ASTRO JOURNEY Sample Printout

This AstroJourney Forecast for Teens and Young Adults is wriiten by Kathie Garcia. This forecast report is unique! It is written specifically for people in the 14 to 24 year age range, and focuses on issues that are important to this age group. Teens and young adults too often are the neglected age group! This time period in any person's life is critically important, a time when a person struggles to establish his/her own identity and values, and moves forwards to adult responsibilities, decisions, and commitments. This report was written by an experienced and well-known astrologer with the help of her own children who are in their teens and twenties and some of their friends. The result is a report written in modern language for modern times for today's young people crossing the bridge from childhood to adulthood, young people in today's fast-paced and quickly changing times.

Languages available: English

Astro Journey Report for:
Prince William
June 21, 1982
9:08 PM
London, England
January 1, 1999 - February 1, 1999

     AstroJourney is written for adolescents and young adults; we focused on, but did not limit ourselves to, ages 14 to 24 years of age. There are a lot of transit reports out there. Why write one for youth? 

     Survival is tougher today. Astrology is like a road map. Your road map. Your destiny. Today, more than ever before, we live in a world of choices. Your fate isn't set in stone. From the looks of things, we don't have too much to say about who our parents are, where we're born, how many  siblings we get, whether our parents are rich or poor, loving or mean, rigid or liberal. Spiritual astrology teaches that you got the best deal you could get in terms of your karma. Your karma is the picture of your past, your debts and credits from many lifetimes, for better or for worse. Whether you believe in karma or not, you still have to work with what you've got! A lot of what happens to you depends on choices you make. The older you get, the more you're going to want to have a say, the more what you say is going to make a difference, and the more you're going to have to account for the consequences. Growing up and separating out from your parents, and making it on your own is about making decisions, taking responsibility for your life. This happens in stages. Some stages of maturation are gradual. Others are dramatic. Many things are hard to understand until later when we can look back on our experience with wiser eyes. Your personalized AstroJourney can help you understand what's going on while you're in the middle of it. AstroJourney can help you pinpoint various possibilities to help you make the best choices. 

     Some of the things that happen to us are common to everyone else the same age. For example, between the ages of 14 1/2 and 16 everyone lives through the first Saturn opposition. This is usually a tough time, because you may feel quite capable of making it on your own, but somehow you're not ready yet. You're probably still financially dependent on your parents and you need to finish High School. You may need, love and respect your parents, but chances are you don't totally agree with the way they do things. This is the age when you really start to see things in a different way. It's necessary. Everyone goes through it. Your parents went through it. It's usually a time of tension. 

     Other happenings in your life have to do with the day and the moment you were born. Some of these cycles last for a couple of hours, others last for as long as 14 years!  Going through Uranus conjoined your Sun, which happens only once in a lifetime and can totally turn around your life, is going to be different at 16 or 22 than at age 40 or 80!  In writing this report, we want you to know what this transit means for you, at your age, at this time in history. A transit like Neptune squaring Mercury, which lasts a couple of years, would be confusing at any age in any time. But in the 90s the danger of getting wasted with drugs or alcohol or dropping out of school during this sensitive period is going to be more than it was a generation ago. It's also a great time for self-discovery, creativity, getting into music and art, meditation, Tai Chi, exploring spiritual concepts. 

     Everyone's life matters. One thing I've discovered by working with thousands of people is that everyone, without exception, no matter how better off they may appear to be, has tough issues to work out. Some kids are in more deeply than others. Maybe this has to do with your relationships with parents, school issues, or feeling good about yourself, your body, your friends. In writing each entry we had to cover a lot of ground to speak to many people in different situations but at the same time hit how a certain influence works for you. With a Uranus/Venus conjunction, we'll warn you about unwanted pregnancies as a result of uncareful sex. That will mean more to some than others. It gives you a chance to weigh potential consequences and to figure out what you want to do. The same influence could point to popularity like you've never known before, a new wardrobe, an important part in the school play. A word to the wise never hurt any one. Anyway, you'll know what part relates to you because you'll know it fits! 

     On some days  you'll hit a mixed forecast. For example, transiting Mercury might be Square your Mars, warning you that you could get into arguments or get a ticket for speeding. At the same time Mercury might be trine Jupiter, telling you it's a great time for communication of all sorts and short trips. When you think about it, in a single day, we deal with sometimes 
contradictory energies. If you put the two together, they'd read, "a great day for short trips as 
long as you watch your speed; you have a lot to say, but be willing to listen to someone else's 
point of view. " You can often make the good better by taking note of the precaution or you can blow a positive breeze by letting your ego be too large. 

     If you're 16 and living at home, stuff about looking for an apartment, buying a car, getting 
involved in serious relationships, and filling out job apps may not be relevant to you yet. But 
then again, it might. In many states, kids can drive at 15 and be emancipated adults by 16. Many go to schools away from home. Many have paying jobs. Many of you are sexually mature, if not necessarily ready. We decided to treat you as older rather than younger. 

     This report is not religious in any way. But it is spiritual. All of you were born with an 
astrology that brings you into understanding spiritual dimensions of life not available to previous generations. East has met West, yoga and acupuncture and Tai Chi and meditation, even 
chiropractors were for the alternative crowd when many of your parents brought these and other "New Age" concepts in a generation ago. Today, they're more and more commonplace; just the beginning of what's to come. 

     You've been brought up with computers in an informational age where technology and the 
media are changing our lives so quickly it's not easy to keep pace. It may be harder to plan for the future, when the present moves so fast. Yesterday's model for marriage and close 
relationships doesn't really work today. In talking about your social and career aspects, we kept these things in mind. 

     Finally, you're adolescents and young adults at a time in history when major cycles are 
changing. We've just entered a new Astrological Age -- Aquarius, the age of Love. People have different ideas about what love means but Aquarius is already changing the way we think, work, play, relate. You're inheritors of a new world, one which many people in many lands believe will be a "Golden Age" preceded by incredible turmoil. 

     In writing to each of you and all of you, we do so with great respect and understanding, and with hopes that this book of changes will make a positive difference on your journey. 

     The original text of this report was written by Kathie Garica with Todd Henderson (age 24), Indra Garcia (age 19) and Eugene Garcia (age 17). 
     At the exact moment of your birth, the planets were in certain signs, in a certain relationship to one another. To erect your natal chart, the astrologer takes a picture of that moment, as if the heavens froze! The story of your life is written in the working out of these energies over time. Some are harmonious and others are challenging. The astrologer's major tool for determining what kind of things happen when is looking at TRANSITS. Transits compare the positions of a planet on a given date to a planet or position in your natal chart. 

     Using AstroJourney is easy! 

       *In your report  you'll read the date on which a transit 
  is exact on the left hand side. This is when its influence is 
       * In parenthesis you'll see the full duration of the 
  influence, when it comes into play and when it leaves. 
       * On the right hand side, you'll see the description 
  of the transit which includes a transiting planet in aspect to 
  a natal planet. For example : Merc Sxtil Ven means transiting 
  Mercury is sextile natal Venus. 
       * Beneath is the interpretation of the influence. 

     Aspects are the astrologer's tool to understanding the nature of the relationship between two planets or positions: 
     Sextile (60 degrees) and Trines (120 degrees) show where energies flow harmoniously. Take advantage of these transits to lighten your load, move forward, get that date, etc. 
     Squares (90 degrees) are the most challenging of all aspects. Conquering a square can be 
difficult and requires discipline, but the prize is worth the effort. 
     Oppositions (180 degrees) challenge you in your relationships with other people. Sometimes you feel a real positive, even stimulating exchange of energy. Other times we deal with conflicts, confrontations, schisms, or separations. Someone else could be mirroring something about yourself you need to deal with but don't see. 
     Conjunctions (0 degrees) can go either way and depend much upon the nature of the two 
planets coming together. Venus and Jupiter is a fun, if potentially lazy, combination while Mars 
and Pluto can be pretty heavy since they both relate to anger and ego. 

     Planets transiting through houses are going to highlight a specific area of your life for the 
duration of the transit according to the nature of the planet. AstroJourney will tell you when a 
transiting planet enters a particular house in your natal chart. The date on the left hand is the date the planet enters the house. In parenthesis you'll see the duration of the transit. It will start a day earlier than the beginning date. This is when the transiting planet is on the house cusp. On the right hand side you'll see the name of the planet and the house its entering. For example,  "Merc 4th H." means  "transiting Mercury is entering the 4th house of your natal chart." 

     So, now you've got the pack, enjoy your journey! 

Tropical/Placidus   NATAL CHART 

Calculated for time zone 0 hours 

Natal positions: 
Sun= 0CN07   Moon= 5CN01   Merc= 8GE58    Ven=25TA40   Mars= 9LI12 
Jup= 0SC29    Sat=15LI30    Ura= 1SA30    Nep=25SA33    Plu=24LI10 
Asc=28SA38     MC=3SC46  2nd h=14AQ31  3rd h= 2AR02  5th h=25TA17 
6th h=12GE20 

Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC 
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu 
            ASPECT          ORB                 ASPECT          ORB 
Conj  (  0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min 
Sqr    ( 90 deg 00 min)1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min 
Sxtil   ( 60 deg 00 min)1 deg 00 min 

Dec 1, 1998          (Nov 29, 1998 to Feb5, 1999)   Mars 9th H. 

Mars in the House of travel, higher education and philosophy: the crusader; going after 
adventure; backpacking and outdoor sports; good for training and studies; practice tolerance; 
avoid travel in unstable areas. 

Dec 10, 1998         (Dec 9, 1998 to Jan 16, 1999)    Ven 1st H. 

Venus in the House of self: even the shy receive warm smiles now; indulge your sense of style; share your happiness with the chosen few for a high quality experience. 

Dec 15, 1998         (Oct 30, 1998 to Jan 12, 1999)  Nep Sqr Jup 

Unless you're a superstar with great powers, wild optimism about your abilities may lead to swift disappointment. Evaluate objectively any scheme before committing to it, or you may get 
knocked around and fall flat on your face.  Be real! While handling your responsibilities, you 
may be inspired to help others out. This is fine if your motivation is true and your expectations 

Dec 20, 1998         (Dec 19, 1998 to Feb 3, 1999)    Sun 1st H. 

Sun in the House of Self: vitality increased by solar rays; strive to be the best "me" you know to be. 

Dec 25, 1998         (Dec 24, 1998 to Jan 6, 1999)  Merc 12th H. 

Mercury in the House of endings, hidden support, hidden enemies: the confidant; you're 
searching behind the curtain, examining the past for answers. Replaying past records could bring you down. 

Dec 27, 1998         (Dec 1, 1998 to Jan 29, 1999)Plu Oppos Merc 

One day, five blind men were asked to touch an elephant and describe what it was. One man felt a tusk, one an ear, one the tail,....Each described what they felt and thought that this was all there was to an elephant! If controversy's your thing, you'll love this influence! Hopefully, you can agree to disagree. Intense encounters with others may tempt you to go mute for a couple of years, but the meaning of the influence is to help you acquire more effective communication skills. At times you may feel obsessed with an idea to the point of blinding you to truth. Remember that your opinion is just that, an opinion. All oppositions require some openness to the other guy's position. If understanding is more important than dominating the conversation, all will be well. 

Dec 31, 1998     1 AM(Dec 30, 1998 to Jan 1, 1999)   Ven Sqr Plu 

Intense sexual encounters are possible under this fly-by influence. If you feel yourself coming on too strong, getting power hungry, or allowing them to dominate you, you could feel very 
discouraged. Rather than trying to remake the other person, let go and deal with your own stuff. 

Dec 31, 1998     3 AM(Dec 30, 1998 to Jan 1, 1999)  Sun Sqr Mars 

You're feeling exceptionally sure of yourself. Use this positive charge to get a lot accomplished. This a good time to push through important projects, apply for a job, or set out to win in any competition. 

The down side is that your fuse is likely to be short now. Guard against impatience and irritation, and you'll make the goal Jordan style. But watch out, 'cause little things could get you mad. Being pushy with members of the opposite sex is not going to go over well now. Obviously, if you're edgy, this is not a particularly good time for approaching parents and other authorities. Carelessness, anger and frustration can result in accidents. To handle this overload, physically working out, sports, or dancing could help you blow off some steam. 

Jan 1, 1999      5 AM(Dec 31, 1998 to Jan 2, 1999) Ven Trine Ven 

You're showing fabulous taste! Appreciate the finer things in life. A good cycle for going out, 
being with friends, enjoying life! Auspicious for artists and lovers. 

Jan 3, 1999      1 AM(Jan 2, 1999 to Jan 4, 1999) Merc Sxtil Plu 

A great time to cut through the crap. Whether you're taking it to the next level in sports or in 
convincing others, this is the time to make it happen. This influence is like having a ballpark 
halogen light inside your brain. Subject matter previously hidden become apparent. 

Jan 3, 1999          (Dec 7, 1998 to Feb 10, 1999)Plu Sxtil Mars 

This once in a lifetime aspect pushes you to cut through like never before!  A great determination to succeed and become self-reliant pays off big. Leadership roles emerge for some, possibly even involvement in the military. The charges of sexual virility course through you, helping you to enjoy your big pushes in sports, business and self-improvement. Enjoy involvement in body culture like lifting and in rebuilding your self-confidence. The powers of physical assertion might also be accompanied by financial gains or an inheritance. An opportunity to walk away from a former existence with amusement and not remorse- you're building a bigger and better you now! 

Jan 4, 1999     12 AM(Jan 3, 1999 to Jan 5, 1999)  Merc Conj Nep 

You find yourself at your most imaginative. Under this conjunction, you can add new 
dimensions to your spiritual and inner worlds. A good time to understand your psychology but 
try not to float away. The potential danger is a desire to escape pain and responsibility. Explore creative non-destructive ways to express your feelings such as meditation, yoga, poetry, soul searching with a friend or taking in a movie. An inspiring time for artists, musicians and spiritual seekers. 

Jan 5, 1999      2 AM(Jan 4, 1999 to Jan 6, 1999)    Ven Sqr Jup 

Not a time to follow impulses or overindulge desires. The things you know are best may not jive with what you feel like doing. Some self-restraint allows for fun and pays off big tomorrow. Resist the temptation to buy stuff you really don't need or can't afford. 

Jan 5, 1999      9 PM(Jan 5, 1999 to Jan 6, 1999)  Ven Sxtil Ura 

Be ready for unexpected romantic, social or financial opportunities! Write down your poetic and practical inspirations. A time to get away from routine and do something completely different for a change. 

Jan 6, 1999      4 AM(Jan 5, 1999 to Jan 7, 1999)  Merc Conj Asc 

Busy, busy, busy! You should be able to get your ideas across with ease. Your communication skills are heightened. Gossip and idle chatter fritter away your energy. 

Jan 6, 1999          (Jan 5, 1999 to Feb 3, 1999)    Merc 1st H. 

Mercury in the House of self: hyped-up communication; ideas come from all directions; could 
create arguments. 

Jan 6, 1999      7 AM(Jan 5, 1999 to Jan 7, 1999)    Sun Sqr Sat 

Saturn, sometimes called "The Great Teacher", is testing you. Psychological attitudes or 
situational happenings block the flow. Responsibilities pile up. Clashes with parents and 
authorities are possible. While some might choose to sit this one out, you can make this influence work for you. If you feel overwhelmed, determine your priorities and tackle each situation one by one. Look at the glass as half empty instead of half full. Patience is a powerful key. Don't force things. 

Jan 7, 1999      4 AM(Jan 6, 1999 to Jan 8, 1999) Merc Oppos Sun 

You're ready for brainstorming, for swapping ideas, for defending your point of view. All this 
could be very energizing. Watch out, however, that conversations not turn into arguments due to a bruised ego. The better you feel about yourself, the easier it'll be for you to keep out of fights and arguments. But if you carry a chip on your shoulder you'll react to words as if they were cannonballs! A little humility won't hurt, especially when dealing with older persons. 

Jan 7, 1999     10 AM(Jan 6, 1999 to Jan 8, 1999) Merc Sxtil Jup 

This influence will help you balance the big picture with the details. For example, if you want to apply for a job or go to school away from home, this is the time to plan it out and possibly to 
apply. Vacations, schoolwork and travel are all favored. 

Jan 7, 1999      5 PM(Jan 6, 1999 to Jan 8, 1999)     Ven Sqr MC 

If you meet this square successfully, you could spend an enjoyable, even stimulating few days 
with someone special. However, if you feel yourself put down in relation to someone else, this 
shows that you need to work on your basic self-esteem. Cash flow issues could cut into plans. You may be obligated to attend events you'd rather avoid. 

Jan 9, 1999      3 PM(Jan 8, 1999 to Jan 10, 1999) Merc Sxtil MC 

This is a good time to think about where you're going and what you want to do. Your ability to tune in to your future possibilities is definitely enhanced now. If it's appropriate, share your 
vision with those who could support you. 

Jan 10, 1999    11 AM(Jan 9, 1999 to Jan 11, 1999)Merc Oppos Moon 

You're thinking through your emotions. Some of this could be unconscious and if you're not 
careful you could be sorry later for remarks that are childish or simply out of place! You could over react to another's comments, or have to deal with them overreacting to you! It helps to step outside the situation to understand what's really going on. Communication with little kids or siblings could test your patience. 

Jan 11, 1999     8 PM(Jan 11, 1999 to Jan 12, 1999)Ven Trine Merc 

A great time for week-end trips and adventures, for taking in an interesting movie or going to a show. Or you could use this influence to enjoy delving into a favorite book or magazine. If you want to win someone's love, now's the time to impress them with your words. Give loved ones a call. 

Jan 12, 1999     1 AM(Jan 11, 1999 to Jan 13, 1999)Ven Trine Mars 

Happy days are here again! A good time to meet a friend for lunch, take in a movie, enjoy a little love. Anything you do may result in total charm, popularity, and great romance! 

Jan 12, 1999         (Dec 15, 1998 to Feb 8, 1999) Nep Sxtil Ura 

Suddenly you find yourself experiencing dimensions of consciousness previously unknown to 
you. Something from your past has been shattered, liberating you to embrace new ways of 
thinking.  Deeper, more spiritual insights open up your understanding. Dreams could be 
significant and hold important keys. You're part of a generation destined to bring about radical 
changes in the way we relate to one another. This transit activates that destiny and you could be caught up in a wave or current of social change. Someone special could be the catalyst in this process. 

Jan 13, 1999     2 AM(Jan 10, 1999 to Jan 15, 1999)Mars Conj Plu 

A Kung Fu classic! The "Return of the Dragon" to your ego, energy and will power. Hero Bruce Lee, in real life, had more trouble dealing with the inner demons than with outer enemies. You must learn to grapple with the enemy within rather than engage in fights and conflicts without. Use this focused energy and intensified will power to take care of business. In more evolved persons, leadership and initiative is characteristic. Caution; gauge your energy level. Push too hard and you could be too dominating and even oppressive to yourself and others. Guard the heart. 

Jan 13, 1999     6 AM(Jan 12, 1999 to Jan 14, 1999)Merc Sqr Mars 

Master the challenge of this square and you may find you have the right answers at the right 
time! But you could be irritable and easily set off. While you may have legitimate complaints, 
think about the way you package your words if you want positive results. If you use your tongue like a weapon, be prepared to handle the return artillery! Getting ticked off sets you up for a fall. Remember, anything you say could be used against you! Strategize and put your energy into your work. It'll pay off. Caution advised while traveling. 

Jan 14, 1999     7 PM(Jan 13, 1999 to Jan 15, 1999)  Sun Sqr Plu 

Fights, power struggles, and intense arguments characterize this short but powerful influence. 
Gear up to the challenge and try to handle any confrontational situations sensibly. Don't allow 
others to clobber you with criticism. You could be too hard on others as well. Nevertheless, Pluto can show you where changes have to be made. If you're financially independent, questions related to your credit could surface now. Control your temper and keep clear of violence. 

Jan 16, 1999     3 AM(Jan 13, 1999 to Jan 18, 1999)Mars Sxtil Nep 

The sage attains fulfillment through selfless action. The most constructive use of this energy is in helping or counseling other people. Some will seek enlightenment through the use of shadowy substances. Come up higher and tap your spiritual centers. Any kind of volunteer work related to hospitals or religious institutions is favored. This influence stimulates the imagination and is 
conducive toward creative writing, music, research, psychological and astrological investigation. Perhaps a fun time for enjoying water sports. 

Jan 16, 1999     6 AM(Jan 15, 1999 to Jan 17, 1999)Sun Trine Ven 

You're feeling especially loving now. Share the good vibes. A time to spend with loved ones, 
perhaps with children. Romance may be in the air. You could enjoy good food and drink, but 
don't pig out. 

Jan 16, 1999         (Jan 15, 1999 to Feb 23, 1999)   Ven 2nd H. 

Venus in the House of value and $$: the good things in life; your taste is impeccable; all that 
glitters is not gold: looking to be validated in sex. 

Jan 17, 1999     2 AM(Jan 16, 1999 to Jan 18, 1999)Ven Trine Sat 

A positive aspect, especially if you're involved in the arts. A good time to select a new wardrobe or decorate your room. Sometimes old friendships and important relationships are rekindled during this time. It's easy to relate to employers and authority figures. There's a sense of mutual appreciation. Long term friendships or romances sometimes develop under this influence. 

Jan 17, 1999     8 AM(Jan 16, 1999 to Jan 18, 1999) Merc Sqr Sat 

You could be too hard on yourself and on others these days. A heavy workload, difficult 
circumstances or bad weather could make you feel out of it. Try to remember every cloud has a touch of grey. Any important decision making or problem solving now is going to require 
centeredness and patience. You could easily feel irritated by siblings, roommates, schoolmates and/or co-workers. Serious discussions may take place. Confirm appointments. Guard your 
health. If you can work with this, the sun will come out and turn your grey to gold! 

Jan 21, 1999    12 AM(Jan 20, 1999 to Jan 22, 1999)  Sun Sqr Jup 

This influence is like having lots of money in your hands but not necessarily spending it wisely. 
You've got plenty of enthusiasm. But you could easily go too far, take on too much, promise 
more than you're willing to, or realistically can deliver. You could get ripped off if you're not 
careful. Someone older or in authority could disapprove of your actions or decisions. It could be hard to figure out the right move. If you believe in yourself, you're more likely to obtain the 
support of others. If you feel full of yourself, you're apt to make foolish mistakes. If you feel 
frustrated as to where you're headed in life just now, wait this one out. 

Jan 22, 1999    12 AM(Jan 21, 1999 to Jan 22, 1999)Sun Sxtil Ura 

Take a little trip, do something different! You may discover insights into day-to-day problems 
and into your psychology that will prove to be of great value later. A good time to study your 
astrology! A teaching you hear now or dream you experience could be a revelation. This is a 
positive influence for participating in group activities and for taking the lead. Tying into the 
Internet or some other computer related work may be on your menu. 

Jan 22, 1999         (Jan 16, 1999 to Jan 27, 1999)  Jup Sqr Nep 

Which way to go? Continued success may tempt you to abandon some of your ideals, hopes and dreams. Sticking up for what you believe to be right seems all consuming. Count the cost of the way you choose to make your point. Is it really worth the damage? Reevaluate. Temptations and confusion based on subconscious momentums and fears all can flood in and can detour you. A clear understanding of your long term goals will help you define what you really want to do. 

Jan 22, 1999     7 PM(Jan 22, 1999 to Jan 23, 1999) Merc Sqr Plu 

Go Zen. To navigate this intense labyrinth, you must keep your mental balance. Dark energies 
are surfacing! This is your chance to cleanse and purify yourself of mind gook. Keeping up a 
positive mental attitude now may be easier said than done. Nevertheless, it's your way out of 
heavy thoughts and attitudes that weigh on you at this time. Don't be a wus! You may feel it but don't act it out. 

Suspicions about others only bear out if your mind is clear. Otherwise it's probable your problem comes from within. This is a helpful influence for self-discovery and understanding as long as your angle is positive. Dive into your heart and dig up a happy thought. Steer clear of brawls, especially with brothers, sisters, classmates and co-workers. Be careful driving. 

Jan 22, 1999         (Jan 17, 1999 to Jan 28, 1999)Jup Sxtil Ven 

Good fortune has come your way! Not everyone wins the lottery but you could clean up and cash in on some of your dreams. A special somebody thinks you're the greatest? Or you get into the school of your choice? Or traveling is grand? Whatever it is, enjoy the good times while they last! For those already involved, an opportunity exists for love to grow. Wonderful for those interested in the arts and music. 

Jan 23, 1999     5 AM(Jan 20, 1999 to Jan 25, 1999)Mars Sxtil Asc 

You should be looking pretty good. Use this transit to improve your appearance. Think positive, cause you're set to win! You might enjoy participating in sports and other physical activities. 

Jan 23, 1999     6 PM(Jan 23, 1999 to Jan 24, 1999)Merc Trine Ven 

You're feeling more together than usual. Take care of any negotiations or important 
correspondence. A good time to take in a movie, see a show, go out. How about an excursion combining work, study and fun? 

Jan 24, 1999    12 AM(Jan 23, 1999 to Jan 24, 1999)Ven Trine Plu 

Strong attractions to the opposite sex often occur under this influence. Something deep inside 
you draws you to relationships that reveal your hidden self. This energy can also be channeled 
successfully into creative work and really fun social outings. A time to be resourceful with funds. You could get some top notch entertainment, receive or buy something beautiful or luxurious, buy some new duds. 

Jan 24, 1999     6 AM(Jan 23, 1999 to Jan 25, 1999)   Sun Sqr MC 

You may be looking for answers in the basic areas of life: relationships, home, school, future. 
But if you come on too strong now, others might react and you could feel frustrated as a result. Or you may need a boost of self-confidence to get others to help facilitate your plans now. 

Jan 25, 1999     3 AM(Jan 24, 1999 to Jan 26, 1999)Ven Sxtil Nep 

Compassion, sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others and artistic and musical inspiration 
are enhanced under this influence. A good time to visit family or friends, especially those in need of comfort. Relationships initiated under this aspect could be an ideal encounter or a 
pie-in-the-sky bubble soon to burst. 

Jan 25, 1999     5 AM(Jan 24, 1999 to Jan 26, 1999)  Ven Sqr Ven 

Chances are you're very touchy now. You could feel unloved or be unloving. You could feel 
lonely or confused about a relationship. This is good time to get in touch with your heart. The 
only lasting happiness comes from within! Don't blow your cash on stuff you may not really 
want tomorrow. 

Jan 26, 1999     5 PM(Jan 26, 1999 to Jan 27, 1999) Merc Sqr Jup 

You're in a problem-solving mood. However, if you're going to get an apartment or buy a car, 
read the fine print! Schoolwork could suffer if you're not in the mood or if you're sloppy. 
Ignoring details today could force you to make a do-over later. 

Jan 26, 1999     6 PM(Jan 24, 1999 to Jan 29, 1999)Mars Trine Sun 

You could be at your assertive best! Take advantage of any extra energy and self-confidence to get your projects moving. Self-improvement programs, sports and energetic leadership are all favored. Get out there and do it! 

Jan 27, 1999     7 AM(Jan 26, 1999 to Jan 28, 1999)Merc Sxtil Ura 

Your mental genie is awake. Quick answers, great lines, and brilliant solutions are yours to 
command! This is the time to get your point across and be creative. 

Jan 27, 1999     2 PM(Jan 26, 1999 to Jan 28, 1999)Ven Sxtil Asc 

You appear more charming and refined than usual. Now could be the time to make that date, 
apply for that job, or otherwise make yourself known. 

Jan 27, 1999     5 PM(Jan 25, 1999 to Jan 30, 1999)Mars Conj Jup 

Life is large and you're in charge! This fun transit brings abundant supply of whatever it is you 
need: a boost in popularity, a raise, a chance to tango in the sun: break a piece off from this lucky streak for tomorrow. 

Jan 28, 1999     4 PM(Jan 28, 1999 to Jan 29, 1999)  Merc Sqr MC 

Be aware of the potential for banging heads now. Confronting your parents or boss may not be the brightest of moves. Watch what you say. You could easily alienate others or damage your 
reputation. With those who understand you best, the conversational dance could be exhilirating! 

Jan 28, 1999     6 PM(Jan 27, 1999 to Jan 29, 1999)Ven Trine Sun 

A warm breeze caresses your heart. It's easy to be good to yourself and others. Share your 
feelings. A great influence for artists, musicians and entertainers. Love relationships formed 
under this aspect can often be built to last. 

Jan 29, 1999     2 AM(Jan 28, 1999 to Jan 30, 1999)Ven Trine Jup 

The breezes feel warm and favorable. A good time to settle any outstanding grievances with 
diplomacy and kindness. A time perhaps of giving service to life, extending a hand, helping 
those in need. Potentially positive for increased cash flow. 

Jan 29, 1999     8 AM(Jan 28, 1999 to Jan 30, 1999)Sun Trine Merc 

The creative juices are flowing. Maximize on this optimum time for planning, writing, and 
schoolwork. You may find yourself more talkative and involved than usual. This is a positive 
influence for dialoging with older persons, teachers, employers or people in charge. You 
shouldn't have any trouble getting your point across! 

Jan 29, 1999     2 PM(Jan 28, 1999 to Jan 30, 1999)Sun Trine Mars 

A good time to get things done. Good eye-hand coordination and steady effort make almost any job doable. If you don't get out and do something, all this energy could drive you nuts! How about at least hitting the gym to blow off some steam? 

Jan 29, 1999     9 PM(Jan 29, 1999 to Jan 30, 1999)  Ven Sqr Ura 

This transit could bring nothing more than a whim for a tattoo or an itch for a body piercing. 
Blindness to potential consequences and non-sensitivity to the feelings of others later result in 
regrets. Be advised: be prepared to meet unexpected emotional urges and strong magnetic 
attractions. Could be fun, but know what you're getting into. 

Jan 31, 1999     5 PM(Jan 30, 1999 to Feb 1, 1999)  Ven Trine MC 

You're feeling especially loving and harmonious right now. Your appreciation of the beautiful is heightened. You could be in the limelight, especially with superiors or in relation to your work. 

Jan 31, 1999     6 PM(Jan 31, 1999 to Feb 1, 1999)Merc Trine Merc 

You're juiced. You're quick. Get in the game! You'll have no problem getting your point across now. A great influence for any kind of competition, all sorts of games, plugging into the 
computer, and interfacing with others. Take advantage of this positive time to apply for jobs or schools, working things out or making plans with brothers, sisters, roommates, classmates and/or co-workers. 

Jan 31, 1999    10 PM(Jan 31, 1999 to Feb 1, 1999)Merc Trine Mars 

You're sharp today. You say what you mean and mean what you say. It's easier to talk about your feelings, write up those school or business strategies. Get those projects in motion now while you've got the steam! A good time to work out or pump up. If you're into sports or competition, make this one a win! You might enjoy a short trip. 

Feb 1, 1999      5 PM(Jan 31, 1999 to Feb 2, 1999)Ven Trine Moon 

Passions formed under this influence may feel good, but they may not last. If you're already in 
love, this is the time to patch things up or make them better. A good time for surrounding 
yourself with family and friends. Sugar and spice and all things nice! 

Feb 13, 1999         (Jan 29, 1999 to Feb 25, 1999)Sat Trine Asc 

Even if times are tough, you should feel more organized and together than before. This is a good time to firm up your reputation. Be open to change.