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This report is based on Dorothy Oja's extensive work in relationshp counseling and analyzing the lives of the famous and infamous. The contacts described in this report are certainly not all the combinations possible between two individuals, but instead this report focuses on the core patterns of relationship analysis that Dorothy uses in determining areas of compatibility and potential conflict between individuals. These basic points of contact are analyzed to arrive at an interpretation of what is central and important in the relationship. This interpretive report is actually two different reports with the same format. You can run a report for friendships and a different report for business relationships.

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Friends Compatibility and Conflict Report for

Elizabeth Taylor
Michael Jackson

Birth Data for Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Taylor
February 27, 1932
2:15 AM
London, England

Birth Data for Michael:
Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958
11:53 PM
Gary, Indiana

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Elizabeth:
Sun      position is  7 deg. 17 min. of Pisces
Moon     position is 15 deg. 36 min. of Scorpio
Mercury  position is  7 deg. 28 min. of Pisces
Venus    position is 17 deg. 09 min. of Aries
Mars     position is  1 deg. 34 min. of Pisces
Jupiter  position is 15 deg. 11 min. of Leo
Saturn   position is  0 deg. 19 min. of Aquarius
Uranus   position is 17 deg. 03 min. of Aries
Neptune  position is  6 deg. 36 min. of Virgo
Pluto    position is 20 deg. 13 min. of Cancer
Asc.     position is 10 deg. 22 min. of Sagittarius
MC       position is 10 deg. 07 min. of Libra
2nd cusp position is 17 deg. 06 min. of Capricorn
3rd cusp position is  2 deg. 53 min. of Pisces
5th cusp position is  5 deg. 47 min. of Taurus
6th cusp position is 24 deg. 38 min. of Taurus

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Standard time observed.   GMT: 02:15:00
Time Zone: 0 hours West.   Lat & Long: 51 N 30      0 W 10  

Positions and Data for Michael:
Sun      position is  6 deg. 19 min. of Virgo
Moon     position is 17 deg. 06 min. of Pisces
Mercury  position is 25 deg. 20 min. of Leo
Venus    position is 17 deg. 18 min. of Leo
Mars     position is 22 deg. 07 min. of Taurus
Jupiter  position is 28 deg. 34 min. of Libra
Saturn   position is 19 deg. 08 min. of Sagittarius
Uranus   position is 13 deg. 31 min. of Leo
Neptune  position is  2 deg. 35 min. of Scorpio
Pluto    position is  2 deg. 10 min. of Virgo
Asc.     position is 16 deg. 49 min. of Gemini
MC       position is 21 deg. 24 min. of Aquarius
2nd cusp position is  7 deg. 59 min. of Cancer
3rd cusp position is 28 deg. 09 min. of Cancer
5th cusp position is 22 deg. 14 min. of Virgo
6th cusp position is  3 deg. 46 min. of Scorpio

Tropical/PLACIDUS   Daylight Savings Time observed.   GMT: 04:53:00
Time Zone: 6 hours West.   Lat & Long: 41 N 35 36   87 W 20 47

Dear friends:

Welcome to the Compatibility and Conflict Report for Business and Friendship and the myriad ways of expressing the continual dance of relationship. This report is based on methods employed through years of working with relationships of all kinds, observing them and analyzing the lives of the famous and infamous. The contacts described in this program are certainly not all the combinations possible between two individuals. But they are the core patterns of relationship analysis that I begin with in determining areas of compatibility and potential conflict between individuals. These basic points of contact are analyzed to arrive at an interpretation of what is central for a strong relationship or for one that teaches something of importance and leaves a lasting impression.

In many of the interpretations, I've described the highest potential that one can strive for with a particular combination. Yet this is only a potential and being human we have complex emotions and contradictory issues and reactions at any given time in our lives. Use this report as a guide to make your relationships as rewarding and fulfilling as you possibly can while knowing that your relationships are simply mirroring your own soul's struggles. Each relationship will fulfill something within you and challenge you to look at your shadow and transform yourself. Sometimes this means staying in a relationship and sometimes the learning process requires that you let the relationship go. These decisions are never easy and they should only be made after careful and truthful introspection, reflection and guidance. But ultimately, these decisions are yours and yours alone to make. Remember that although you may have some difficult areas of relating with a particular person, it is in those areas that you can learn the most about yourself and others and grow in wisdom. It would be a mistake to look for a business partner or friend with whom you have no disagreements at all and this kind of relationship is a fantasy, rarely if ever, a reality.

Thank you for purchasing the report and I hope it is meaningful and useful to you.

Special thanks to John Flagg for unflagging editorial support.

To the mystery and magic of relationship chemistry, Dorothy Oja Copyright 2002

Chapter 1: Bonds For Energy, Fun and Lasting Impressions

This section is based on the idea that there are three basic needs in every relationship:

Interest, energy and stimulation.

Enjoyment, abundance, expansion of awareness/possibilities and sense of contentment or happiness.

Commitment, consistency, teaching each other, sharing values or reaffirming/confirming something essential in each other.

The sort between your charts is for eleven separate aspects that define energy, fun and lasting impressions between you. Most strong relationships have at least four to six of these aspects between their charts.

Michael's Sun Opp Elizabeth's Mars:

Core Themes: This aspect is active, restless, assertive and can even get aggressive. It is bold about stating, even demanding, what it wants. Basically you stimulate, energize and challenge each other. Mutual respect and patience is one of the inherent lessons or intent of the aspect. Avoid making irrational demands or confronting the other in anger. Give yourself a chance to cool down first. Workout or otherwise reduce your physical tension before addressing the problem areas of the relationship. Managing anger by turning it into progressive motivation and actively pursuing important goals is the essential dynamic of this combination.

You are spontaneously attracted or irritated by each other's energy initially. In fact, one of you may find the dynamic too pushy for your taste. If you choose to become friends, there is always an energy of control or sometimes being out of control or even "over the top" present in your dynamic with each other. A certain a mount of this type of energy can be exciting. However, if you don't harness it to something creative, which you can pursue together, you may find that this energy soon becomes tiresome and unpleasant. Make no mistake, you will push each other's buttons and that's not all bad. You two can whip each other into a fine frenzy of one sort or another in no time flat because there's no lack of enthusiasm or excitement. And that exactly, is a large part of the draw. Things happen around you when you are together and you can light the lives of others with your warmth. When the chips are down, you can provide support for each other and help each other get going again after one of you has stumbled.

Elizabeth's Asc in Sagittarius and Michael's 7th House in Sagittarius:

Core Themes: With this aspect, you will feel an easy natural relating when you are together. Although your approaches may differ, you will often complement each other. The intent of this aspect is to focus and strengthen your ability to relate harmoniously without giving up individuality within relationship. Elizabeth's personality reflects what Michael is in part seeking from relationship with others and vice versa.

You meet many of each other's needs for friendship, and your basic approaches to life share a similar foundation. Although your ways of expressing them may differ, you'll find that you hold many of the same basic values. You tend to support core values equally important to both of you especially when approaching the outer world and in social interaction. You can encourage and inspire each other to look at things from different angles and feel refreshed by the new vantage point. This way of connecting will keep you on your toes.

Michael's Sun Square Elizabeth's Asc.:

Core Themes: This aspect challenges each of your normal ways of expressing your personality and character. The essence of this aspect asks you to allow each other to be who you are and express yourselves freely, without undue interference from the other. At the same time, the aspect will challenge your ability to tolerance different ways of expressing and approaching life situations.

Although you are drawn to each other magnetically, this combination of energies provides you with strong challenge. The two of you will view life differently and at times take opposing positions, potentially creating discord. Still, this doesn't mean that you can't respect each other and be friends. It will really be up to the two of you whether you can learn to tolerate each other's different styles and attitudes. You can be sure that this energy between you will make both of you think more deeply about what you are doing and why. If you prefer a friendship that challenges and questions, this relationship will meet your needs.

Michael's Venus Conj Elizabeth's Jupiter:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to expand the full potential of your creative expression while still taking into account potential consequences and risk factors. There is no expansion or expression without universal feedback, and this aspect teaches you responsibility for your use of energy, your own, or the other person's. You seek a certain amount of variety and can tolerate a fair amount of risk-taking. Your over-optimism, however, can be like wearing rose-colored glasses, and you'll need to take them off now and then to deal with the important practical realities of life.

With Venus conjunct Jupiter there's a special affection between you, and you enjoy each other's company. There is a natural inclination to be generous with each other. This is an aspect of genuine affection and can make up for other difficult aspects you may share. Others will want to bask in the humorous, open and positive aura that you create. You will draw social relationships toward you, easily make connections and participate in many social activities, if you so choose. Travel possibilities are likely, as well as a wide range of learning situations. You are drawn to any activities that expand possibilities and offer positive experiences.

Elizabeth's Mars Trine Michael's Jupiter:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is expansion of knowledge and aptitude through a variety of learning adventures including writing, publishing, promotion, sales, sports or religion. The end result is to attain wisdom and a greater capacity for self-expression - "to be the best you can be". The impulse is for improvement and breaking previous records or boundaries in whatever field you choose.

Risk, adventure and learning are important ingredients in your life together. You could have met at a sporting event, while traveling or during a class of some sort. The intent of this aspect is to broaden your horizons and your experiences through shared inquiry. You are meant to understand your limits by exceeding them in various ways in the course of your friendship with each other. Traveling and physical activities are likely to form important features of being together since there is a natural restlessness to the aspect. It's possible you could give in to too much laziness -- if so, it will bottle up your positive output. The mind/body balance is one of the messages of this energetic combination.

Elizabeth's Moon Square Michael's Venus:

Core Themes: With an overall tendency to good fortune and harmony, this aspect brings up issues concerning shared values and mutual support. Social connections and interactions are favored and favorable. The intent of this aspect is to address the issues of ease, cooperation and consideration in all interactions and associations and to come to terms with one's value system.

Although there is a natural appreciation and liking of each other, there will be times when you won't like each other's habits or possibly your values will be in conflict. These will be difficult and frustrating times because typically you enjoy maintaining harmony. One of you may be prone to squandering resources much to the dismay of the other. If you are upset about something, find a diplomatic way to discuss it. Pretending that everything is peachy is one of the classic issues these energies bring. You may be more inclined to smooth over the entire problem and, depending how important it is, this tactic may, in fact, work. After all, you don't want to make a battle out of every little thing. Just be sure you're not "stuffing" something important to your own well-being.

Chapter 2: Emotions and Communication

The following aspects detail the quality of your emotional connection, your basic level of comfort and your ease or difficulty in communicating, and discussing emotions and simply understanding where each of you is coming from. Additionally, these aspects help describe how you reason together and resolve issues or problems.

Elizabeth's Moon Trine Michael's Moon:

Core Themes: Similar emotional needs are indicated, as are, to some extent, comparable dispositions. Daily habits can coincide, making it easier to share the same physical spaces for long periods of time. In matters of timing, it is likely that you will have similar understandings and be more in agreement than not. The intent of this aspect is to find your way to emotional understanding and harmony and to respect the feelings of the other person.

You can fire each other up and cool each other down because you'll frequently be riding the same emotional wave. You're able to support each other when feelings overflow and emotions are troubled. Basically, you both seek the same kinds of comforts and can relate easily to each other's peculiarities. In fact, you can accommodate your friend's idiosyncrasies with humor and even turn them into jokes that become part of the fabric of your personal friendship language. If you share living space, you are likely to have domestic tastes that match. If your upbringing is very different, it will add to the emotional adjustments you will need to make. Still, on the whole, it seems easier for the two of you to make these adjustments and forge a friendship based on mutual caring for each other.

Michael's Mercury in Leo, and Elizabeth's is in Pisces:

Core Themes: Outlook, perspective or styles of problem solving, even communicating, are the core of this aspect. This combination is more challenging because your mode of thinking and communicating tends to be quite different. The intent of this energy combination is to resolve issues of communication, speaking, reasoning etc., so that you can reach solutions and conclusions in creative and original ways.

As you get to know each other, you will quickly discover that you think very differently either about specific issues or simply in the way you reason. This isn't necessarily negative at all, because you can learn a great deal from each other's different perspectives on things. Although at times it will require patience, the process can become a most valuable lesson in communication and may very well change your perspective. I guess it depends on who's more persuasive! What's more, by taking the time to really understand your friend's reasoning, you can not only learn something important about your friend but also get a different slant on the issue that you may not have considered before. And you will learn how your own communication affects others, since your partner is probably not the only one who can't always understand what you're trying to say or figure out your brand of logic. You've attracted this kind of friendship exactly for the purpose of fine tuning your thought processes and becoming more adept and flexible in the ways you have of communicating with others.

Chapter 3: Fulfilling Each Other's Relationship Needs

These aspects explain how you meet each other's needs in important business or friendship partnerships. These aspects are based on what your natal chart describes that you're looking for in any major one-on-one relationship interaction.

Elizabeth's Sun Trine Michael's 11th house ruler, Neptune:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to make you aware of the many choices you have and how these choices affect the course of your life and relationship. Use discrimination and your own intuitive sensitivities to guide your best choices.

Being together can magnify latent sensitivities or latent dreams and ideals you've harbored in the deeper parts of yourself. This friendship can release some of those feelings and, because of that, be very precious. At times, you will be charmed or unnerved by the emergence of sensitive or previously hidden feelings when you relate to each other. There is a certain synchronicity to your first meeting -- it can even have a magical quality. You can encourage each other's fragile or forgotten dreams and bring them back to life. If not, partaking of art in any form will fulfill a certain need in what your friendship stirs. You are likely to be very supportive of each other's sometimes-fragile dreams. The protection and reinforcement you offer each other easily becomes consistent steps toward manifestation of your dreams. There is a spiritual component to your friendship, which can be obvious or simply an unspoken meeting of your souls.

Elizabeth's Mercury Trine Michael's 11th house ruler, Neptune:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to challenge you to be clear in your communication, correct any misconceptions as soon as possible and seek to use your mental and verbal gifts to inspire yourself and others.

You'll quickly discover that you have a unique way of communicating with each other that is deeply intuitive and even at times psychic. Your initial contact can be a surprising discovery of this very phenomenon. At times, there is an anxiety towards each other or an edge in your relationship that you will always have to improve upon. And as much as you understand each other, because of your heightened sensitive attunement, you could deliberately misunderstand each other at times due to your own fears. Poetry or music is perfect for the sensitive energies you stimulate. When you are with each other, you can tap into other worlds and even other dimensions of consciousness. You can do this naturally and, therefore, don't need the false escapism of drugs or alcohol. Your interaction is imaginative and creative. Whether you are involved in the arts, music, dance or theatre, you will find that such activities will enhance your finely tuned sensibilities and make your friendship even more enchanting. An excellent way to apply this energy between you is through some form of service work of your choice.

Elizabeth's Mars Trine Michael's 11th house ruler, Neptune:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is teach you to know the limits of your energies, trust your intuition and believe in the power of redemption or spiritual sensitivities.

Your first meeting may stimulate feelings that are exhilarating, or you can be getting mixed messages. At times, you may not completely understand why you've become friends but you will know that you're following feelings that seem right. With this aspect, it is important to attempt to determine what you're feeling from your friendship connection and why. Be sure to ask your friend if you don't understand something that you are experiencing in your interchange. Take time to get to know each other well, because you need to develop trust before you can reveal your deeper selves. You may have trouble deciding what you want from the friendship but you will feel that you want to collaborate in some way to create harmony and strive for an ideal. You could be interested in healing or alleviating the suffering of others through volunteer or community work. Your energies together will be sensitive and possibly susceptible to deception and betrayal because you stir vulnerabilities in each other. Be sure that you are direct and honest with your friend about any confusions or concerns and save yourselves avoidance or deception whether through lying or substance abuse or simply neglect.

Elizabeth's Saturn Square Michael's 11th house ruler, Neptune:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to train your spiritual self by first recognizing life as a spiritual practice and then by harnessing and sharing your compassion and understanding with others. One of your tasks is to learn to be non-judgmental.

Your friendship can be a test to strengthen your faith and belief in yourself and others. It can also help you learn discrimination between something solid and something simply pie-in-the-sky! Sharing similar belief systems will strengthen your bond. It's possible that you belong to the same church or spiritual group or otherwise share similar beliefs. Both of you may be interested in artistic expression of some kind, and your art form can uplift others and remind them of the inherent wonder of life. Your friendship will support each of you in moving closer to a realization of a special dream. Working to rebuild the environment or helping people who are disadvantaged are other ways to use this compassionately practical energy. Being of service in whatever you choose to do is a thread that runs through the activities and fabric of your friendship. There's a tendency to be compassionate, but keep the boundaries that feel comfortable for you. Avoid making judgments of others, as each person makes his or her own soul contract, and who are we to question the details of that contract or how it looks from the outside?

Elizabeth's 11th house cusp Conj Michael's 11th house ruler, Neptune:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to teach you to be clear about your boundaries and to take responsibility for the mixed messages you may transmit to others. This aspect accentuates compassion, caring and heightened sensitivity.

You will intrigue each other and often find yourselves immersed in magical or mystical conversations, discussing life's many mysteries. You can be uplifted and inspired by the energies of your friend and you stimulate inspiration in each other. Sometimes, you will be confounded by your friend's complexity or contradictory nature. There is a sense of mystery about your friend that intrigues you and that you'll seek to understand. You may succeed in this task or not. You may feel that much silent communication happens between you beneath the surface, which accounts for having the same thoughts at the same time! This aspect generates a great deal of sensitivity and, because of it, your friendship requires greater care than it might otherwise. Processing any confusion when they arise will alleviate the strain of sensitivity. Stay away from substance abuse, which may be a temptation with this aspect. Your activities can center on music, theatre, film or any of the arts and bring you joy and positive escapes.

Michael's Moon Trine Elizabeth's 11th house ruler, Pluto:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to bring forth deeper feelings and find a way to make them work for healing rather than destroying. This aspect encourages healing past wounds to prevent them from interfering in your present happiness.

You generate strong reactions in each other. Perhaps it's something one of you says or how it is said that triggers a strong feeling. You have the ability to re-open old wounds in your friend and this will be hurtful and can cause negative repercussions at times. If you can process them without anger or misplaced blame and if you can each acknowledge your participation in the hurt, you will have a stronger friendship in the end. Find ways to understand the root causes of your strong reactions and seek to diffuse them through sports and physical exercise. Projection in your relationship can be a problem. By knowing yourself well, you can determine which of your own issues you are projecting and therefore rejecting. Every close relationship and friendship requires some surrender. Sharing deep emotional issues honestly will bring you closer. The two of you can be a significant social force for healing and transformation in the community, but begin with yourselves.

Michael's Mars Sextile Elizabeth's 11th house ruler, Pluto:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to train you to use and focus your power wisely and to stop trying to control everything and everyone. This aspect teaches self-control and development of identity.

Somehow you'll make a strong impression on each other. Just as easily, you could rub each other the wrong way. This combination has brashness to it and controlling yourself and your off-the-cuff reactions is a very good idea. Not everyone will enjoy your sometimes-pushy energy. You do have big energy when you're together and you tend to want to get things done - just take a breath now and then and back off to survey the landscape. Whether it's helping each other with a special project or initiating a project together, once you get involved with something, you're going to want to see it through with dispatch. One of you may want to control the friendship too much and this will bring out resentment in the other. Resolution all depends on how much you've worked on your issues and are willing to own your stuff instead of projecting it. The famous philosopher Socrates once said, "Know thyself," and this aspect will force a certain understanding of what makes you tick, or what makes your friend operate. In that dual process, you will learn great skills of managing yourself and increasing resourcefulness in yourself and others.

Michael's 11th house cusp Trine Elizabeth's 11th house ruler, Pluto:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to bring you to the next level of your own empowerment and to learn to trust and utilize your instincts and make them work positively for you and others.

You make an impact on each other and in each other's lives! This is exactly why you have attracted each other, so that you can progress beyond your current stage of development and be challenged to be more authentic and empowered. The nature of the stimulus between you is to face the shadow portion of yourselves and heal old wounds. By the same token, your effect on each other can stir latent joys and desires, and through these feelings, a willingness to change and evolve spurred by the challenge of this energy combination. Although you can be very direct with each other, if you communicate with sensitivity and care for your friend's feelings, the comments you make will be more easily received. Suggestions are fine, but do not make the mistake of trying to control your friends' behavior by assuming you know what's best. Proceed in a sprit of exploration and understanding of each other's dynamics and motivations. That is the best way you can make a significant and positive difference in each other's lives.

Chapter 4: Your Closest Contacts, Your Strongest Themes

This section interprets the closest connections between your charts. The wisdom of this section says that the closest aspects explain the major or central themes of your relationship and the reason you have come together. The nature of these aspects will also define the main activities, interests and patterns that affect your relationship life together.

Notice that, in this section, each paragraph contains both the easier expression of energies and the more challenging ones. Both interpretations are included because these close connections pertain to the central learning curve of your relationship. Based on the premise that the more exact the connection (also the closest energetic contact) between your pair of planets, the more psychologically significant the aspect will be for each of you. This means that you are likely to be strongly influenced by each other in the areas described. Because of this, it will be useful to consider both the easier and more challenging interpretations even though you lead with one of them. You will, from time to time and in various circumstances, probably exhibit some elements of each interpretation, both the easier expressions as well as the more challenging ones. Another thing - it's possible with both types of aspects that you will have the same challenges but simply respond or react to them in different ways. The goal is to rise to the best possible expression of each combination. This is the learning curve and this bestows the necessary wisdom to develop your relationship.

Elizabeth's Venus Trine Michael's Venus (easier aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is creating smoothness and harmony in your relationships through cooperation, compromise and negotiation. The importance of partnership is obvious and valuable to both of you.

Easier aspects: You both discover that you prefer a certain pleasantness and harmony in the way you conduct yourselves and in the quality of your lives. Cooperation, negotiation, respect for others and a natural diplomacy are attributes you both value and are willing to develop. Giving praise and acknowledging each other's special talents and skills will bond your friendship because everyone needs to feel appreciated. Together you can form many valuable alliances and create excellent networks of people who will be beneficial in future activities and projects. On a more mundane level, you can encourage each other with matters of appearance, diet or lend support in negotiating harmony in other important relationships you have.

Challenging aspects: You are attracted to something in each other although your values and sometimes even your taste in clothing, activities or choice in friends may differ; you are intent on maintaining harmony in your relationship. Given that, you now have a choice and great opportunity to learn something new from each other. There is an inclination to want to reach agreement or harmony, so the door is open for debate and understanding of differing viewpoints. If you cannot reach agreement then you will have to agree to disagree and respect each other's positions. What you don't want to do is make the other person wrong somehow for their ideas. In fact, you may like or respect your friend but not their opinion or reasoning on a particular issue.

Michael's Venus Trine Elizabeth's Uranus (easier aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is developing global consciousness and humanity, accepting differences in yourselves and others, telling the truth, living authentically and enjoying a creative, original and individualistic lifestyle.

Easier aspects: There's something usual and out of the ordinary about your friend and this is exactly what attracts you. There could be an uncanny sense of humor or other attributes that you gravitate to probably because you are also unique and unconventional in some way. This friendship will certainly stimulate independence and a devil-may-care attitude. You will find a confidante in each other and share both the experience and the dilemma of being or thinking differently than the crowd. Typically, you are able to have a wider perspective on life and you can share this way of seeing with others. Your particular gift is to wake others up to new ways of perceiving, and usually a sense of humor accompanies this gift.

Challenging aspects: The unusual and original qualities of your friend attract you but those same qualities are ones that could turn you off later. Although you appreciate your friend's uniqueness, there may be times that you feel your friend is going too far or taking too extreme an attitude. Otherwise, you may find yourself unable to align yourself with strong differences in values. Certainly, this pattern stimulates your exploration of individuality and independence and the issues and consequences that derive from it. Focus your energies on creative projects and those perhaps with a humanitarian goal, to keep you from the more rebellious facets of this combination. Be a rebel for a worthy cause.

Elizabeth's Uranus Trine Michael's 7th house cusp (easier aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is to express yourselves freely without excessive constraint and without automatically conforming to societal expectations. You support truth and human rights.

Easier aspects: You may find your friend to be unusual in some way, either in looks or in a unique, original way of approaching life. Sociability for both of you is likely to be increased as a result of your friendship. Sharing friends will create a large social network on which you can draw for support in various ways and for projects you may wish to create. In your friendship, honesty is a high value and, if you conduct your friendship in an open, honest and allowing way, you are likely always to remain best friends. Your interests are sure to be progressive and even a bit avant-garde. You support the most important human freedoms, including freedom of speech, religion and simply freedom of expression. You are not overly concerned with what people will think if you dress differently, speak your mind freely or otherwise step outside the box in which society likes to keep the masses. Most people will find you refreshing, amusing and interesting.

Challenging aspects: As friends, although you often land in controversial situations against your will, there are also times when you invite them. Make sure you have good reason to be rebels, and as they say, "choose your fights". If you're always antagonizing each other, you will earn a reputation as rabble-rousers, malcontents or simply troublemakers. There's more than one way to get your point across. Your relationships in general can be chaotic, if you deliberately embarrass or alienate others with your brutal honesty. Truthfulness is one thing, but, as a famous poet once said, there's wisdom in the phrase, "tell the truth but tell it slant". Sometimes it's inappropriate or counterproductive to your goal to be too direct with the truth. Make sure you are not just out for shock value but really have something to say that will positively affect people's consciousness or opinion.

Michael's Sun Conj Elizabeth's Neptune:

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is to trust your insight while simultaneously distinguishing between fantasy and reality. Having and maintaining faith and adhering to a spiritual practice will alleviate life's many incongruities and contradictions. Seeking and providing inspiration and meaning through your faith, compassion or your artistic sensibilities, will be central and essential.

Challenging aspects: Although you are drawn to each other in friendship, there are probably some mixed messages that need clarification. Problems could result when one of you avoids discussing difficulties between you or acts in a way that is unreliable. Another possibility is that one of you has life issues and problems too frequently, which burdens the friendship. There is potential playing the victim or victimizing your friend. Do not allow yourself to be involved in questionable or unsavory situations or substance abuse. Never allow abuse and be clear about your boundaries. This combination certainly brings lessons concerning your boundaries and your positive faith in pursuing a life well lived.

Easier aspects: From the beginning, you'll feel the magical, refined and highly sensitive or perceptive way that you relate. You'll find it refreshing and delightful. More than likely you are both interested in relating in a more mature and considerate way. Possibly each of you also has a faith or a spiritual practice that guides your lives. In any case, you are probably both aware of other forces operating in the universe that are subtle and unseen but certainly as powerful as the "collective reality" we live in. One or both of you may have artistic tendencies or even work in the arts, in human resources or the helping professions. Your friendship will share some or all of these dimensions, including a gentleness and kindness in your interactions.

Elizabeth's Venus Trine Michael's 7th house cusp (easier aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is expressing fairness, cooperation and graciousness in all your relationships with others.

Easier aspects: This is an easy and relaxed friendship. You are able to negotiate and compromise naturally and time spent together is typically pleasant. You share many of the same values, which include the social graces and the ability to cooperate and forge socially advantageous alliances. There are likely to be many social gatherings and occasions to mingle with others. You may particularly enjoy creating group activities for a favorite bunch of friends. You can help each other by making introductions to each other's friends and acquaintances. The greatest gifts you share are the people you know. Arts, music and cultural venues may be high on your entertainment list.

Challenging aspects: Your friendship will revolve around social and relationship skills and commonly held values. Initially, you will like each other, but it could come to pass that you discover values in your friend that are difficult to tolerate. Talking about your differences is, of course, the first step to alleviating any misunderstandings or misconceptions. Make sure you don't abuse the good will or generosity of your friend by taking advantage of him or her emotionally or financially. Be sure there is a balance of give-and-take or else resentments will build. Guard against any type of unfairness or deliberate unkindness, or your friendship will dissipate. Art, music and the performing arts can play an important role in your friendship.

Elizabeth's Mars Opp Michael's Pluto (challenging aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact aspect between your charts, your main relationship theme is to understand, express and harness the wealth of human emotions and resources, passion, power and empowerment.

Challenging aspects: The energy you generate together is potent and, if not carefully monitored, can be volatile in a number of ways. The biggest issue is reactiveness or projecting onto your friend issues that are really your own wounds magnified or your own fear projected into situations. Take hold of yourself and learn to understand your reactiveness, because if you don't, it can cause you great pain and also wound your friend. Make sure you know why you are angry and what you are really angry about. The close emotional intimacy of friendship can trigger old pain and make the wounded areas of your friend's psyche more vulnerable. To a great extent, you can be helpful to your friend in forging through difficult emotional issues, though a time may come when professional help is necessary. The friendship is powerful and will change you in ways you may not be able to predict. Make sure you know your boundaries and do not allow yourself to be abused.

Easier aspects: You may be unsure of the energies transmitted by your friend, because "still waters run deep". So, it may take some time for the two of you to understand enough about each other to forge a friendship. However, once you do, the bond is likely to remain very strong. Neither of you know how to do things in half-measure. You're in or out, on or off. This often makes for very strong reactions. You will exhibit a passion in all your activities; you will either like something totally or hate it. The emotional component of this combination means that you will support each other completely -- no question of loyalty -- should the need arise. Sports and other physical activity will help you to move the strong energies you generate and to channel them. Your focused energies are especially good for research and problem solving. Renewing, recycling and renovating and being an advocate for serious social needs and causes will make excellent use of your potent energies, which also lend themselves to any kind of healing, including self-healing.

Elizabeth's Sun Opp Michael's Sun (challenging aspect):

Core Themes: If this is your most exact aspect, the major theme of your relationship concerns your expression of willpower, your heart and creativity, your life perspective and how you use these to reach your goals. The roles of ego, loyalty, and your place or position in life are other features of this combination.

Challenging aspects: Disharmony results when you cannot agree as to how to approach a particular situation. Your life view is often very different. Seek some understanding because you can teach each other to pay attention to varied details, and your perspective will be enhanced if you can learn from those differences in style and attitude. Your lives may be studies in contrast, and, initially, you will be intrigued. But if your differences are too far apart or if you judge each other, these differences will become a source of irritation.

Easier aspects: You friendship will benefit from the shared sense you both have of how to participate in life and what your plans are to make the most of it. Positive support of each other's goals happens more easily, since your overall life view is compatible. Creative spontaneity between you will fuel each of you to express your best talents and your special way to shine.