives and occupational objectives, and the fruits that could be gained won't be in alignment with your efforts. A month of difficult tests during which you will become aware of your own limitations. Financial losses are also possible. 
            Uranus in 8th house: 
            There could be danger of accidents from speed and electricity. Problems with legal processes or procedures is also possible. 
            Neptune in 7th house: 
            This month could bring deceptions in your close relationships. There could be confusing situations, such as lies or infidelity on either side. The same is true with other associates. Problems of betrayals, frauds or deceit could also occur. 
            Pluto in 5th house: 
            There is the possibility of a passionate romance during this month. If you already are in a relationship, it is likely to become more intense and you will share deep emotions together that will be difficult to control. If you are single, you may begin a relationship that will bring a radical change in your routine. Your feelings tend to be very powerful and overwhelming. Scenes of jealousy, fights or scandals could be possible. There is a strong desires to dominate or control the other, and your libido is likely to increase. 
                LUNAR RETURN: July 11, 1996 at 10:06:05 AM GMT 
            Lunar Return Ascendant Libra : 
            A month for increased social life. New friendships or the beginning of a romantic relationship is possible. You have a need for sharing and enjoying yourself. A favorable time for legal litigations and for contact with the public. 
            Asc in 10th natal house: 
            A time to accomplish your professional goals. Success and recognition or possible prices are indicated. Your personal ambition and your desire for financial improvement is increased. There could be new professional opportunities. 
            Lunar Return MC Cancer : 
            Your profession tends to be more connected with the public. An important contact could help you with your professional goals. A good time to solve your problems at home and to put your house in order. Exercising your own will is the key. 
            MC in 7th natal house: 
            Your professional growth depends on your marriage or commercial association. There is a strong dependence on people close to you and you could have doubts about your professional direction. 
            Moon in 8th house: 
            Transformation and changes in your personal life are likely. Unconscious fears could emerge or you may recall past events that need to be resolved. Intense emotions, jealousy and a tendency to go to extremes or lose control is indicated. 
            You could have psychic experiences, revealing dreams or increased intuition and may become involved in the occult or other investigations. 
            Income from different sources than your usual work is possible. It could be the result of judgements, inheritances, legacies or divorce. The emphasis is on joint financial administration, marriage or other associations. 

            Lunar Return 8th cusp conjunct natal Saturn: 
            You will try to find logical, realistic and rational explanations for the extraordinary or paranormal events of your life. During this month you are likely to change your position toward responsibilities and obligations of the material world. Get rid of your bad habits. A time to take care of your teeth and your skin. 

            Lunar Return 12th cusp conjunct natal Mars: 
            The problems of your life may arouse your explosive and aggressive side. Sometimes you may repress your anger, but at other times you could explode and have moments of strong tension and fights. You will be ready to defend yourself against enemies, but also to attack. You won't tolerate any limitations and look for ways to break all attachments you may have. There is a tendency to violence and to risky situations. 
            Sun in 10th house: 
            This is a month of advance and progress. Your ambitions as well as your will to work and get your ideas across to others will be very strong. Your professional success and recognition of your work will increase. It is important that you trust your own decisions, ideas and intuition, because success only will come if you have confidence in yourself. You probably will make certain purchases or investments that will improve the quality of your life and change your social status or economical situation. 
            Mercury in 10th house: 
            During this month you are likely to make plans to improve your status and may take up commercial studies, courses or practical applications that will help you accomplish this. Communication with your superiors will improve. Problems related to papers, procedures, documents or written materials could take up much of your time, leaving you less time for other important aspects of your work. 
            Venus in 9th house: 
            A good month to take a trip abroad. You could establish new relationships with people of other countries. It is possible to make that trip with the person you love, or you may fall in love during the trip. In either case, your mind will be expanded through the experience of love. 
            Mars in 9th house: 
            There could be disagreements or conflicts in your religious belief. You may want to defend and strongly impose your beliefs on others while rejecting theirs. Regarding your family, possible disagreements with brother-in-laws are possible. 
            Be very cautious while travelling during this time, as this influence generates problems and tensions when visiting foreign countries. 
            Jupiter in 4th house: 
            Happy and favorable events in your home are indicated. Your domestic problems can be solved thanks to your benevolent, generous and agreeable attitude. There is a possibility of investing money in real estate. 
            Saturn in 6th house: 
            A month filled with responsibilities and occupational limitations. You probably won't be very pleased with your work or your superiors and may be bored by the routine. Lack of organization could bring difficulties and you may even quit your job. There is a tendency to physical weakening; try to get sufficient rest and watch your diet so that your energy level is not reduced. 
            Uranus in 4th house: 
            Sudden domestic change or unusual events within your home are possible. You have a need to escape authority and the limits placed on you by your family. There could be danger or problems with electricity in your home. 
            Neptune in 4th house: 
            The atmosphere in your home tends to be confusing at this time. Be careful whom you invite to your home during this period, because there is danger of deceit, envy or theft. 
            Pluto in 2nd house: 
            A month of great changes in your economy. There could be possibilities for new means of income, but these will presuppose changes in your way of living. These anticipated changes also could produce losses or setbacks that force you to explore new strategies for your future. 
                LUNAR RETURN: August 7, 1996 at 4:00:32 PM GMT 
            Asc in 1st natal house: 
            You will be interested in developing your whole personality, including your physical body and the characteristics of your temperament. The degree of your success will depend entirely on your own effort and initiative. 

            Lunar Return 5th cusp conjunct natal Moon: 
            You tend to be deeply moved by the love you will receive from others. Your mood is likely to fluctuate and will depend on the happiness you find in your environment. You may become more protective of the people you love, especially children. You could have endless fantasies and creativity which could indicate a very productive month, if use them in your daily activity. 
            Sun in 7th house: 
            You are likely to seek balance in your emotional life. If you don't have a companion, chances are that you may find one. If you already have one, you tend to become closer and share very good times together. You will be more influenced by others and will listen and adopt their ideas with much interest. This influence is also favorable for training associates, working with equipment and social or political activities. The most favorable period will be approximately 14 days after the date of this return. 
            Mercury in 8th house: 
            You could have psychic experiences during this month, such as premonitory dreams, intuition or seeing other peoples' auras. 
            There could be discussions or negotiations about finances or property that you own jointly with another person. Signing papers that have to do with legacies, judgements or separations you may be involved in is also possible. 
            Venus in 6th house: 
            During this month you will have to watch your diet because there is a tendency to enjoy the pleasures of the palate, and consequently to gain weight. You tend to lean more toward comfort and may become a bit cool in your affections. Meeting someone in your place of work is possible. 
            Mars in 6th house: 
            There could be disagreements, fights or general tension in your occupational area. Try not to lose your patience when you have to deal with the selfishness of others. 
            There is a tendency to fevers, hemorrhages or accidents. Your health problems could be the result of frustrations or the repression of your ego. Try not to repress your desires and keep physically active.