The Alchemical Chart measures *8.5 x 11"
Full Color on heavy card and laminated for protection.

An Explanation of the Alchemical Star Chart:

The Alchemical Star is an illustration of a profound relationship. It is a visual image of the astrological system, a model of the inherent unity of its cosmic elements.

For centuries, alchemists and astrologers have studied the forces at play in the heavens, recognizing what was revealed to them as part of a universal pattern. Intuitively and scientifically they understood that these patterns of force and form were reflected both in the individual soul and throughout nature amid the cosmos.
The Alchemical Star for the first time reveals these basic patterns within a unique mandala.

The twelve signs of the zodiac form a quadraplicity of elements (fire, water, earth and air), represented by the four triangles
Each elemental triangle is influenced (acted upon) by three basic qualities, cardinal, mutable and fixed. The houses that sit across from each other in the heavens (opposites), fall into place adjacent to each other within the Star, aligning themselves naturally along the axes of cardinal, mutable and fixed. The ruling planets and the alchemical keys are also included.

The pattern is simple, the alignments are significant and the precise position of each Astrological house is determined by its unique dynamic within the whole.
The Alchemical Star represents an invitation
-an opportunity to explore your place in the universal
pattern and play with your personal alchemy

Practical Use:

The Alchemical Star invites you to focus on the elemental keys.
A meditative awareness of these qualities can act as an anchor, as a thread holding us to simplicity in the midst of great complexity. Here is the possibility for transformation, for experiencing true spiritual alchemy.

To begin your exploration find your birth sign (on the front). Note the element associated with it (earth/air/fire/water). Then locate your sign in the table above, and familiarize yourself with its keywords. Now find your elemental keywords in the surrounding tables. As you read, maintain an awareness of your responses. How do you react? Which responses intrigue you? (Don’t be afraid of “negative”emotions-they may indicate the need for playful exploration.) Let the keywords resonate through your being, follow your curiosity.

The real alchemy begins when you seek to awaken those elemental qualities that lie dormant within you. Focus on the keywords that invoke the desired qualities that will bring opposites into balance. Surround yourself with the images and objects that embody your desired element.

Use the words in your daily conversation and writing.
Be creative and enjoy your alchemical