Avalon College

To attend Avalon College, you need to either purchase the Kepler program (for £225 and of course have the huge number of other features that are contained in Kepler) or take the online classes for £45.00 (currently available only at www.astrocollege.com) for the first 25 lessons.

You do not need any previous experience in astrology. If you have some previous training in astrology, you will be able to progress through some of the classes quickly. But even if you are very knowledgable and experienced in astrology, we think that you will find some new and useful information in each lesson, so we recommend that you do not skip lessons no matter what your level of knowledge in astrology.

As with any field of study, you also need curiosity, the motivation to learn, and patience as you try to master new ideas and concepts. We also hope that the learning process will be fun and exciting as well! Enjoy!

The classes are self-explanatory. We recommend taking the classes in the order they are presented rather than skipping around because the information in earlier lessons must be understood in order to understand the information presented in the later lessons. In each lesson you will see buttons that you should press to get additional information. You should select each one of these buttons so that you do not miss important information.

There are quizzes so you can test yourself to make sure that you have mastered the material. It is a good idea to take some time to formulate your answer before displaying the correct answer. If you do well on these quizzes, you should also do well on the tests that are given periodically. These quizzes and tests will help you gauge your progress, and they let you know if you are ready to proceed with the next lessons. The quizzes and tests also help you perfect your mastery of the material.

The Avalon College curriculum is modeled after college course curriculums. One semester consists of 16 weeks of instruction, and each week consists of 2 classes that are 1 1/2 hours in length each. (Note: in the current version of Kepler we have available 24 weeks of instruction. If you complete 2 lessons per week, then you are progressing at the rate of a typical college course. We recommend that you carefully study each lesson before proceeding to the next one, and make sure that you take the quizzes and do well on them before going on to the next lesson.

If you rush through the lessons too quickly, you will not have mastered the material that is needed to fully comprehend later lessons. If you are a self-learner and can motivate yourself, this program should work very nicely for you. If you find that you need to talk to an instructor to help you, please see below.

If you find that you prefer to have a real live teacher rather than a cold computer to learn from (although we hope that you find Kepler to be at least a little bit warm and friendly!), then let us know. If there is sufficient interest, we will make training sessions and review classes available in Gainesville, Florida and possibly other locations.

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