Avalon College
Avalon College is included with the Kepler program and includes 47 Classes which can be studied over a recommended 24 week period.

Given below is the first 27 curriculum of Avalon College:

1st week:
Class 1: What is Astrology?
Class 2: What's Out There? (Part I)

2nd week:
Class 3: What's Out There? (Part II)
Class 4: How Do Astrologers Interpret This Stuff?

3rd week:
Class 5: What is a Natal Chart?
Class 6: The Natal Chart Wheel: Houses

4th week:
Class 7: The Natal Chart Wheel: Zodiac Signs on the House Cusps
Class 8: Practice Determining Sign and House Placements

5th week:
Class 9: Aspects
Class 10: The Aspect Grid

6th week:
Class 11: The Basic Meanings of the Planets, Zodiac Signs and Houses
Class 12: Interpreting the Birth Chart (Introduction)

7th week:
Class 13: Analyzing the Strongest Aspects (Part I)
Class 14: Analyzing the Strongest Aspects (Part II)

8th week:
Class 15: Analyzing the Chart of Another Famous Person
Class 16: Outer Versus Inner Planets

9th week:
Class 17: The Asc and MC
Class 18: The Moon's Nodes

10th week:
Class 19: Other Aspects (Trines, Sextiles, Quincunxes) (Part I)
Class 20: Other Aspects (Trines, Sextiles, Quincunxes) (Part II)

11th week:
Class 21: Test! (today's class is a test only)
Class 22: The Rising Sign (Part I)

12th week:
Class 23: The Rising Sign (Part II)
Class 24: Element Balance

13th week:
Class 25: Zodiac Sign Rulerships
Class 26: Natural Zodiac Sign of a House

14th week:
Class 27: House Systems