COSMO FORECAST Sample Printout

The Cosmo Forecast Report provides interpretations of transiting Sun, Mercury,
Venus, and Mars to the natal planets. Note that because the outer planets
(Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are not interpreted, this report is not
complete and does not include the influences of the very important and powerful effects
of outer planets. The interpretations are the same text that is contained in the most
comprehensive Basic Forecast Report.

Currently available in English only

Michael J. Fox

June 9, 1961
12:15 AM
Edmonton, Canada

October 16, 2002 - November 16, 2002

Tropical/Placidus   NATAL CHART
Calculated for time zone 0 hours

Natal positions:
Sun=18GE12 Moon= 1TA27 Merc= 9CN21 Ven= 2TA58 Mars=18LE37
Jup= 6AQ49 Sat=29CP07 Ura=22LE23 Nep= 8SC58 Plu= 5VI40
Asc=18AQ37 MC=14SA03

Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
Conj ( 0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sqr ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Oct 17, 2002    (Oct 16, 2002 to Oct 18, 2002) Merc Trine Jup

This is a good time to travel, especially to places you've never experienced before, where you will be exposed to new ideas and different ways of looking at the world. Studying new concepts is also favored; your ability to understand and abstract ideas and your desire to grow intellectually is strong now. Anything than broadens your world appeals to you at this time. You are interested in the big picture and have less attention and interest in details.

Oct 19, 2002    (Oct 18, 2002 to Oct 20, 2002) Merc Sqr Merc

Intellectual disagreements or differences of opinion and viewpoints arise now. You may have to speak your mind in a way that challenges or unnerves someone else. However, your mind is very active and sharp, and your reasoning power is good, so this is a good time to do mental work.

Oct 22, 2002    (Oct 21, 2002 to Oct 23, 2002) Merc Sxtil MC

Making decisions or long-range plans is favored now. Your judgement is sound. Making worthwhile professional contacts, reaching out to others who can help you in your work, and taking care of business in an orderly, clear way are also likely.

Oct 22, 2002    (Oct 21, 2002 to Oct 23, 2002) Sun Sqr Sat

This is a time of considerable frustration and your desires or efforts appear to be thwarted or at least delayed. Relationships with men and people in authority may be particularly uncomfortable. Also, you have more self-doubt than usual; your mood is somber and rather self-critical. This is a good time to take stock of your life, to see how you are limiting and holding yourself back, and to determine your next steps. But do not attempt to press forward now, and don't take whatever setbacks you experience too much too heart.

Oct 24, 2002    (Oct 24, 2002 to Oct 25, 2002) Merc Trine Sun

You are very clear and perceptive now. It's a good time to make a decision or come to an agreement, negotiate, exchange your views with others, present your case. If you are in a profession dealing with words, ideas, or communication, this is a very productive time for you. Ideas flow, and you express your thoughts well.

Oct 25, 2002    (Oct 24, 2002 to Oct 26, 2002) Sun Oppos Moon

Your feelings, emotional needs, and desires for closeness and a sense of belonging come to the fore now. You give your home, personal relationships, and inner life more attention. Problems you may have been avoiding in these areas are brought into focus.

Oct 25, 2002    (Oct 24, 2002 to Oct 26, 2002) Merc Trine Asc

Communications are excellent now. You come across clearly and present yourself articulately. Public speaking, interviews, and other transactions with the public are favored. Conversations you have at this time go smoothly, and an agreement can be reached.

Oct 25, 2002    (Oct 24, 2002 to Oct 26, 2002) Merc Sxtil Mars

You are eager to discuss your thoughts and plans with others at this time and you may have a very fruitful brainstorming session, a spirited debate, or a very active meeting with others in which things really get accomplished. You are verbally assertive and can present your own plan or idea quite convincingly.

Oct 26, 2002    (Oct 24, 2002 to Oct 27, 2002) Mars Trine Jup

At this time you will want to branch out; you have the energy to do more and take on more challenges. This is a very good time to begin implementing the plans and promises that you have made to yourself, as any new endeavor is likely to succeed. A new health regimen, actions taken to advance professionally, or anything you do to move toward achieving a cherished goal or ideal goes well now.

Oct 26, 2002    (Oct 25, 2002 to Oct 27, 2002) Sun Oppos Ven

You are feeling particularly affectionate now and the company of your love partner or very close friends is important to you. This is not a time for solitary activity. Sharing, harmonizing, and love are the themes now. However, if you are not happy in your personal life, your problems may seem especially pressing at this time.

Oct 27, 2002    (Oct 26, 2002 to Oct 28, 2002) Merc Sxtil Ura

You will want a break from the predictability of your usual routine and methods. You're in the mood to experiment and to learn something new. Offbeat or original ideas excite you and you will seek people who can offer you a different way of looking at things. Discovery, inventiveness, and spontaneity are major themes now.

Oct 29, 2002    (Oct 27, 2002 to Oct 30, 2002) Ven Trine Merc

This is a good time to schedule social activities or even business meetings where tact and friendliness would be a plus. You act as a diplomat and harmonizer between people with differing viewpoints. Also, attending cultural events such as an art show or a play is favored. Thoughts of love, an appreciation for beauty, and an aesthetic enjoyment of your surroundings are brought to the fore. A short pleasure trip would also be beneficial now.

Oct 29, 2002    (Oct 28, 2002 to Oct 30, 2002) Sun Sxtil Plu

There are opportunities for deep sharing, and powerful, meaningful contacts with others, especially people who share common goals or ideals. An opportunity for a leadership role is also likely.

Oct 29, 2002    (Oct 28, 2002 to Oct 31, 2002) Ven Conj Nep

Your romantic imagination is strong now. Dreams of an idealized "true love" or feelings of compassion and oneness with others emerge strongly at this time.

Your perception of people gets rather hazy; you tend to see them through rose-colored glasses. It is best not to make firm commitments at this time.

If you have creative or artistic inclinations, your work will blossom. You can come up with some really lovely, inspiring images.

Oct 30, 2002    (Oct 28, 2002 to Oct 31, 2002) Mars Sqr Merc

Verbal battles, disputes, and heated debates are very likely at this time because you speak your mind without much forethought, tact, or consideration of consequences. Right now you will say the things you usually only think, especially to people you disagree with. Also, you are quite impatient and easily frustrated, and are inclined to move about too quickly and abruptly, which can cause accidents. Unless you slow your pace down a bit, this time period can be quite a headache.

Oct 30, 2002    (Oct 29, 2002 to Oct 31, 2002) Sun Sqr Jup

You are optimistic and possibly extravagant now. You are less cautious than usual, feeling that nothing can possibly go wrong. If you are inclined to overindulge, overspend, or go to excesses in any manner, this tendency is exaggerated at this time.

However, you also aim higher than usual and a very promising opportunity or contact can also occur.

Oct 31, 2002    (Oct 30, 2002 to Nov 1, 2002) Merc Sqr Sat

Your thinking is rather gloomy and pessimistic at this time. You see the superficiality, the flaws, and the foolishness or impracticality in others' plans. Also, communicating with others is difficult now, and people resist what you are saying. You feel more inhibited and uncommunicative, and you sense that others are not receptive. Frustrating conversations and the feeling that you are coming across negatively are possible now, so you are inclined simply to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Nov 1, 2002     (Oct 31, 2002 to Nov 2, 2002) Sun Conj Nep

You feel more lackadaisical now, less focused on mundane tasks, and possibly less energetic as well. Your imagination and fantasy life is very active and you can dream up some very creative ideas. Negatively, you tend to dissipate your energy or to avoid the real world.

Nov 1, 2002     (Nov 1, 2002 to Nov 2, 2002) Merc Oppos Moon

At this time you have important discussions with women and with people you are (or once were) very close to. You may wish to visit, write, or make a telephone call to someone from your past. Connecting with your roots is the theme now, with an emphasis on seeing the past objectively. Memories and old feelings surface very clearly now.

Nov 1, 2002     (Oct 31, 2002 to Nov 2, 2002) Sun Trine Merc

If you are a writer, teacher, student, or involved in any intellectual work, this is a positive time for you: ideas flow and it is easier than usual to express your thoughts. Also, this is a good time for buying, selling, negotiating, and communications of all kinds.

Nov 2, 2002     (Oct 31, 2002 to Nov 3, 2002) Ven Sqr Jup

This is a time when it is difficult to stay within a budget or on a diet, as your tendency is to splurge on beautiful things and to enjoy yourself as much as possible. You want comfort and ease, and have luxurious tastes. Quality is especially important to you right now. Also, you want to share whatever good fortune you have. You need company and happy fellowship. It's a good time for a party, as long as you don't overdo it.

Nov 2, 2002     (Nov 2, 2002 to Nov 3, 2002) Merc Oppos Ven

This is a favorable time to take a short vacation or pleasure trip, especially to visit people you really enjoy. The tone of this time is light, friendly and easy. Positive connections are made with others, and you may meet a new friend. You may also want to call or write someone you love, simply to cheer them up or tell them you love them.

Nov 4, 2002     (Nov 2, 2002 to Nov 5, 2002) Ven Sxtil Plu

Your feelings for friends and your emotional responses to life in general are deeper and more intense. The need to share, to give and receive love, and to be accepted and wanted is very strong. You have an opportunity now to see what keeps you from being really close to others - perhaps a forgotten hurt or hidden resentment - and to rid yourself of it by bringing it out in the open or simply releasing it.

Nov 4, 2002     (Nov 3, 2002 to Nov 5, 2002) Merc Sxtil Plu

You are fascinated by the mysterious now. Unsolved or puzzling problems and the hidden or behind-the-scenes aspects of a situation interest you most, and you delve and probe until you discover the truth. An interest in psychology or other peoples' secrets comes to the fore. You enjoy spy stores, mystery, and supernatural stories.

Nov 5, 2002     (Nov 4, 2002 to Nov 6, 2002) Merc Sqr Jup

Your mind is on bigger issues and long-range plans. You are optimistic and enthusiastic about your ideas, but disinclined to read the fine print or study all the facts, which can result in an error in judgement. Try not to be lax about important details.

Nov 6, 2002     (Nov 5, 2002 to Nov 7, 2002) Merc Conj Nep

Your thoughts are dreamy, fantastic, and faraway right now. Your imagination and intuition is heightened, which benefits any creative or artistic work you may do. However, your practical reasoning ability and your ability to focus on the here-and-now are diminished. Your judgement regarding concrete matters is a bit fuzzy at this time, so you may wish to delay making important decisions.

Nov 6, 2002     (Nov 5, 2002 to Nov 7, 2002) Merc Trine Merc

Conversations and sharing plans and ideas with others are very fruitful now. You understand what others are telling you, and you make yourself clearly understood also. This is a favorable time for getting your message across to others via writing, speaking, or advertising.

Nov 6, 2002     (Nov 5, 2002 to Nov 8, 2002) Mars Sxtil MC

Working energetically with a clear objective in mind, advancing your own professional goals and enlisting others' support for your projects by acting as a leader, are key issues now. Your superiors and others in authority respond favorably to your confidence and your willingness to take a risk or attack a problem in a new way.

Nov 9, 2002     (Nov 7, 2002 to Nov 11, 2002) Ven Oppos Ven

Your needs for love, companionship, friendship, and sharing are very strong now, and you won't want to be alone or work go off to do solitary work. In fact, you feel like relaxing and enjoying the beautiful side of life rather than laboring or concentrating on difficult tasks. A significant development in a close relationship or strong feelings of attraction to someone you encounter, are very likely at this time.

Nov 11, 2002    (Nov 10, 2002 to Nov 12, 2002) Sun Sqr Mars

You know just what you want right now and woe to anyone or anything that gets in your way! You are much more likely to become domineering, pushy, or inconsiderate of others now, so it is a good time for you to do what you need to do by yourself rather than with others. Accidents, mistakes made in haste, or ego conflicts may occur due to your impatience and willfulness. Positively, physical energy is high and you could accomplish a great deal.

Nov 11, 2002    (Nov 10, 2002 to Nov 12, 2002) Sun Sqr Asc

You may feel out of step with the people in your immediate environment now, not in harmony with the intentions and desires of those you work or live with.

Relationships, especially professional ones, can be tense, especially if you attempt to work your own will. This is not a time to force issues.

Nov 12, 2002    (Nov 11, 2002 to Nov 13, 2002) Merc Sqr Mars

Errors made in haste, speaking too forcefully, sharp words spoken on impulse, or accidents occurring due to restlessness and impatience are all possible at this time.

You feel that you have to fight for what you want or believe in, and you are very clear, decisive, and convincing right now, but you also tend to stir up more controversy or competitive feelings than is really necessary.

Nov 12, 2002    (Nov 11, 2002 to Nov 13, 2002) Merc Sqr Asc

You will be alert and on your toes now. The pace is likely to be fast, even hectic. You are restless and eager to meet others halfway, to converse, exchange information, and make connections. Nervousness or irritability due to aggravations and the stress of increased demands at work is possible.

Nov 13, 2002    (Nov 10, 2002 to Nov 16, 2002) Ven Oppos Moon

Your feelings, friends, and female relatives figure prominently in your life now. You realize how much you appreciate and need their love and support, and you are particularly affectionate now. You may also initiate a relationship in which you take care of, support, and "baby" someone else.

Nov 13, 2002    (Nov 11, 2002 to Nov 14, 2002) Mars Trine Sun

Your vitality and self-confidence are high, and you can achieve your goals with much more ease than usual. You enjoy vigorous physical activities, competitive work or sports, and meeting challenges. You are inclined to strike out on your own and to assert your own will, but not in a way that creates resistance in others.

Nov 13, 2002    (Nov 12, 2002 to Nov 15, 2002) Mars Trine Asc

At this time it easy for you to express yourself boldly and confidently. You seem to care less about outside approval and this frees you to act on your own behalf or to do something you have not had the courage to attempt before. Your health and vitality are quite good, and you need physical outlets for your energies now.

Nov 13, 2002    (Nov 12, 2002 to Nov 15, 2002) Mars Sxtil Mars

You are capable of forceful, decisive action, and you have the will to carry through on your intentions at this time. Physically, you feel good and your energy is flowing smoothly. Also, your interactions with others are feisty and spirited. you inspire others to take action and group efforts or joint projects are favored.

Nov 14, 2002    (Nov 14, 2002 to Nov 15, 2002) Merc Sqr Ura

Flexibility, thinking on your feet, and the ability to accommodate the unexpected will be called for now. The pace is very quick. You will be pulled in many directions at once, and tend to scatter your forces, jumping from one thing to the next. Positively, you may come up with some fresh, original plan or insight that may seem crazy at first, but which is likely to be quite useful.

Nov 14, 2002    (Nov 13, 2002 to Nov 15, 2002) Sun Sqr Ura

Your usual routine is likely to be disrupted now, either by "freak" accidents beyond your control or by your own impatience with the status quo. Sudden unexpected events, and breaking free of confining situations and relationships are very likely.