This report is an expanded version of the Basic Forecast Report by Gina Ronco. Interpretations of the 4 major asteroids and Chiron (written by Maureen Hajjar) and midpoints (written by Jeff Jawer) can also be included. For example, if transiting Chiron is conjunct natal Sun, or transiting Uranus is trine natal Vesta, transiting Pluto is conjunct the Sun/Moon midpoint, or the transiting Uranus/Pluto midpoint is opposition natal Mars, it will be interpreted. (Interpretations of asteroids in midpoint structures are not available). When running a forecast based on progressed-to-natal aspects, these influences can also be added. The Advanced Forecast also has one other advantage over the Basic Forecast Report by Gina Ronco: interpretations of quincunxes are included. The Advanced Forecast Report does not remove any capabilities of the Basic Forecast Report; it simply gives the additional capabilities of midpoint and asteroid interpretations.

Languages available: English

Advanced Astro-Forecast for
Mother Teresa
August 27, 1910
1:25 PM
Skopje, Yugoslavia
June 1, 1996 - June 15, 1996
Your Astro-Forecast begins on the next page. If the time period for an interpretation is, for example, given as "July 1, 1995 (June 15, 1995 to July 15, 1995)", then it starts in mid-June, reaches greatest intensity around July 1, and ends in mid-July. The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength; we can call this date the "peak date". The influence starts on the beginning date, gradually increases in strength until the peak date is reached, and then it gradually fades out until the ending date is reached. An influence may last for as little as a few days to as long as half a year or so.  

You may also notice that the same interpretation shows up periodically during the year; this is not unusual. In some cases the beginning and ending dates of the 2 influences are the same; the only difference between the 2 interpretations is the peak date. This means that this particular influence has two peak dates instead of one. It is even possible for there to be three or more peak dates for the same astrological influence. To eliminate redundant interpretations, you may be informed that the astrological influence also occurred earlier and that you should refer back to the previous occurrence of this interpretation.  
            You may be wondering what the abbreviations after the dates are. For example, you may see "Sat Conj Plu", "Ura Trine Nep", etc. These abbreviations are given for the benefit of astrologers and they show the astrological factor that is in effect.  
            We hope you enjoy your Astro-Forecast. For the benefit of astrologers, some technical details are given below.  

Tropical/Placidus   NATAL  
Calculated for time zone -1 hours  

Natal positions:  
Sun= 3VI20   Moon= 2GE10   Merc= 0LI16    Ven=10LE04   Mars=13VI37  
Jup=14LI00    Sat= 6TA32    Ura=21CP46    Nep=20CN39    Plu=27GE45  
Ceres=23AR07    Pal= 2PI45   Juno= 3VI42  Vesta=11TA58    Chi= 0PI05  
Asc=12SA22     MC= 2LI46  2nd h=16CP37  3rd h=26AQ24  5th h= 1TA03  
6th h=23TA12  

Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Ceres Pal Juno  
Vesta Chi Asc MC  
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Ceres Pal Juno  
Vesta Chi  
            ASPECT          ORB                 ASPECT          ORB  
Conj  (  0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min  
Sqr   ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min  
Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Qucnx (150 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min  

May 1, 1996          (Apr 22, 1996 to Oct 12, 1996)   Sat 4th H.  
     Domestic duties, obligations, and responsibilities to your family are likely to increase at this time, and may become somewhat burdensome. It is a good idea to give your home and family the attention they seem to demand now, and to do all you can to build a secure foundation of family solidarity and personal stability, even though this may require much of you.  
     This is also a time to look deeply within yourself and to uproot old, negative conditioning and unhealthy patterns which you may have had since childhood. Rectifying your relationship to your parents, or freeing yourself from their influence in your adult life, is likely to be in the picture.  
May 4, 1996          (May 2, 1996 to June 3, 1996)   Mars 5th H.  
     Your drive for self-expression is high now and you pour yourself into competitive sports and games, contests, auditions, and so on with great energy and zeal. You play hard and you play to win. All creative projects and interests will get an extra burst of energy.  
     Romantic urges also run high and you will actively pursue the one you desire. A love relationship is likely to intensify at this time.  
May 6, 1996          (Dec 10, 1995 to June 12, 1996)Plu Oppos Moon  
    Emotional upheaval, turmoil and change in personal relationships, and irrational, compulsive feelings are key issues during this time period. Feelings that have remained hidden or forgotten since childhood arise now. You also sometimes feel gripped by feelings and emotions that you never thought you were capable of having! The emotions vary but most people will experience jealousy, emotional insecurity and feelings of inadequacy, anger, feelings of deep attachment or dependency on another person, and strong maternal or paternal feelings.  
    Upon experiencing the first wave of these feelings, you are likely to try to ignore the feelings. Then you will find that the feelings are too strong to ignore, but you may still try to hide them from others. Eventually, you will discover that you are gripped with feelings that will not go away and cannot be hidden. Your personal relationships are deeply affected by these feelings. There is a strong temptation to manipulate others or become involved in complex power struggles with others. For example, you may feel jealous or angry with your spouse or lover. Rather than openly admit the jealousy or anger, you may do something that irritates the other person or makes them feel jealous or angry also. You are capable of being very vengeful and spiteful now. Avoid this temptation! It leads to very complex and difficult emotional turmoil in the relationship that can ruin the beautiful feelings and bonds that you otherwise share. If you notice yourself, or the other person, beginning to play games, you must try to stop the game playing and clear away the emotions and personal issues that are being masked by the games. During this time period, your close relationships will either be rejuvenated and cleared of a lot of old misunderstandings and confusions, or else they will become poisoned with bad feelings and complex emotional turmoil. The only guarantee is that they will be changed, and it is up to you to make the changes as constructive as possible, which will not be easy.  
     Delicate sensitivity is required to handle the situations and feelings that arise now. It is good to release feelings that surface, but not wallow in them. For example, you might feel like crying, or you might feel very jealous or angry at someone, for no apparent reason. If the feeling becomes very strong, then it is best to express the energy in some form, whether it be allowing yourself to cry, letting the other person know that you are feeling jealous, or playing a dynamic sport to release pent up frustrations. After the energy release, try to analyze the situation and discover the source of the problem.  
    Take note of any situation where your response to something is out of proportion. You may become very irritated at someone over a relatively minor issue, or you may become zealously impassioned about some issue or idea that is actually relatively minor. These exaggerated emotional responses are caused by your own personal emotional experiences and confusions which you are not willing to directly confront, so you project them on other people or events. Also, various biases and prejudices surface now. Even if you consider yourself to be very liberal and unbiased, you may find yourself making negative, critical remarks about certain organizations, religions, professions, groups, or personality types. Again, these prejudices arise from deeply ingrained emotional blockages in yourself. This is the time to confront these problems, and extricate these "weeds" from your emotional nature.  
May 13, 1996         (May 12, 1996 to June 2, 1996)   Sun 6th H.  
     Doing your best work and taking pride in it are a focus for you now. This is a good time to examine how you use your time and energy, with an eye for improving your efficiency and productivity.  
     Health matters are also a concern of yours now, and you may be inspired to begin a self-improvement program, create better health habits, or begin a new diet or fitness regimen.  
May 17, 1996         (May 17, 1996 to June 6, 1996)  Merc 5th H.  
     Entertainment and amusements that are mentally challenging, such as chess, crossword puzzles, or other word games, have a strong appeal to you now. You will also enjoy dramatic presentations, the theatre, creative writing, and, if you have natural leanings in any of these areas, you will be inspired with ideas for future creative projects.  

May 22, 1996     1 PM(May 20, 1996 to June 4, 1996)Merc Sxtil Nep  
    Your ability to concentrate on mundane concerns and problems diminishes now. The world of imagination, fantasy, entertainment, or art holds more attraction for you. Go to a movie with a friend (or write your own!). Also, your psychic sensitivity and intuition are heightened at this time. You are more impressionable and open, but somewhat less precise and clear mentally.  
May 23, 1996         (May 17, 1996 to June 4, 1996)  Pal Sqr Nep  
     In the course of your daily activities, you may retreat from work and practical responsibilities, with a tendency to fantasize and distort reality.  Although you are inspired by fascinating dreams, they can be illogical, unrealistic and illusive.  You need to carefully evaluate your communications with others, as they may involve deceit, misunderstandings or underhanded schemes. You can be the victim or perpetrator of unscrupulous activities. Make sure you safeguard your creative designs and achievements during this vulnerable period.  
May 30, 1996         (May 30, 1996 to Nov 22, 1996)   Jup 1st H.  
     A surge of optimism and confidence characterizes this time period, and you radiate more of your positive qualities, which may open up many opportunities for you. Beliefs about yourself which have in the past limited what you were willing to aim for in life will have a less powerful influence on you, and you'll experience an expanded sense of possibilities and hope for the future.  
     There is also a tendency for you to expand physically as well, so take care not to overindulge in the good things of life.  
May 30, 1996     5 PM(May 29, 1996 to June 1, 1996)Mars Sxtil Nep  
    This is not a period when you feel like pushing your own interests, or in which you are especially energetic. Other people's concerns and needs receive more attention from you now, and you are more motivated to do something which serves others, perhaps a group you are affiliated with. Cooperating with others for some idealistic purpose is very satisfying for you at this time.  
May 31, 1996         (May 25, 1996 to June 7, 1996)Vesta Sxtil Mars  
        You can intensely focus and concentrate on your work responsibilities and are motivated to take on challenging and competitive activities.  There is a greater chance that you will not only initiate projects, but will show dedication and persistance in all work endeavors.  You will use whatever power or means you have available to acheive your goals, even if it infringes upon the amount of attention you give to your personal relationships.  However, this astrological influence will not necessarily bring out negative "workaholic" behavior.  This can be a very positive time, when you are inspired and stimulated by work assignments and job opportunities, especially effective if you have previously felt less motivation and purpose on the job.  
May 31, 1996     7 AM(May 30, 1996 to June 1, 1996)Sun Sxtil Ven  
    Your relationships are especially affectionate and friendly at this time, and you may benefit socially or materially through an opportunity offered to you by a friend. This is a good time for parties, social gatherings, and other pleasurable activities.  
May 31, 1996         (May 28, 1996 to June 3, 1996) Juno Sqr Plu  
     There can be intense and demanding interractions with your mate or marriage partner. You are extremely aware of power plays in your relationship, and you must use tact and discretion when dealing with your partner. Issues which arise now can cause one of you to manipulate or project your weaknesses onto the other. Insecurity or a loss of control in the relationship can lead to jealous behavior or one partner blaming the other for all of the problems. The challenges that you face now can be greatly relieved if you search for more suitable outlets to release negative tendencies and emotions.  
     If single and unattached, you might meet a new love interest who is magnetic, seductive and extremely passionate. This person can transform your views on love, sex and relationships.  
June 1, 1996     5 AM(May 30, 1996 to June 2, 1996)Mars Trine Ura  
    Increased physical courage and a strong sense of adventure combine to make this a very interesting time. You need to do something innovative, daring, unusual, liberating, exciting, and challenging. You are inclined to act on some of the wilder impulses and desires you feel from time to time. You crave stimulation. If you have an inventive streak, you could make a startling discovery or breakthrough now.  
June 2, 1996    12 AM(May 20, 1996 to June 4, 1996)Merc Sxtil Nep  

This astrological influence (Merc Sxtil Nep) also occurredon May 22, 1996 (peak date). Please refer to this date.  
June 2, 1996     5 PM(June 1, 1996 to June 3, 1996)Sun Oppos Asc  
    A significant personal encounter or confrontation occurs today. You cannot, and probably will not want to, be alone now. This is a time to reach out to people and to get others' input or counsel. Listen to your mate or a friend who can enlighten you at this time. Also, consulting a professional for health, business, or personal reasons will be very constructive and fruitful now.  
June 2, 1996         (June 1, 1996 to July 8, 1996)   Sun 7th H.  
     Partnerships, marriage, and your close, one-to-one relationships engage much of your attention now and you are called upon to cooperate and perhaps to relinquish some of your own personal interests for the sake of harmony and mutual benefit. The emphasis is on "we" rather than "me". You will not wish to go it alone, and will seek the companionship and counsel of others.  
     If you are having difficulties in some area of your life, now is the time to seek the advice of a counselor or consultant, someone with an objective point of view.  
June 3, 1996         (June 1, 1996 to June 30, 1996) Mars 6th H.  
     You are fired up at work and aim to accomplish a lot, but friction may arise with your co-workers if you are too impatient and pushy. You are not much of a team player right now and it would be better if you could work on your own.  
     This is also an excellent time to begin a health regimen or vigorous exercise program, but be certain not to overexert yourself.  
June 4, 1996    12 AM(June 2, 1996 to June 5, 1996) Sun Sqr Mars  
    You know just what you want right now and woe to anyone or anything that gets in your way! You are much more likely to become domineering, pushy, or inconsiderate of others now, so it is a good time for you to do what you need to do by yourself rather than with others. Accidents, mistakes made in haste, or ego conflicts may occur due to your impatience and willfulness. Positively, physical energy is high and you could accomplish a great deal.  
June 4, 1996     9 AM(June 2, 1996 to June 6, 1996)Merc Trine Ura  
    You experience sudden insights, make discoveries, come up with fresh solutions to old problems, and seek alternatives to the usual routine way of doing things. Your mental processes are speeded up and you move more quickly now. Try to make room for a lot of spontaneity and flexibility in your schedule at this time.  

June 4, 1996     9 AM(June 3, 1996 to June 5, 1996)Sun Trine Jup  
    This is a good time for relaxing recreation, a time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself and do the things you most enjoy doing. Good humor and optimism prevail now, and you are able to get a larger perspective on your life. This is also a good time to approach someone who is in a position to benefit you spiritually, intellectually, or materially.  
June 5, 1996     4 PM(June 3, 1996 to June 7, 1996)Ven Sxtil Ceres  
     Love and nurturance are the themes in your domestic environment at this time.  Whether socializing or staying at home with family, you enjoy warm companionship and greater emotional connections.  You feel an urge to please your loved ones now, and show your concern for them through a caring and supportive attitude.  Opportunities for a new romantic interest is favored at this time, as others are attracted to the love and joy you radiate.  
June 6, 1996         (June 5, 1996 to June 22, 1996) Merc 6th H.  
     Thinking, reading, and learning about how to improve your work, or some aspect of it, is on the agenda now. You may learn a new technique. Discussions with co-workers, employers, and employees are likely to be fruitful, and minor but beneficial changes are likely to result.  
     Talking about any health concerns you may have, (with someone knowledgeable) is also helpful at this time.  
June 7, 1996         (June 4, 1996 to June 10, 1996)Juno Oppos Merc  
     Channels of communication with a mate or spouse can be blocked at this time.  You find this period difficult to share your ideas and opinions with your marriage partner or loved one. Even if there is a strong bond of love in your partnership, you may hold back in expressing your thoughts and feelings, because you perceive your mate will react with criticism or coldness. Misunderstandings or a breakdown in communication with your mate is likely at this time. If you speak to your loved one with courtesy and fairness now, then you should be able to experience less serious disagreements. On another level entirely, there may be concerns over your partner's health or work. Interference from brothers, sisters or other relatives can cause additional disturbances in your marriage or love relationship.  
     During a period when you are not seriously involved in a love relationship, this can indicate you may meet someone who is restless, flaky or changeable.  Or, a new relationship may have trouble getting off the ground due to superficial communication between you both. In either case, there may be obvious differences of opinion and expectations that will need to be addressed.  

June 7, 1996    11 PM(June 6, 1996 to June 9, 1996)Ven Qucnx Ura  
     You find it stressful to balance needs for freedom and independence with needs for love and intimate companionship. You really behave quite oddly or aloof right now which will put others off considerably thus affording you the space you need, but at a cost. You are also attracted to the exotic, offbeat, unusual, or bizarre at this time. People or things which might offend your senses at other times now arouse your appreciation and interest. This will not be a boring time (if you can help it!), but it is apt to be a tense time if you are in a close, bonded relationship.  
June 9, 1996         (June 5, 1996 to June 14, 1996)Ceres Qucnx Sat  
     Domestic responsibilities may seem like a burden at this time. In order to carry out your obligations to family members and loved ones, you will have to make some adjustments. If your concern and care is too serious or rigid, then you need to show more love, approval and appreciation toward the people you care about. You may even be denying your own needs for emotional gratification within your closest relationships. There can be tension and difficulty with parents, children, a mate or people in authority, and you might be forced to re-examine your expectations of them.  
June 12, 1996   12 PM(June 11, 1996 to June 13, 1996)Sun Qucnx Ura  
    Nervous tension, impatience, uneven or erratic rhythms, and/or a disruption of your usual pace can make this time very challenging. You are apt to deal with some recalcitrant people, or become that way yourself. Beware of burning bridges behind you in your heightened impatience or restless intolerance of anything that thwarts you now.  
June 12, 1996        (June 9, 1996 to June 15, 1996)Juno Sxtil Moon  
     You may experience a healthy emotional attachment toward your partner. Protective feelings flow, but you know how to nurture without smothering your partner. You are more secure because you can sense your mate's deep inner nature and the manner in which they will respond to your care and concern. If you are in a relationship that has a long history, you will seek familiar places and experiences which remind you of shared past enjoyments.  
      If you are without a mate, this may signal the time when you meet an individual who stirs deep emotional feelings within you, and may even awaken your memories from past associations.  
June 12, 1996    7 PM(June 11, 1996 to June 14, 1996)Mars Sqr Chi  
      You must keep careful guard of your anger and aggressive tendencies at this time.  Intense feelings may be brewing just beneath the surface, and all it may take is a minor slight, hurt or personal wounding experience to set it off.  It is highly possible that you could be involved in some type of emotional confrontation or uncomfortable situation with another individual at this time.  This could also be a time when old resentments which you have tried to hide or bury may resurface.  Forgiving old hurts may seem impossible now, yet instead of harboring negative feelings, you must make the effort to heal past wounds.  
June 13, 1996   12 AM(June 11, 1996 to June 14, 1996)Mars Trine Merc  
    You speak very clearly, convincingly, and forcefully now, so that there is no mistaking what your views and opinions are. You can argue a good case, make a very persuasive presentation, or successfully challenge someone whose ideas do not agree with your own. Your mind is sharp and your responses quick. This is a very good time to take a test or to do any kind of intellectual or mental work.  
June 13, 1996   11 PM(June 12, 1996 to June 14, 1996)Sun Sxtil Ceres  
       You really put your heart and efforts into helping others now. A generous spirit is brought forth in you, and you want to give love, care and nurturance to your close relationships. This is also a good time to encourage independence and self-esteem in your children. Sharing quantity time with family members and loved ones, such as involving yourself in their leisure activities, hobbies and chores will bring much personal satisfaction at this time.  
June 14, 1996    1 AM(June 13, 1996 to June 15, 1996)Merc Sqr Chi  
     It is possible that you will encounter some disagreements from a friend, loved one or close alliance at this time. Conflicting interests, viewpoints and ideas may create tension and irritation or an important issue which requires resolution may lead to nervous agitation or worry.  You might also be less willing to comply to the wishes of others, behaving mischievous or irrational if anyone or anything becomes routine or narrow-minded at this time.  
June 14, 1996    4 AM(June 13, 1996 to June 15, 1996)Merc Trine Merc  
    Conversations and sharing plans and ideas with others are very fruitful now. You understand what others are telling you, and you make yourself clearly understood also. This is a favorable time for getting your message across to others via writing, speaking, or advertising.  
June 14, 1996        (June 11, 1996 to June 17, 1996)Juno Oppos MC  
      You may now feel like spending quality time with your partner and prefer to do so in your home surroundings.  Career demands rate second to your committed relationship, and you concentrate on being in touch with your mate's feelings and desires. If you have any pressing business to accomplish at work, it will get done, but you may find yourself mainly focused on your partner, your living conditions and giving your full emotional support to your relationship. There may be an engagement, marriage, birth, or an increase in social activities which you share with your mate. This would be a favorable time to set up housekeeping with a love partner, or reflect upon the security and intimate sharing in the relationship.  
    Note that the precise timing of this astrological influence is very dependent on the exact birth time, so the dates given are accurate only if your birth time is very accurate.  
June 15, 1996    5 PM(June 14, 1996 to June 17, 1996)Mars Conj Moon  
    At this time you are more temperamental, impassioned and inclined to act on the dictates of emotion and desire rather than reason. Minor annoyances and others' idiosyncrasies aggravate you more than usual. You are in a fighting mood. Your relationships with your family and the women you are closest to, are likely to be stormy.  
June 15, 1996    6 PM(June 14, 1996 to June 16, 1996)Merc Conj Moon  
    Conversations have a particularly emotional, intimate, or nostalgic tone. Sharing memories and reminiscences, or discussing a very personal topic with someone you feel you can trust is likely now. You may have a significant communication (letter, phone call, or personal discussion) with someone who was once very important to you or with whom you have a long history. This is a good time to reflect, review, and get a perspective on emotional matters or things of the past.  
June 16, 1996        (June 13, 1996 to June 19, 1996)Juno Qucnx Sun  
     You will have to learn at this time to be more flexible and tolerant of your partner's individual needs.  Friction and tension can develop in the relationship if you are not able to accept each other's own uniqueness.  You must be able to let your mate express his or her personal goals, even if they cause changes or adjustment that are not to your liking.  When problems arise, you should attempt to find solutions together instead of blaming the other for the situation.  You may be well aware of your partner's hidden strengths and weaknesses, but you should avoid any attempt to manipulate or control their behavior.  
June 26, 1996        (Feb 29, 1996 to July 23, 1996)Ura Qucnx Juno  
       There may need to be adjustments and changes made in a love or marital relationship at this time.  You may have to modify or alter some of your needs and behaviors to allow more individual and external independence in the relationship.  It may be a struggle to make everything fair and equal in terms of sharing, companionship needs and intimate relating.  You can be torn between loyalty to someone and an urge to discover new interests outside your committed partnership.  Try to reach an understanding with your loved one, even if this requires some compromise on your part.  Reestablishing rapport with your mate can be aided by honesty, friendliness toward one another and fulfilling your promises or obligations.  
June 26, 1996        (June 13, 1996 to July 3, 1996) Pal Sqr Nep  
     In the course of your daily activities, you may retreat from work and practical responsibilities, with a tendency to fantasize and distort reality.  Although you are inspired by fascinating dreams, they can be illogical, unrealistic and illusive.  You need to carefully evaluate your communications with others, as they may involve deceit, misunderstandings or underhanded schemes. You can be the victim or perpetrator of unscrupulous activities. Make sure you safeguard your creative designs and achievements during this vulnerable period.