HIDDEN Specialized Report Sample Printout

This report describes subconscious issues that can affect your attitude towards life, and in particular how your relationship with your parents can be affecting your personality.

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Hidden Messages Chart Interpretation for
Mother Teresa
August 27, 1910
1:25 PM
Skopje, Yugoslavia

We are all looking for unconditional love. Most of us never got it. When we fall in love we think, "Now, finally, here is someone who will give me the (unconditional) love I've always wanted." 

So we marry. Then it starts---because we're not programmed for love. Instead, we are programmed to duplicate our parents' relationship. Because of this programming, even if we found someone who loved us unconditionally, we would have to push them away. 

How can we attract what we are not programmed to receive? We can't---until we take a conscious look at what we are programmed to attract. Only then can we change our lives. 

This program is designed to help us do just that. 

            Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below: 

Sun            3    Vir    20               Pluto        27    Gem    45 
Moon        2    Gem  10               N. Node  23    Tau     08 
Mercury    0     Lib   16               Asc.         12     Sag    22 
Venus      10     Leo  04               MC           2     Lib     46 
Mars       13     Vir    37               2nd cusp  16    Cap    37 
Jupiter     14     Lib    00              3rd cusp   26    Aqu    24 
Saturn       6     Tau   32               5th cusp     1     Tau    03 
Uranus    21     Cap  46               6th cusp   23     Tau    12 
Neptune  20     Can  39 

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed 
GMT: 12:25:00   Time Zone: -1 hours East 
Lat. and Long. of birth: 41 N 59    21 E 26 

Aspects and orbs: 
Conjunction  : 10 Degrees 
Opposition   : 10 Degrees 
Square         : 10 Degrees 
Trine            : 10 Degrees 
Sextile          :  7 Degrees 

She was an extremely beautiful woman in her mid-thirties. She was also an extremely sucessful business woman---equal to or better than many men in her profession. She'd come to me for a consultation because she was considering remarrying. Although her two previous marriages had been unsuccessful, she longed for a man with whom she could be happy. She was in my office because she honestly wondered if that were possible. 

In the course of the consultation, she shared with me that her mother was successful in her career. Message: BE A SUCCESS IN YOUR CAREER. She also shared that her mother had been married several times, so she was programmed for multiple marriages. Each time my client married, her mother encouraged her to leave her husband. Her mother's message was: MARRY, BUT DON'T STAY MARRIED. As a child, my client saw her mother win every argument with each of her husbands. Message: ARGUE WITH MEN AND WIN. My client's father was strong, but distant and unaffectionate. Message: MEN ARE DISTANT AND UNAFFECTIONATE.  My client created this situation in her marriages and felt unloved by her husbands. Each of her stepfathers put up a good fight, but ultimately they left. Message: MEN WILL PUT UP A GOOD FIGHT AND THEN LEAVE. 

The combination of verbal and non-verbal messages produced a woman who resented men, yet kept turning to them to make her happy. Because she was programmed for marriage to be stormy and her husbands to leave, she created just that. She married strong men and wound up emasculating them. She was looking for love, but her programming would not let her keep it. 

Her fiance played right into the program. He was stubborn and determined. He was not a success in his career, although he had great potential. Each time he came close to success, he'd fall short. His ambitions were high, but he became a dilettante. He made a great impression, but had no money. His programming explained it all. At one point in time, his father had been very important and successful in his career. When the young man was just a boy, his father had been nominated for an extremely prestigious award. Winning this award would have meant financial security for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, another nominee was selected as the winner. From that point on, the son was programmed to COME CLOSE, BUT FALL SHORT, and that's exactly what he did in every area of life. 

His parents had not gotten along. His proud, stoic father had given him the message that THE WOMAN SHOULD PUT THE MAN FIRST. He also felt that MEN WERE MORE INTELLIGENT THAN WOMEN. 

These two were programmed for each other. Here was a chauvinist up against a powerful woman; a business failure up against a business success. Neither one, however, was programmed for a warm, loving relationship, though that's what they both wanted. When faced with a situation like this, the first reaction might be to discourage a marriage, since it seems doomed to failure. Yet, these two people were attracted to each other precisely because they could give one another what each was programmed to receive. And, in spite of their programming, they loved one another. This love could, if they chose, be the impetus to help them see and release their programming and create a warm, loving relationship. 

This situation occurs all the time. Our hidden messages are so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we respond to them unknowingly. For example, if one of your hidden messages is that YOU CANNOT BE HAPPY WHILE A FAMILY MEMBER IS UNHAPPY, you will find that you are never happy because there is always someone who needs your help. Even if you are miles away, just knowing that a relative might be unhappy about something can upset you. After awhile, this message can be triggered simply by the suggestion of happiness--as soon as you feel good you have to feel bad. This totally destroys your enjoyment of life. 

Another common message is that YOU WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS YOUR FATHER (OR MOTHER, OLDER SISTER, YOUNGER BROTHER, ETC.). If you received this message, you will see to it that you fall short of your goals so as not to surpass him. If he has not been much of a success in his life, where does that leave you? 

We have been told that if we will live up to the potential indicated in the natal chart, our lives will work. Why, then, are so many lives not working? The answer is simple: they ARE working, or at least the hidden messages are working, running our lives. By knowing what these messages are, we can be free to be our highest and best, to be limitless. 

Your father takes you from the security of the home and teaches you how to act in society. He helps you form your public image, the face you want the world to see. The Sun represents your father. 

Sun in Virgo: 

Your father taught you that perfection is its own reward. He taught you to work and worry about the details. 

Sun in 9th house: 

Your father played a big part in molding your philosophy of life as well as your attitude toward God. You are proud of your philosophy and try to live according to your principles. Your father encouraged you to expand your horizons, see the big picture and live the truth. 

Sun in hard aspect to Moon: 

You are programmed to have difficulties in interperssonal relationships because of difficulties between your parents at the time of your birth. Your tendency to clash with people can affect your health. 

Sun-Mercury angle more than 10 degrees: 

Your father taught you to stand back from situations and people in order to see them objectively. This applies to him as well. Because of your objectivity, you are able to converse with others without constantly bringing the conversation back to yourself and your opinions. 

Sun in soft aspect to Saturn: 

Your father is strong and dignified. You respect him and, as a result, all authority figures. They, in turn, respect you. You have an old head on young shoulders. Your father taught you to assume repsonsibilities and not consider them a burden. 

The most important person in your early years is your mother. Because the Moon rules both the mother and the subconscious, her influence reaches you on the deepest levels. It might be said that since the subconscious is the repository of all past-life experiences, your mother triggers this memory, which is why her influence is so strong. 

Your mother's main message is to look for emotional security. The house in which the Moon is placed natally indicates that area of life in which you hope to find this security. You received this message either directly or indirectly. She told you where to look for it, and you spend the rest of your life looking for it where she said it would be. The sign in which the Moon falls describes your mother, as do the aspects to the Moon. The aspects also tell you if it will be easy or difficult to find the security you seek. Because the Moon is changeable, the promise of emotional security is elusive. Perhaps this is why you keep returning to the place where it is supposed to be, hoping it will be there this time. 

Keep in mind that these messages are not necessarily verbal. You can receive them from her actions as well as her words; by her presence as well as her absence. 

Moon in Gemini: 

Your mother can be two people in one, each side keeping you guessing. She can be nervous, high strung, and talkative. She passed this along to you. You both get bored easily and must have mental stimulation, change and variety --- and humor is a must. Keeping your hands busy is good therapy. Your emotional security need is fulfilled through communication. 

Moon in 6th house: 

Your mother said your emotional security need can be fulfilled through service to others, by being needed, and by being busy at all times. You may find that you are protective of and emotional about your work. You may be a surrogate mother in your work, nurturing others in some way. You may find security in being healthy--or unhealthy--depending on your mother's message. Your true freedom comes from letting go of your emotional attachment to the task at hand and by serving God in all that you do. 

Moon in hard aspect to Sun: 

Conflict between your parents at the time of your birth created a pattern of difficulty in your interpersonal relationships. You are not programmed to get along with others or for things to flow smoothly. This can affect your health. 

Moon in soft aspect to Mercury: 

Your mother is able to express herself clearly, and there is good communication between the two of you. This extends to communication with all women and the public in general. There is harmony between your conscious and subconscious minds, giving you the ability to articulate your thoughts well. 

Moon in hard aspect to North and South Nodes: 

Poor rapport with your mother and women in past lives hinders your relationships with them in this one. The tendency to emotionally hang on to the past can prevent success. 

Saturn is reality and often, restriction. In the natal chart, it can represent your mother, father, grandparents, family ---anyone who imposes a restrictive influence on your life and tries to teach you reality through discipline. 

Saturn in Taurus: 

The authority figures in your life taught you to be stubborn. They said money is power, but may have given you the fear of not having enough. This makes you tenacious, but helps you save. 

Saturn in 5th house: 

The authority figures in your life inhibit your fun and enjoyment. Their hidden message is that they are your children and you are to be responsible for them. Because you assume this responsibility you are afraid to have too much fun. This can manifest as an inability to express your creativity or even as a sexual inhibition. 

Saturn in soft aspect to Sun: 

The authority figures in your life taught you respect for tradition, family and elders. You are treated with respect because that is what you give others. You are mature and willing to assume your own responsibilities. You have good leadership potential. 

Saturn in hard aspect to Venus: 

You never felt loved by the authority figures in your life, so you are not programmed to give love or receive it. Because your authority figures cannot be happy, they do not want you to be, either. As a result, there is a cloud of sadness which colors every happy occasion in your life--if you're happy, you have to be unhappy. They also gave you the message that love involves hurt, responsibility, and possibly loss. As a result, any time love comes close, you sabotage it and push it away. 

Saturn in soft aspect to Mars: 

The authority figures in your life taught you to be brave and strong. You can take direction as well as lead, which gives you a good rapport with others. You do not fear leadership and are not too important to take care of the small details. You are disciplined and hard-working. Your energies are well-directed. 

Pluto is another indicator of your mother's ---and sometimes your grandmother's---message. Pluto represents total change, control, and transmutation. It is the all-or-nothing planet. Pluto deals with all the mysteries of life: life itself, where it originates, where it goes when it leaves this plane. Pluto and the aspects it makes in your chart describe your mother's message about and your attitude towards sex. 

 Pluto's house placement indicates where there can be a power play with your mother, where you will both try to dominate and control, and where you can bring about a total transformation. You control because you don't trust. You don't trust the people who rule the house in which Pluto falls. 

While Pluto represents your mother's message, it can also represent your grandmother's. Use whichever word applies to you. 

Pluto in 7th house: 

Your mother's message is to be married and control your mate so that he will not control you. Yet, SHE wants to be your mate, your equal, and attempts to control and dominate you. The resulting message is that marriage is to be a power play, a struggle to defend yourself and overthrow your mate before he does it to you. In this way, she controls your marriage through her spoken or unspoken messages. 

Pluto in soft aspect to Sun: 

Good psychic and emotional bonds between your parents at the time of your birth gives you a positive role model. They taught you to assume command without abusing power. They taught you to get along with those in authority as well as those who follow your lead. You can be a pioneer. You are magnetic and psychic, and get along well with both men and women. 

Pluto in hard aspect to Mercury: 

It may be hard to communicate with your mother because you cannot trust her not to entrap you with your own words. This can extend to others, making you suspicious and mistrustful. Your mind is quick and deep, but negative psychic impressions can block the flow. You may have a hope-for-the-best-but-expect-the-worst approach to life. 

The fourth house relates to home, family and your deepest emotional security needs. It describes the parent to whom you look for the fulfillment of these needs. Traditional astrology gives the mother rulership over this house because she has been the nurturing parent, the one who stayed home and cared for the family. Today, though, mother often pursues a career, and it is father who provides the emotional security. 

The tenth house rules your career, your public image and the authority figure(s) in your life. It is your father who teaches you how to get along in the world outside the home. As such, the tenth house traditionally relates to him. 

There are no set rules as to which parent rules which house. Sometimes one parent fulfills both roles. Other times the parents reverse roles. Each chart must be analyzed individually to determine which parent rules the fourth and which rules the tenth. 

The relationship between the fourth and tenth is important because your home, family and the security they give you determine how you will do outside the home. If you don't get what you need from one parent, you may turn to the other, who may or may not be able to fulfill your needs. Lack of emotional security in the home can lead to compensation in the career. The career, then, can become a parent replacement. 

The signs on the cusps of the fourth and tenth houses add another dimension to understanding your parents. When trying to determine which house is which parent, it is helpful to exaggerate the descriptions enough to allow yourself to be able to make a distinction between the two. 

Aries on 4th Cusp: 

This parent puts him/herself first. He/she is impatient and irritiable. This parent taught you that home and family come first. 

Libra on 10th Cusp: 

This parent is charming, diplomatic and puts others first. He/she taught you to be a go-between, an intermediary. Partnership is imporant to him/her. 

Jupiter in 10th house: 

This parent is generous and optimistic. While he/she can exaggerate and possibly indulge, he/she is honest. 

            The signs represent principles to be learned.  The house cusp on which a sign falls tells us the area of life in which that principle will be learned. Usually, the principle manifests in more than one area of life, since the ruler, or ROVING DELEGATE of that sign, carries the message to another house. 

            It makes no difference what sign falls on the cusp in question.  We simply link the sign with its ruler's house position.  For example, with Virgo on the fourth and Mercury in the eleventh, the ruler of the fourth is in the eleventh.  The same thing is true if Taurus is on the fourth and Venus is in the eleventh.  The same concept applies in each case. 

        The house in which the fourth or tenth house ruler falls gives us more information regarding that parent's messages. 

Ruler of 4th house in 9th: 

This parent taught you to open your mind to new ideas, to expand your horizons through study or travel.  He or she influences your philosophy of life and attitude toward God. 

Ruler of 10th house in 8th: 

You have strong issues relating to authority and power as a result of this parent's influence.  You will work through these issues, however,.  This parent gave you your sexual attitudes. He or she helps you look beyond the obvious and investigate life's mysteries.  He or she helps you deal with joint finances in your career. 

Now that you've looked at your programming, you may be wondering if it will control you forever or if there is something you can do to change it, to move past it. There is. You can release it and yourself to God in complete faith and trust and just BE. When you come from BEING, you are coming from unconditional love. You see beauty everywhere. You are one with the whole and know that you are protected and loved.