FLOWER ESSENCES Specialized Report Sample Printout

This beautifully written report by Gina Ronco analyzes patterns of imbalance found in the natal chart and offers very unique alternatives to traditional medicine. The report includes ill-health tendencies of the person and provides specific tools which can improve health of the entire being by offering suggestions for the emotional, mental, and spiritual body. Flower essences, gems, music, aroma therapy and color therapy are among the healing tools that are mentioned in the report.

Gina Ronco, who in addition to being an astrologer is also a flower essence practitioner and Reiki healer. This report analyzes hard aspects (trines and sextiles are not interpreted) and zodiac sign positions of the inner planets. Obviously, this is a unique report, and we think it will be a popular one.

Languages available: English, French, Portuguese

Flower Essence And Gem Stone Report for
Mother Teresa
August 27, 1910
1:25 PM
Skopje, Yugoslavia
        This report is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:  

Sun              3    Vir    20                      Pluto            27    Gem    45  
Moon           2    Gem 10                      N. Node      23    Tau      08  
Mercury       0    Lib    16                     Asc.             12    Sag      22  
Venus         10    Leo   04                     MC               2    Lib       46  
Mars          13    Vir     37                     2nd cusp      16    Cap     37  
Jupiter        14    Lib     00                    3rd cusp        26   Aqu     24  
Saturn          6    Tau    32                     5th cusp          1   Tau      03  
Uranus        21   Cap    46                    6th cusp        23    Tau     12  
Neptune     20    Can    39  

Tropical  Placidus   Standard time observed  
GMT: 12:25:00   Time Zone: -1 hours East  
Lat. and Long. of birth: 41 N 59    21 E 26  

Aspects and orbs:  
Conjunction     :  4 Deg 00 Min  
Trine                :  4 Deg 00 Min  
Opposition       :  4 Deg 00 Min  
Sextile              :  2 Deg 00 Min  
Square             :  4 Deg 00 Min  
Quincunx         :  3 Deg 00 Min  
Conjunct Asc   :  6 Deg 00 Min  

Note:  Most trine and sextile aspects are not interpreted  
       because they do not present strong challenges and  
       problems with one's well-being.  
            This report is designed for those who are interested in tools which can support their own efforts toward growth and well-being on all levels. Using astrology, flower essences, gemstones and gem elixirs, color, music, aroma therapy, visualization, and other methods, one can transform difficult patterns in one's life and manifest more of one's positive potentials.  

            Our emphasis is not so much on eliminating undesirable traits or experiences as on bringing one into balance so that the positive expression of one's astrological signature can manifest. A person who is essentially inward and shy and who has trouble making his way in the world will not become a dynamic, flamboyant world-conqueror, but he can build confidence in reaching out to others. Rather than attempt to get rid of his shyness, the focus would be on discovering the positive gifts his gentleness may offer him and alleviating the more extreme, isolating aspects of his shy nature. Using these "vibrational" tools, issues that one may have struggled with for years can be eased, and long-buried talents and loves can be awakened.  

            Many of the tools suggested herein, including astrology, work on what esotericists refer to as the energy bodies, the chakras, or the aura. This subtle energy field, which emanates from every living thing, is where our energetic and emotional habits, thought patterns, belief systems, and so on reside. Introducing the energy pattern of a flower, plant, gem, or mineral into one's aura directly affects one's emotional and mental energies, and over a period of time this promotes long-lasting changes.  

            The key factor in using any of these remedies or tools is one's positive intentions, willingness, and desire for harmony and health. They are not "magic". Used consistently and with conscious intention, they reinforce and accelerate desired changes. In the back of this report is a listing of resources where you can obtain the flower essences and other products suggested for you. There are also other tips and instructions.  

            As you read over your report you may see a number of areas that you would like to work with. There is a lot of information here and the possibilities can be very exciting! However, it is usually best to attend to one issue or cluster of related issues (a theme) at one time. Choose whichever one is most meaningful or troublesome to you at present. Keep in mind that you will NOT manifest all of thepotential imbalances mentioned. Some issues may have already been resolved, and some will simply not be relevant. In deciding which issue to focus on, follow your intuition. Remember, too, that gentle, persistent effort is usually necessary in re-patterning and creating any real change. Best Wishes to You!  

Sun and Ascendant: General Characteristics  

            The position of the Sun in your birth chart represents the person you are at heart and the path you must follow to fulfill yourself as a unique individual. It also indicates your personal strength and vitality, as well as what activities or life experiences you require to feel alive and to replenish your life force. The Sun represents your personal identity.  

Sun in Virgo:  

Key issues: refining, improving, making whole and perfect; humble service.  

Key qualities: precise, meticulous, exacting, analytical, efficient.  

            For you life is made up of the small things, well done. And with your finely-honed sensitivity and exquisite awareness of detail, you can be a superb craftsman, blending the gifts of the technical expert with the artisan's eye. You find fulfillment in the healing or helping professions, the arts, or in giving humble service in whatever place you find yourself in. You are apt to downplay your own importance or significance, to be modest to the extreme, more concerned with doing the job than getting the credit. You enjoy nurturing others by serving them something nutritious or doing a helpful service for them.  

            When out of balance you may suffer from the princess-and-the-pea syndrome i.e. you perceive (and are annoyed by) things in your environment that others either don't see or consider very minor. And you cannot rest until the "wrong" is made right! Perfectionism and an overbearing inner critic can make your life, and those around you, miserable.  

            When ill, you respond very well to natural, herbal, and dietary therapies. In fact, because of your sensitivity, all of the remedies and subtle techniques mentioned herein are particularly effective for you. However, you do have an analytical and often skeptical mind; you do not believe without proof. You also need to be consistent and persistent with any therapy or remedy you decide upon, as you are apt to waiver and become discouraged rather easily. "Temporarily suspending disbelief" and staying with it are crucial to success.  

            Even when you are not ill, you may require a specialized diet. Respect your body's sensitivities.  

Patterns of Imbalance:  

            For critical and judgemental attitudes, intolerance, and firm, narrowly defined principles: the flower essences BEECH and MILKMAIDS.  

            For intense perfectionism manifesting as feelings of impurity, self-disgust, over-concern about cleanliness: the flower essence CRABAPPLE.  

            For Lack of self-confidence, automatically feeling inferior, false or excessive modesty: the flower essences LARCH, MIMULUS, BUTTERCUP.  

            For perfectionistic standards that lead to guilt, self-reproach, and self-blame: the flower essence PINE.  

Gemstones that may be beneficial for you to wear, carry, or take as an elixir:  

            NEPHRITE OR JADEITE JADE, these work on the solar plexus and heart chakras, bringing in a sense of peace, balance, and simplicity.  

            GREEN JASPER, for connecting to the earthy, feminine nature, including earthly sensuality and healthy sexuality.  

Sun Square Moon:  

            Your conscious intentions and desires are frequently at odds with your subconscious beliefs or inclinations, which can lead to chronic tension. If you try to ignore or override your emotional self (the things you really need and long for), you will repeatedly subconsciously sabotage yourself. You are a complex person! You need to allow yourself to express the contradictory sides of yourself, and not expect consistency of yourself at all times. The flower essences DEER BRUSH and OCOTILLO can help you integrate mixed or conflicting motives. (Read the moon chapter to clarify your inner or subconscious motives.)  

            Your Ascendant (or Rising Sign) describes your physique, as well as indicating how you relate to and are affected by your environment. It has a direct bearing on your physical health.  

Ascendant in Sagittarius:  

            You have a "happy" demeanor and appear congenitally and perpetually upbeat and buoyant, with a certain physical frisky exuberance that belies any suffering you may have. Your energy level, though high, is not especially consistent or sustained. It comes in bursts of enthusiasm.  

            You enjoy sports, games, gambling or taking chances, and fun physical activities like dancing, horse back riding, skiing, or skating, all of which you do with a free-flowing, willowy grace that makes it look effortless. Your secret is that you do it for fun or for joy and do not take it terribly seriously. Nevertheless, you are prone to your share of sports injuries, and indoors you can be downright clumsy. You are prone to be large and/or need quite alot of physical space around you in order to be comfortable. Small, cozy spaces feel cramped and even life-depleting to you. Your ideal environment is large, spacious, with high ceilings and windows, and alot of light.  

            You thrive when you have a distant goal to aspire towards, a cause to serve, something larger than yourself to live for. You may be most prone to physical ailments when your faith in some cherished ideal is shaken or shattered, when you feel trapped in a situation that carries little higher purpose or meaning, or when there is a little inspiration, freedom, or adventure in your life.  

             Flower and garden essences that can be of benefit to you include: SWEET PEA (for always seeking, wandering, unable to settle or make a commitment), COW PARSNIP (for the grass is greener elsewhere syndrome), and CORN (for a balanced, integrated relationship between heaven and earth, vision and reality).  

Asc. Trine Venus:  

            Your good looks and agreeable manners are apt to win you friends and smooth your path throughout life. You know how to harmonize with and please people. Many things are offered to you, or come easily to you and as a result you may become rather jaded. Vanity, narcissism, and superficial values and relationships are potential deficits. Your health, though, is apt to be good.  

Asc. Square Mars:  

            You are bold, forceful, and like being where the action is. You have a strong physical drive, and thrive in high-powered situations where you can release alot of energy. Noisy, aggressive environments do not bother you. If not balanced by other factors in your chart which indicate gentleness or refinement, you can be crude, belligerent, and arrogant. The essences VINE and TIGER LILY can help soften and bring you into balance.  

Asc. Sextile Jupiter:  

            You have an expansive outlook that inspires confidence, faith, and hope in the people you come into contact with. Others are drawn to you because you appear wise and you give them positive encouragement. You believe in possibilities, miracles, and grace, and thereby invite them into your life. This attitude certainly contributes to your health, which overall should be quite good. Unless other factors in your chart indicate humility and a realistic sense of limits, however, you are apt to be rather grandiose, self-righteous and preachy at times.  

Moon and Venus: Emotions and Feelings  

            The position of the Moon in your birth chart reflects your emotional nature, what you need to feel nurtured, what feels familiar and comfortable to you. It is also your deeply-held beliefs and mostly unconscious or instinctive responses, which play themselves out in your closest personal relationships. Your moods, memories, dream life, and feeling-self are depicted by the moon in your birth chart.  

Moon in Gemini:  

Key issues: intellectualizing versus feeling.  

Key qualities: alert, changeable, adaptable, curious, easily diverted.  

            For your emotional well-being you need to have a lot of intellectual and/or social stimulation and entertainment. "Mind food" is as important to you as eating; you love to learn, to converse, to take in new ideas. You have a gift for languages, codes, symbols, and translating feelings or subtle emotional states into words.  

            You have an itchy, nervous, restless quality and seem to need frequent short excursions, outings, or breaks in your routine. It may be difficult for you to achieve or sustain a sense of peace and contentment or emotional tranquility within yourself. You actually thrive on the changes and movement in life and would be bored without them.  

            You can be curiously detached emotionally. No matter what tragedy or emotional pit you fall into, there is a part of you that can stand back and see it objectively even joke about it. Rather than just feeling and immersing yourself in your emotions, you are apt to be writing a poem about them, or simply intellectualizing about them, taking a rational approach.  

            Humor and playful mischief are key elements of your emotional makeup also. No matter what your age, their is am impish or "naughty" child in you that likes to play tricks, and does not want to grow up. Thus can make life fun, but others may complain that you laugh at their troubles or do not take anything seriously.  

Patterns of Imbalance:  

            When out of balance you may feel excessively "wired", nervous, or unanchored, and thus need calming, steadying, stabilizing influences. Avoiding stimulants, caffeine, or refined sugar can help. You may have set up your life so that you have erratic rhythms; for instance, traveling alot, working odd hours, eating quickly or on the run. If so, it would be beneficial for you to create some steady rhythm and regularity in your life, perhaps a walk at the same hour each day, or practicing yoga, taichi, or some other discipline on a regular basis, and regular meals.  

            Listening to relaxation tapes, sounds of the ocean, or of the natural world, can also help.  

            The use of the following essential oils (either as a perfume or massage oil, in a warm bath, or in aromatherapy) are calming and steadying to the emotions: LAVENDER, BERGAMOT, SANDALWOOD, GERANIUM, and MARJORAM.  

            Gemstones that can be helpful to wear or take as an elixir include: AQUAMARINE, which brings calm to an overactive mind, and promotes serenity, and SODALITE, which brings order and calm to internal chatter.  

Flower essences that may be useful when you are out of balance include:  

            For indecisiveness vacillating constantly between two possible options; a "grasshopper" mind, and seeming unreliable to others because of variable moods or opinions: the flower essence SCLERANTHUS.  

            For living in one's head, constant mental chatter, frenzied rushing around, or obsessive mental activity: the flower essences WHITE CHESTNUT and JUMPING CHOLLA CACTUS.  

            The position of Venus in your birth chart reveals your capacity for love, intimacy, pleasure, giving and receiving, and relationships. Representing, also, your taste in beauty and your values, it is a key to how you can create harmony within yourself.  

Venus in Leo:  

            Proud, warm-hearted, and perhaps somewhat showy or vain, you get pleasure from displaying your affections in grand gestures of generosity or dramatic demonstrations of love. You give and receive graciously and proudly. Your tastes tend to be extravagant. You like things that are dazzling, gorgeous, vibrant, colorful, "the most" (stunning wedding dress, magnificent feast, beautiful christmas tree), and you love celebrations.  

            You are also instinctively loyal, and require respect and admiration for love to flourish (ie. if you lose respect for someone, your love is diminished tremendously). When expressing the negative side of this pattern, you may dominate loved ones or insist on being the center of their emotional lives, or unwilling to share the glory. You can create harmony within yourself through using your creative talents and love of performing or making beauty.  

Venus Square Saturn:  

            In many ways, love, intimacy, and relationship are not easy for you, and you may struggle with loneliness, shyness, social isolation, feeling unlovable, unattractive, or unwanted. Or you may have suffered such losses or pain in love that you fear trusting and opening your heart. If so, your coolness and apparent indifference may well reinforce your aloneness. Insecurities about your ability to keep the affection and loyalty of a lover may compel you to put excessive value on commitment and guarantees in the relationship, perhaps maintaining an essentially joyless or even abusive situation for the sake of "security". However, periods of solitude, and even of deprivation and loneliness, may serve to teach you about your own heart, your deepest values, and how to love and care for yourself, which can lay the foundation for honest, deep, and nourishing relations with others. Thus your mature years are apt to be more gratifying than your youth.  

            Flower essences that can support the opening and healing of your heart, or resolving thorny issues in relationship, include: CROWN OF THORNS (to help let you go of the belief that love and suffering must go together), BLEEDING HEART (for releasing past hearthache), HOLLY (a "master essence" for healing the distortions caused by a lack of love: envy, jealousy, hatred or self-hatred), STICKY MONKEY FLOWER and POISON OAK (for fear of intimacy, unwillingness to be vulnerable), MALLOW (to relax barriers to closeness and trust), PEONY and ALPINE AZALEA (for opening the heart and the spirit of love), COLUMBINE (for self-appreciation and self-love, healing feelings of being alienated and unwanted.).  

            The gemstones which can be worn or taken as an elixir (combined with any of the above flower essences, or taken alone) include: ROSE QUARTZ, PINK TOURMALINE, and RHODOCHROSITE.  

Energy work on the heart and sacral centers can be very helpful, also.  

Mercury: Thinking and Ideas  

            The position of Mercury in your birth chart describes your intellectual qualities, how you communicate or express yourself verbally, and in general how your thinking patterns operate.  

Mercury in Libra:  

            You are able to see both sides of any issue, to compare, judge, and weigh them impartially. You think reasonably, fairly, with an eye for balance and harmony, eschewing extremes. You also think in aesthetic terms and have a fine sense of form and beauty. When you are unable to reach any clear decision and are swinging back and forth between two options, the flower essence SCLERANTHUS is useful. You might also wish to consider taking CERATO, for relying too much upon confirmation and advice from others.  

Mercury Square Pluto:  

            Your mind is keen and penetrating, and you are capable of considerable intellectual passion. Unsatisfied with superficial analysis or pat answers, you probe into the very core of an issue or subject. You perceive the deeper, unspoken motive, what is hidden, obscure, buried, or taboo. Often you voice what others are trying to skirt, and you are a convincing, persuasive, even charismatic speaker. Your words can be potent and healing, going directly to the heart, transforming other's entire understanding. When not positively directed, however, you may use your mental powers to overwhelm or coerce others into accepting your viewpoint, become intellectually or philosophically extreme, paranoid, intolerant and fanatical, use deadly sarcasm, connive, or secretly obsess over some convoluted scheme or negative intent.  

            You may have blockages in either the throat or brow chakras due to early experiences in which you were told NOT to see what you did indeed see (brow), or not to speak about your perceptions (throat). You may have decided to close down your intuitive perceptiveness, or not to trust others enough to speak openly and truthfully about your experiences and what you know. To clear and open these centers healing energy work (such as Reiki or other laying on of hands techniques) can be very useful.  

            If you feel creatively stifled, have difficulty speaking, or feel you must tightly control every word that escapes your lips for fear of revealing too much about yourself, and/or if you have physical problems and/or constrictions in the throat area, the following practices may be useful: 1) Do color breathing (as described in Appendix I) with the color SKY BLUE. Wear a necklace of some blue stone; LAPIS LAZULI is particularly recommended. 2) Use your voice. Create a simple affirmation and speak it aloud several times a day (for example: I use my words to praise, empower, and heal myself and others.).  

            Take a singing or toning class. Let yourself make any sounds you wish. Strange, wild, or unexpected sounds may come through you as you open and release the blocks in this center. The sound "HREEM", repeated during meditation or quiet time, tonifies and expends the throat chakra.  

            If your brow chakra is damaged or blocked, you may have some difficulty visualizing. Use the color indigo or violet blue. Gemstones that can be worn to clear or open this center include: DIAMOND, AZURITE, and SAPPHIRE, as do the flower essences EYEBRIGHT and QUEEN ANNE'S LACE.  

            Other flower essences that may be appropriate and helpful: OREGON GRAPE (for inability to trust, paranoid thoughts or expectation of ill-will from others), CALENDULA (for more gentleness and receptivity in communicating with others), and VERVAIN (for extremist views and forcing convictions upon others.).  

Mars: Ambition and Drive  

            The position of Mars in your birth chart indicates your will power, physical vitality and sexual drives, and your capacity for decisive action and self-assertion, as well as the musculature and adrenals in the physical body.  

Mars in Virgo:  

            Physically you tend to be timid and nonassertive and if you use force at all, you do it carefully, intelligently, with clear intent. (For you it is usually a last resort).  

            You may worry about your health or other difficulties, and could become irritable and aggressively critical towards yourself (ie. turn your aggressive energies inward). Problems with nervous tension, irritable bowels, etc. could thus arise. The flower essences APPLE (to release the mind set of illness, doubt, worry about your health) and BEECH (for criticism, intolerance, perfectionism) can be very useful.  

            Actively working on a craft or creating a product is a positive way to use your energies. MArtial arts or other body disciplines are also for you.  

Jupiter and Saturn: Opportunities and Challenges  

            The position of Jupiter in your birth chart represents the principle of growth, improvement, expansion, faith, and the quest for ultimate meaning or broader understanding of life.  

Jupiter in Libra:  

            You seek to grow and expand your understanding of life through relationships to other people. You have well developed gifts of diplomacy, discretion, a sense of fairness and balance. Through cooperative efforts with other people, you feel connected to the larger order of life.  

            The position of Saturn in your birth chart represents the bones, the skeleton, and the principles of hardness, heaviness, structure, stability, form, and boundaries. It shows what is hard for you, what you struggle with, where patterns of rigidity or fear hinder you, what is heavy for you, where you develop character, maturity, and depth through being tested.  

Saturn in Taurus:  

            Your struggles tend to resolve around basic security. When you feel threatened, fears of poverty, want, or material loss loom large, whether they have any realistic basis or not. You may hoard money or possessions, accumulating as much as possible to protect yourself from future lack. At the same time, the things you own, or your material requirements and responsibilities, may be a constant burden. Worry about not having "enough" may prevent you from taking risks or fully expressing yourself in some area of your life, or impel you to overwork. Your enjoyment of the physical or material side of life may thus be impaired. If you are working with these issues at present, the flower essence STAR THISTLE (which promotes a sense of inner abundance and trust in a higher providence) may be helpful.  


            The following information will enable you to make up your own flower essence remedies. However if you wish to try them but are not interested in doing it all yourself, you can contact a flower essence practitioner. Many astrological counselors and other holistic practitioners use the flower essences and gem essences in their work.  

            1. Choosing your essences: Generally you can use up five essences at a time. Some people believe five essences is ideal, as the number five is associated in myth and folklore with the healing process. Others find using a single remedy at a time most effective. Follow your own intuition and impulses on this, but please do not try to address too many issues at once. Gem essences can be used with flower essences.  

            2. Making the remedy: Once you have chosen the essence or essences you wish to take, purchase them from the supplier in the concentrated form ("stock" bottles). You will need a grass dropper bottle such as pharmacists use for eye drops, which are sold at come pharmacies as well as through the flower essences companies. The one ounce size is standard. It should be sterilized by boiling it for a few minutes, then letting it cool. Then, put four drops of each concentrated essence into the bottle, close it, and shake it vigorously for about a minute so that the essences are well blended. Fill the bottle about 3/4 full with distilled or spring water. (For a more potent remedy you may wish to use color-solarized water instead, as described in the color therapy section). Then, close the bottle and, again, shake vigorously for about a minute. To preserve the mixture, add a teaspoon or so of either brandy or applecider vinegar. (They work equally well; it is a matter of personal taste and preference).  

            3. Using essences: The standard dosage of four drops four times a day, taken under the tongue. Taking more than four drops will not increase the remedy's effectiveness, and taking it more than four times a day is usually not necessary except in crisis situations. However, if you feel inclined to use it more frequency than four times a day, these remedies cannot be harmful in anyway. They are self-adjusting, meaning that you will simply not absorb more than you can use.  

            To further activate the remedy's effect, you may wish to use a simple affirmation that corresponds with your intent and the nature of the remedy. For instance, if you are taking a remedy to increase your receptivity to love, you can say "I now let love and appreciation into my life", each time you take the remedy. Keep the words simple, positive, and framed in the present tense. Or, you may wish to put a self-adhesive label on your bottle, with a list of the essences it contains and a short phrase such as "receptivity to love" or "opening the heart" which will see each time you take the remedy.  

            Other very effective ways to use your remedy are to add 7 drops to a bath and/or several drops to an atomizer or spray bottle filled with water and spray it around the rooms of your house or workspace.  

            4. What to expect: Please understand the flower essences do not "take away" troublesome feelings or attitudes. Some people actually experience a temporary intensification of the issues the remedy is designed to address, what is referred to as a "healing crisis", as strong emotions or other reactions begin to surface. Naturally you can temporarily stop taking the remedy if you get too uncomfortable. You can also get some support while this process is occurring, since a willingness to experience and feel what is actually there is an intrinsic part of the healing. Most people, however, find the remedies quite gentle. Insights into the nature of the problem and how you are contributing to or maintaining it may emerge. Or, you may simply notice a gradual attitudinal, emotional, or energetic shift, and more harmony in that area of your life. Some very sensitive people feel the effects of the remedies on their chakras (particularly the heart and solar plexus) immediately upon taking them.  

            If the pattern you are working with is longstanding, as the ones which are related to your birth chart are apt to be, you may need more than one bottle of given remedy. Or, after one bottle, you may want to give it a rest, and then go back to that remedy later. If you frequently "forget" to take the remedy or simply lose interest in it, this may be a signal that now is not the time for that particular one.  


            Color can be used to calm or energize, to cleanse, to stimulate a given energy center in the body, or to promote balance and an overall sense of well-being. In addition to paying attention to how color affects you and using that awareness in your choice of clothing and home or office decor, here are two methods to utilize color:  

            1. Color-solarized water: This is a very easy method. The supplies needed are a clear grass jar or bottle, colored cellophane (which can be purchased at an art supply store), drinking water, sunshine, and a clear quartz crystal (optional). Sterilized the jar or bottle, fill it with water, and if you wish add a clear quartz crystal (this magnifies the effects of the color). Then, close the bottle, wrap it in the colored cellophane, and secure the cellophane with a rubberband at the top. Place the bottle in a sunny spot for 2-6 hours, preferably outdoors. After removing the crystal, you can drink it freely and/or use it to make your flower remedies.  

            2. Color Breathing: This exercise can be used to clear your energy system of psychic debries stimulate a sluggish or blocked chakra, and promote healing. Choose a place that is well-ventilated. You may stand or sit as you prefer, keeping your spine erect. Begin by taking 2 or 3 deep, gentle breaths, inhaling slowly through your nose and exhaling trough your mouth. Then as you breathe in, see and feel the color filling your entire body. As you continue to breathe, imagine the color surrounding your body as well, extending out about two feet all round you, to create a beautiful egg-shaped bubble of colored light. Simply breathe in this color for 5-10 minutes.  

            To work on a particular chakra, you may start by breathing clear, white, or golden light (as described above). Then focus your attention on the center that needs clearing or balancing. For the base or root chakra, imagine a glowing sphere of bright, apple red at the very base of your spine. As you breathe, imagine the light becoming stronger and brighter. For the sacral center (located about 2 inches above the pubic bone) the color is orange. For the solar plexus (halfway between the navel and sternum), the color is bright yellow. For the heart, green or pink. For the throat, sky blue. For the brow center (located between the eyebrows and up about one inch), indigo blue. For the crown center (at the top of the head), purple, violet, or white. (You may use which ever one you feel most attracted to).  

            If you cannot "see" the color with your mind's eye, just imagine that it is there. An inability to visualize a certain color often indicates a particular need for that very color.  

            To derive healing benefits from visualization and color breathing, it is not necessary to spend a great deal of time. Five to ten minutes once or twice a day is quite adequate. And, once again you decide when you have "had enough" of a given color or exercise. A change in your feelings about a given color (less attraction to or "craving" for it, or less repulsion towards it, for instance) can be a clue.  


            Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils from plants and flowers. It is much different from flower essence therapy in that it is primarily the "healing fragrance" which influences body and emotions through the scents. (Flower essences are odorless). Aromatherapy can be utilized either as a perfume (especially applied to the chakras), in bath water, in massage oil, or diffused in the air via steam or incense. Read labels carefully and take precautions using these potent oils.  
The companies listed below are reputable sources for high-quality essences:
                Flower Essence Services                                 Desert Alchemy  
                P.O. Box 1769                                               Box 44189  
                Nevada City, CA 95959                                 Tucson, AZ  85733  

                Alaskan Flower Essence Project                      Pegasus Products  
                P.O. Box 1369                                                Box 228  
                Homer, AK 99603                                          Boulder, CO 80306  

                Master's Flower Essences                                Perelandra  
                14618 Tyler Foote Road                                  P.O. Box 3603  
                Nevada City, CA 95959                                   Warrenton, VA 22186  

                Australian Bush Flower Essences                     Ellon USA  
                Box 531                                                         644 Merrick Road  
                Spit Junction, NSW                                         Lynbrook, NY 11563  
                AUSTRALIA 2088  
             Alaskan Flower Essence Project also carries fine quality gem elixirs. A good source for color therapy products is: Dev Aura, Little London, Tetford, Lincs., ENGLAND LN9 6QL.  
            Given below is a listing of the flower essences that were mentioned in this report and where they can be obtained. The mailing address of each company is given above.  
Alpine Azalea: Alaskan Flower Essence Project Beech: Flower Essence Serv, Pegasus Prod, Ellon USA Bleeding Heart: Flower Essence Serv, Pegasus Prod Buttercup: Flower Essence Serv, Pegasus Prod Calendula: Flower Essence Serv, Pegasus Prod Cerato: Ellon USA Columbine: Flower Ess Serv, Alaskan Flow Ess Proj, Pegasus Pr Corn: Flower Ess Ser, Pegasus Pr, Master's Flow Ess, Perelandra Cow Parsnip: Alaskan Flower Essence Project Crabapple: Flower Ess Ser, Pegasus Pr, Ellon USA Crown of Thorns: Desert Alchemy, Pegasus Pr Deer Brush: Flower Essence Service, Desert Alchemy Garlic: Flower Essences Services Holly: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products, Ellon USA Jumping Cholla Cactus: Desert Alchemy Larch: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products, Ellon USA Lavender: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products Mallow: Flower Essence Services, Pegasus Products Milk maids: Pegasus Products Mimulus: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products, Ellon USA Ocotillo: Desert Alchemy Oregon Grape: Flower Essence Serv, Desert Alchemy, Pegasus Prod Peony: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products Pine: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products, Ellon USA Poison Oak: Flower Essence Service Queen Anne's Lace: Flower Essence Services Scleranthus: Flower Essence Service, Ellon USA Scotch Broom: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products Star Thistle: Flower Essence Serv, Alaskan Flow Essence Project Sticky Monkeyflower: Flower Essence Service Sweet Pea: Flower Essence Service Tiger Lily: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products Vervain: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products, Ellon USA Vine: Flower Essence Service, Pegasus Products, Ellon USA